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  1. I too would LOVE to contribute to a review of the AI2 season. I truly enjoyed at least one performance by almost every person on that show...and the medleys were so much fun. I also loved those cheesy Ford commercials -- I mean, c'mon. The "Ride Wit Me" commercial was classic. Count me in...just let me know where and when. I love Clay Aiken -- so very much.
  2. Title thread suggestion: Where We Belong couchie, I like the idea of the AI2 review, but not exactly sure what you are wanting. Are you just talking summaries of the episodes? Reviews and commentaries from members of FCA? Since I'm going through the episodes and marking chapter points on them to burn my DVD's, I'm willing to at least be a part of it. Watched Clay's portion of the Motown episode last night. "Girl you start the flame..." Gah. I remember watching that episode, and saying to myself, "What was THAT?"
  3. Which Oprah hair are you talking about? The TITN (which I thought was kinda cute, in a dorky sort of way), or the IWCY (which was cool, if a bit dark IMO)? Hmmmm...I'm thinking we need to start talking about the socks next. Or the shoes. Or the shirts. Or something. I've been rewatching the AI2 series...man, what a kid he was there. The hurl faces he was making on Wilcard results night were priceless. At the end...I think the only person on that couch who didn't know he was America's choice was Clay Aiken himself. Hee.
  4. Hey...I forgot about something. I was shopping at my local mall last night for some baby gifts. I walked into Famous Barr, a nice department store....and I walked in on the middle of "Without You" being played over the store speakers! That put a smile on my face for the rest of the night. I'm an "old fogey" (ha ha) who still loves listening to the radio, so I too am anxiously awaiting hearing Clay on my radio soon. The thrill of it gets me every time. I love it! BWAH! *looks in mirror* *decides to never pick on Clay's hairstyle again*
  5. You're welcome. I've read that the pictures that give you the warning will be fine. I never had it happen to me, because I used computer wallpapers that were a great size in my calendars. Heh. I think that would be the perfect idea to get the fan club naysayers to renew their memberships. Regarding the hair, which is always the eternal question to a Clay Aiken fan -- I have a theory that he had the hair short during the JBT for one reason only...he was performing in the summer, outdoors, and it would be cooler temperature wise. In the winter, he wants that extra length to keep his head warm. You know, the guy who wears how many undershirts? I like the short look a lot...but I also like it longer but natural. Eh...it's just hair. I even kinda liked the mohawk. *blows raspberry at couchie*
  6. Most of my house has NOTHING of Clay around -- I think my husband would kill me. *g* But my office at home -- heh. The showpiece is the RCA publicity photo with Clay in those nice jeans, the white shirt, skinny black tie and black jacket -- blown up to poster size (thanks to Shutterfly) and framed. It is gorgeous. My bulletin board in my room also has all my name tags from various Clayfan parties, one of my Shutterfly calendars (the other is in my office at work -- and they are two different calendars, easy way to use more pictures, get that couchie?), and several assorted pictures that I've mostly gotten as prizes at gatherings. Now, where my Clay stash is stored is a different matter. I'm in the midst of cleaning said office, and my husband and I are going to invest in archival boxes for most of it. Then, it will be put in my closet in that room...which is outfitted with lots of shelves. I just have to get organized -- my resolution for the year. Heh.
  7. So, I'm probaby the opposite of Ansa...for I have multiples of almost everything! I tend to buy at least two of stuff -- one to "use" and one to "keep for archival purposes" (ie, sell on Ebay in 15 years. *g*) I'm pleased that I've got stuff from Singapore -- a poster and a couple of MOAMs. I also lucked into finding a 6 pack of the AI Season 2 Coca Cola bottles...at my LOCAL FREAKIN' WALMART! And this was after I had bought two mail order at inflated prices! I also feel like I'm a member of the "weird magazine of the month" club sometimes...what with all the different issues that I've bought copies from online. "Hits Magazine", etc. Does anyone here have an autograph? I'm pleased to say...I do now. musicmama of the CH is a total sweetheart -- for she sent me a signed MCWL from her M&G! I love her so very much....
  8. I've been doing something very similar. I've finally gotten software easy enough for me to learn how to make my own DVD's, so I'm getting around to burning Clay's AI episodes. And of course, I have to watch them again to get the chapter points in the correct spots. Anyway, I worked on the Group 2 performance episode last night, and just kept thinking that the kid I was watching had now turned into this unbelievable man. There's the physical transformation, sure...but more to it than that. The maturation just pours out of him now...in those AI episodes IMO, he seems so young, eager...and maybe a bit scared. Today, watching him...he's so confident and assured. When I sit down to think of this, I'm simply floored. I too thought nothing could top the Raleigh show. The joy in his voice (coming over the cellcert) was palpable. But...this last show came through, and Entertainer! Clay! came out to play. WADNYE was a stroke of genius. Stroke of something, anyway... Anyone up for some smut? *g* I feel that Clay could use a few weeks to recharge after this tour...and frankly, I think at least some of us fans could use this too. I know I need it -- time to get some priorities again. I love Clay with my whole heart, and love that he's given me a really fun hobby, some new computer skills (never thought I would be able to burn DVD's ever), and some great friends. But...he's not my be-all and end-all. Gotta keep remembering that...and my husband keeps reminding me of that too. *g* Having said that...I think 2006 will be huge for Clay...he will redefine his own pop-star once again. And I'll be around, back for more.
  9. I'm crossing my fingers on this too. I think one of these pictures will end up somewhere...my guess is People. They've loved him a lot lately too. I LOVE the TV Guide photoshoot! That last picture that was printed a few weeks ago made me LOL...and turned me on at the same time. What gives? I KNEW there was a reason I liked you so much! Happy birthday txflwrgrl!
  10. Well golly -- where is everybody? Are y'all still dead from the concert last Friday night? I'm so sorry I missed all the excitement live...it sounds like it would have been wonderful to spend time with you all, EEEEEE-ing over WAYDNYE. Did that not kill or what? I love that Clay left the fans, all the fans, with a special gift that evening. The love in the theater was palpable that night. Everyone on that stage was in a good mood...or a bittersweet mood. Probably both. Anyway, I watched the clack of the introductions last night when I got home, and was hooting and hollering along with the crowd. Scared my husband, who was in the basement. Ooops. bottlecap, continue on with your penguin love. I think I like giraffes now... Happy belated birthday to buzzie. You are a wonderful photographer -- thank you for sharing your talents with us. I seem to have read somewhere...like maybe the introduce yourself thread...that strummer6 has been seen. Come out, come out, wherever you are! And the same with all you other lurkers -- come party! Clay, thank you for a wonderful year last year, and I am looking forward to many more good years to come. You are a treasure to me. That, and a wonderful source of laughter and fun. Thanks.
  11. EEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! strummer is in the house! Glad to see you here -- welcome! Welcome to all who may dwell here...come visit the main thread. You'll be glad you did. *g*
  12. And on that note...I must go. I miss him too. Fortunately, there is clack. Welcome clayforever -- come join us on the main board!
  13. I know...this is my last one for the year. I miss this song already. I found out the other day that my husband likes the song GN -- he doesn't like CC music much at all, so this a major development. *g* Sorry bottlecap about missing the end.
  14. That's right about djs -- can't wait to hear her take on the show! bottlecap -- you owe me. *g*
  15. Awww...thanks bottlecap. You're so sweet. {{{{{{{{{{{{FCA}}}}}}}}}}}}}
  16. How much? I think he will sing it. He's not rushing the intros like he has before. My question: do people think tomorrow night will be prank city? I'm not sure -- if they do, it will be before DSIAFCD.
  17. Very true. And Angela always sounds screetchy..when she really isn't. Most of the time. *g* It's almost over. Wah.
  18. Ansa -- thanks for asking. I want to know too what "bogarting" is...hee. Sorry that the cellcert seems to have taken a dive. Damn.
  19. ITA. It really is a tour-de-force performance. Can anyone recommend the best mp3 of this song? I'm going to be compiling a CD soon of Christmas, and will of course need this.
  20. Celebrate Me Home... It's hard not to hear this song and think of the Raleigh show. A tear inducing moment for me... I love this song. Heck, I love every song her does in this show. I guess I just love him.
  21. Great laughter on the second place stuff -- and good old Tommy. "Whatever." Hee. Love that.
  22. BWAH! I didn't get one up this either! No time. I kinda missed it though. I so love this version of Jingle Bells. So much fun! Time for some jazz! The community theater players singing? I think it's mostly a backing track, but Clay said at one show (was it Raleigh?) that they were the best singers they had, so I'm thinking there was at least some attempt at singing by the groups.
  23. My last cellcert... *sob* I didn't hang around here much during the cellcerts (mostly because of time constraints), but it has been a blast. Thank you all! And thank you Clay...this has been a great tour, even if I only got to see it once, and didn't get a M&G either. *g* Thank you for putting yourself out there with this show...I feel like I got a real sense of YOU during it.
  24. I'm back! Miss me? *g* I spent 5 days away from my computer...and I was having the shakes by the end of the trip. Fortunately, I had downloaded BSOB onto my PDA before leaving. That got me through a LOT of the weekend! I'm still running on fumes at the moment, and my husband and I are exchanging our gifts tomorrow morning. (Actually, just stocking stuff...we bought a big screen TV as a present to ourselves last summer). Then, I'm leaving again for another trip to my Mom's. Again, no computer access, and will miss the last cellcert besides. *sigh* But I'm listening to the cellcert this evening. It's fun...Clay sounds to be in wonderful voice....
  25. *dies* That would be heaven. He'd kick tail on that song, or a duet with Allison. I thought I heard a few screamers. GRRRRR. The ribbon board at the RBC (where there is scrolling messages) ran "celebrate him home" when Clay came out for the introductions. That's cool. Really cool.