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  1. Seven songs, play -- half the album -- plus a bonus. It's all semantics, if you ask me...Claygasm, I read your post. I really did....but I just love the fantasy of them being a couple, even if Clay has said it isn't happening. I really rock out on this song. The first time I heard this song on record (not during the JBT, but off the album), I actually cried. It was a very emotional moment for me. This song hit me to the core. Again, I think it's just simply that he connects to this one, and it shows through in the song.
  2. Love the bridge...again, very percussive, and I think that's wonderful. His glory note is excellent, but not too long. Wonderful! Also, again...the lush strings. Great backing for the voice.
  3. I'll just interject here that I've never been a lyric person. At all. The furor over "spinning balls" always flumoxed me. I just don't care...because I love the music on this one. All the way. Clay enjoys singing this one, a lot, IMO. He rocks the house. Glad I've seen this one live already.
  4. That's an interesting way to look at it, with "asides." It works in that context. I've found that if I'm humming a song off this album without the album being on...this is the song I'm humming. And yes, play, I think the album builds upon itself quite nicely. That was my initial reaction, and I still feel that way. That's why I usually listen to the entire album, without skipping songs. The entire thing WORKS as a unit.
  5. Heh. Not at all. All viewpoints all welcome, even those who are only OK with certain songs. I guess I just wish everyone could love all these songs like I do. And I DO love them all...just in differing degrees. *g* I love to rock out with Clay on this one. And I'd love to know the story on why this is dedicated to Kristy. Speculation, anyone? Freudian slip, right? *g*
  6. couchie, what was this one like in concert at Kimmel? Was he rocking out? 'Cause I'm gonna guess that he'll be rocking the hair with this one. Ok, here comes my favorite part.... I FLOVE the string section during the last chorus here. That's a fascinating riff, and it makes a great counterpoint to Clay's voice. It's incredibly rhythmic, and I bounce my head to it every.single. time. GAH. Love this.
  7. First of all, can we all get an "awwwww" for the dedication for this song. You go Kristy! This one -- the snippet did not do it justice at all. This has slowly but surely become one of my favorites on the album. I'll get to why in a bit...
  8. Need a barf bucket? Well, now...if I need to tease claygasm in any way, shape or form...I'll know what to do. Or at least what songs to play. I think what makes this song a winner is really the arrangement. It just simply flows so well. When I See You Smile
  9. BWAH! And very true! Think some will get a clue this next year? Maybe Clay will blog about that...and tell people to STFU. Yeah, that would turn me on if he did that.
  10. Not stretching at all Fear...I like that interpretation. Five minutes to next song!
  11. This one in concert. Hmmm. Not sure how that will work, for some reason. I think this is gonna be one cool concert, regardless.
  12. Hi dmclovesomc! I think this album alternately relaxes me and energizes me -- just as some of his faster stuff wears me out! Hee. This song is one big emotional roller coaster for me. The longing in his heart is amazing, from what I can hear.
  13. OMG, that last note... To revive an old phrase...Thud. Gah, that is beautiful. I've always loved this song, always thought it was the best Elton John song ever. Elton's version is rougher, and again, more piano (duh, since he's a piano player). So the arrangement slays me.
  14. This song showed me a LOT of vocal growth in Clay. It's not all wailing, but a different Clay, IMO. So soft, a very caring voice. And it's sad, so sad... The guitar work is excellent. Andy will have a field day with this in concert.
  15. Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word
  16. This song. Concert. Eyef**k. Yep, the pieces fit. I'm not crazy about the chick with the echo of the first chorus. That was a bit jarring for me.
  17. OK, question: is listening to some of these songs on repeat torture, or do you get anything out of the repeated listenings? Because I'm in the get something new camp. I've been hearing things tonight I've never heard before, and I've been listening to the album almost non-stop since the first day! He's a master, that Clay guy.
  18. Clay can take a piece of me anytime he likes. As for me taking a piece of him...well, I suppose it would depend on where. In a bus line, nope. But in a room alone with him...Heh. Five minutes to next song!
  19. Nope. Not at all, IMO. I love that section where his voice echoes the notes of the guitar. That's probably my favorite section of the whole song. I'm not sure what "protools" actually does, other than enhance his voice. I saw that they did use them...but I really just can't imagine WHERE. Also, that "I can't go o-o-on..." is so very lovely!
  20. Every Time You Go Away This is one I'm still warming up to...I like it a lot, but I think I was expecting a LOT more with the green eyed soul on this one. I'm guessing that in concert, he'll rip it up. It builds nicely...but there's no real climax, IMO. That was for muski.
  21. Concert setting for this one will be VERY interesting for this one. I'm wondering if this will be "the encore," a la "Solitaire." Ansa, you're right -- his voice needs a strong string section behind him for this one. And that low voice gets me every.single.time.
  22. Hi SilverAngel! I think he's adorable at the end of the TV appearances for this song. He looks to me like he knows exactly what he's doing -- directing the band. Making sure they end together and all that. It is an emotionally draining song. Who else needs Kleenex?