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  1. WOW! What a great DSIAFCD....to be followed by nothing. No AIW. {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Clay}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
  2. He does...this show is turning into half singing, half talking. I think I like that. I still say he's shopping "Every Day with Clay Aiken" around with this show.... He sounds good singing...but can't hear a word of the banter at all....
  3. Oh good...just in time for the latest song to be hit with the ARLG....
  4. Just popping in to wish...Claygasm and all the other FCAer's a great time tonight at Red Bank! I'm wishing I could be there, but I'm probably not going to even be at the cellcert.... Claygasm, my hope is that Clay conveniently forgot to shave for you this evening.... BTW, the clack from last night is stellar. I just watched SR...and I'm still smiling. What a goof. And his hair's not bad either.
  5. {{{{{{{{{{{{{muski}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}} Just remember...when you get back home....all us girlfriends here at FCA are gonna have a big slumber party, and will gather around you to listen to you stories. We can sit up all night and chat about how strong our cute boyfriend was.
  6. Someone actually told him on the stage that they wanted to EAT him? Did muski have a seat close to the front?!?!?!?
  7. Oh man, I've gotta find out what he was doing during that DSIAFCD...that was cracking everyone up. *sigh* Here we go...what a man. And All is Well.
  8. He's now training his "studio audience" -- boo, anger, laugh, etc. He wants that talk show, doesn't he? MGUCL....
  9. Show of hands time for the fans vs. the newbies. "They will corrupt you." "I'm not kidding...ah but we love them, and we appreciate them." Awww....
  10. I really love this orchestra -- they got him but good. He needs to take them on tour next year. *g* MDYK....
  11. The term, whatever it is, means to play with only the mouthpiece of the horn. Horn section demonstrating. Should sound like a bunch of kazoos. Gosh, he sounds so very happy and giddy tonight. They made up the word?!?!?!? HEEEEEEEEE!
  12. Good Lord. Word of the Day schtick now...except it seems the orchestra just gave him "The Pocket Manual of Musical Terms." I love the orchestra. "Mallencatzio?" -- don't know that one, and I do know music.
  13. Oh, so now he's messing up Sleigh Ride...and it sounds like a comedy act up there. What am I saying? It IS a comedy act up there...with some cool music. Blaming it on the vertigo. Heh. Can't wait for MDYK then... Sleigh Ride has turned into a sing along!
  14. Crotch...socks...same thing. Darn, lost the cellcert connection.... ...and its back. Or maybe not. "The Crotch Song." Hee. That's just dirty. [tm the formerly dizzy guy]
  15. Can you see his WHAT?!?! What are they screaming about? And did he say underwear?!?!? This is a rowdy crowd. muski must have primed them. *g* "Don't get dirty now..." during Chestnuts roasting...Oh dear....
  16. Aw, talking to a husband who came and is holding the cellphone for his wife, who was supposed to come and got sick. How sweet! "Ladies, prop those guys hands up" Found a guy who dragged his lady to the show. "I feel so good about myself tonight!!!!" Hee.
  17. I'm grinning too. WHEW! Gosh, he's cracking them up...as usual. Hand over mouth and binocular schtick. "I could just sit her and talk to you people..." Loud cheers! I love him.
  18. I'm cracking up over the fact that he's WALKING THE STAGE and that's getting big screams! But after last night....heh. No glasses and no tie?!?! Oh dear...muski will be happy!
  19. From the CB (via the CH): WHEW! Ansa, that's a very apt description, although I think you may be watching too many episodes of "Heroes." Also, just read on the CH that there was a brief clip of the DOOL filming on E! News tonight, and that the lady who plays Kayla says they are hoping to make EIH the new theme song for her and Patch! That is very good news -- those kinds of songs "take off" frequently, and spur sales. YAY!
  20. He hit his head?!?!?! How badly?!?!?! I know I'm out of the loop by not reading elsewhere...so can someone please fill me in on this? PM is fine. Exactly. I know he did what he did last night because "he had to," and because "his fans were expecting him." But if he's sick, so sick that he shouldn't perform, I don't want him to do it. *pulls out rosary beads, even though I'm not Catholic*
  21. Claygasm...you're beautiful. Thank you again. Oh yes. This whole morning has been a mess for me...I can't focus on work at all (thankfully it's the last day of finals). All I can think about is how he gave up so much last night, gave his all, gave 10,000%, to put on that show. He is one in a gazillion. Having said that... I've just watched guitargirl's AIW from last night (available at Clack Unlimited)...and you can see it in his face. At the end of the song, he looks like he's either going to fall off the chair (I noticed more than one wobble) or else he's gonna upchuck. Than
  22. Sooo...I'm sitting in my office, watching DSIAFCD and AIW from last night....and I had to shut my office door, to prevent the rest of the library hearing my sobs. I'm stunned. And some fans think he doesn't love "us." I think he proved that he does, with that performance last night. Thankfully, claygasm helped pull me out of my stupor a bit with that lovely, lovely picture. {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{All Clay fans across the world}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
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