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  1. Oh. Mah. God. That bluegrass song was outstanding. Can't wait to hear it, and let my husband listen to it...he'll know it. He LOVES bluegrass, and from what I'm finding on the net -- the original artists, The Stanley Brothers. And then...the falsetto note on DSIAFCD! EEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Stick a fork in me, I'm done.
  2. Did someone say BEER? I'm in! Ooops, suppose I shouldn't be drinking during the church stuff. Glad Fear is having fun, and her friends are turning into fans! This second half should be awesome, if the first half is any indication.
  3. Celebrate Me Home...with a growl...for his homecoming to Raleigh. I'm tearing up now. Gah. And the crowd goes wild. This will be a must download when get back next week.
  4. Just bopping in to wish everyone here at Merry Christmas! I'm at "work" for a half day today, and then tons of things to do before my husband and I leave for Minnesota to visit his family tomorrow. I'm a weather worrier...so if you could pray for good traveling weather, it would be much appreciated. buzzie, thank you for the lovely pictures. Beautiful, beautiful stuff. The "home" discussion is fascinating for me too...my husband and I have been talking about this a lot lately. Both my husband and I are last children, in my case WAY last (my brother is 11 years older than me, and he's the NEAREST one to me in age). In many ways, we both feel like only children. We both still visit our Mom's, but it just isn't the same anymore. We love our families, and like to see them...but would rather spend time with our friends who live near us. It's our sense of place at this point. Merry Christmas Clay -- and I hope your celebration home is wonderful this evening, and throughout the weekend.
  5. SUCK passion? BWAH! Sorry, couldn't resist. Back to listening...
  6. I guess Clay didn't explain the concept of cellcert to WJ. How do I "tm" that? Keyboard helps, anyone? Thanx.
  7. Hee -- I missed that one. I bet couchie would like for Clay to sing to her like that. *g* Aw...bottlecap, I enjoy your post-hoiness (?!). Love, love, love the interview from yesterday. He's gotten to the point where I though he would eventually -- comfortable with the career and all that entails. It's taken a while...but I knew it would happen. I mean, can you imagine what his life was like in October 2003? I would have gone stark raving bonkers, and I think he did admirably keeping it together. But at the same time....there was just too much going on for him to have the time to adjust and process it all. With the passage of time...it's finally happening. Good for Clay! Glad he blogged about Gregory too. Gee, you think Clay knows anything about rumors and speculation? *g*
  8. 'night all. This was fun. Once again -- {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Clay, cast and crew}}}}}}}}}}}}}}} {{{{{{{{{{{{GREGORY}}}}}}}}}}}}
  9. Cellcert reports that the lights came up after DSIAFCD...then went down...then back up...then Q&A came out...so the lights went down. This tour is one big soap opera, isn't it? {{{{{{{{{{{{Clay}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
  10. Standing O for the kid tonight! Good! "We panicked." Hee! And a standing O for Allison too. I'm in tears now....
  11. That TFN was freakin' awesome! Must.see.clack.now.
  12. Well, since Tommy basically reads the Christmas story straight from the Bible -- I think he'll be fine. He can have the book in front of him. Whew! First act over!
  13. Christmas Waltz -- another favorite. I bet the kid stays on Beverly's feet much more...unless the kid knows how to waltz. Who knows? I think this cellcert is pretty clear this evening.
  14. Just gotta say...I love this version of Jingle Bells. Love. LOVE. Also, I was freaked the other day...I heard Michael W. Smith do this exact version on the radio! Must be where Clay heard it... Love this jazz section...they all get into it so much.
  15. I finally get to hear an entire cellcert...and then Gregory is sick. Wah. Seriously, I hope he's OK. I also feel very NERVOUS about this, and how it will affect the performers. Break a leg, gang.
  16. From what I've read of the cellcert (I was out at a Christmas party and missed the ding-danged thing)...it sounds like the Washington show was a bit fraught with problems. Didn't I read Clay saying something about that during the banter? Anyway...I wonder if something happened to the shirt, and that might have been one of the problems. No matter...he looked adorable. I love him. Off to a class for all day today. *sigh* I want to hang out and read Clay boards instead.
  17. I'll just second what Skatejoy said... Michael Buble's album is WONDERFUL. I love it! I caught the end of the PBS special, when Groban came out...and laughed myself silly. I knew Buble had a sense of humor from his appearances on the VH1 "I Love the..." things (and I would KILL to have Clay appear on one of those, although I think they are down to "I Love the 1890's" or something...), but didn't realize Groban was that funny too. And then, watching that...I was so hoping Clay would show up on that stage too. The Three Young Tenors, each with their own style...I'd die and go to heaven if that ever happened. BTW, I would also DIE if Clay would cover "Home." Beautiful song. U2 live is unbelievable...and I haven't seen them in almost 15 years! My 30th birthday was spent with Bono and Co. in Chicago...still the best concert I've ever attended. (Clay will get there, I know it...) Topic: Clay purdy. Sing great. I love him. Skatejoy, looking forward to more pictures!
  18. Squeeeeeeeee on Dear Santa! He looked so handsome....and sounded so purdy. I love him. I think I'll keep him. Dudley just posted this on the CH: I find this incredibly cool that Clay has all these song writers FIGHTING for his attention. And it sounds like it is good people too. EEEEEEEEE!
  19. buzzie, be safe in your travels today -- and to all traveling to the show this evening. I'm also sending good thoughts for safe travels for Sarge, the bus drivers, and the truck drivers for the show. I don't tend to worry about Clay all that much...unless he's traveling. For him to be riding in that bus last year to travel to the Detroit show scared me to death. I'm feeling the same way today...I want Clay's travels to be safe and sound. I heard MDYK on the radio this morning! EEEEEEEEEEEEE! Long story: I knew about yes.com -- but 2 years ago, when I was searching it, it never had my area, we were too small of a market. Just on a whim the other day, I went back...and discovered they show the playlists for all my radio stations in the area. Therefore, I discovered that my local Contemporary Christian station (which I had forgotten about, it's really not my cuppa) has gone to an all Christmas format. According to yes.com, they have played Clay, but not a great deal. This morning, as I was driving to work -- MDYK came on! I squeeeeeeed! And then, I got so flustered when I tried to turn the volume up that I accidentally turned the radio off! I love those Boston school pictures! I'm also very glad People picked up on the NY school pictures. Any word on if the picture made the store copies? I'd welcome this couchie person...but I think she already knows that I love her. Bummer on the GMA...but we have Dear Santa to look forward this evening!
  20. Hee...I see both bottlecap and I have changed our avatars. Hee. I'm still swooning over the MGUCL from yesterday. That is one beautiful rendition...and in no way can it be compared to Quiana's version. Love it so very much, and I think I will probably faint when I see this clack for real, inside the studio. georgiaclay, welcome. I've been looking out for penguin slippers, and the closest I could find were things from the movie Madagascar. If I have time online today, I may look around some more... Skatejoy, thank you for the pictures. He really is dweemy, isn't he? I also like your "long view" pictures...good for the stage setup.
  21. bottlecap, I hope you don't mind that I took that over to the CH. That's a great find...he looked so dapper that day. He always manages to look pretty darn good at GMA...well, except for the first Diane Sawyer interview right after AI2 was over...that wasn't a particularly good day. diamondjake, I totally understand your feelings about the Reading show. Hopefully, your memories of the rest of the show will outlive that 5 minutes at the end. ETA: Pictures of Clay at New York City school today
  22. I had the same thought...it's VOCALLY very beautiful. But watching it, for me, was painful. What killed me was his expressive hands were missing. He so uses his hands to express that message of good news in so many of his performances. With this one...nada. That was sad. Happy concert day Jen, Skate, buzzie, diamondjake, and any other lurkers attending the concerts this weekend!!!
  23. Very good point. I think Clay really, really wants to give those who know how to use their cameras the right to be able to take pictures. He seems to be pretty tuned into the fact that clack can sell tickets to shows. My guess is that the security people at the Beacon this weekend, and the security people at shows from now on, will receive a MAJOR message from Team Clay that flash photography will not be allowed, and that the security will have free reign to beat those people to a pulp. I think they will also strongly word the message so that non-flash people will be allowed. {{{{{{{{{SkateJoy}}}}}}}}}}} That really does suck with the timing of all your JNT stuff. Good luck...and please remember to have fun!
  24. *sniff sniff* what's that smell? Is it...bottlecap? *g* Congrats couchie! That's so great for you! More money to funnel directly into Clay's account! I like the glint in Clay's eye for the December picture. And that jacket looks so soft and pettable. Have you made your Shutterfly calendar yet? I did mine early, because they were having a 2-for-1 sale. Means I don't have any current JNT2005 pictures in it...but that's OK. Um...yeah. Loved Hurley's reaction too. Hee. I too cannot wait to read diamondjake's concert review. In the mean time, I'm just going to cry for a while...it really saddens me that people can be so stupid and selfish ("only one flash won't hurt him"). Well, do the math idiots...if 999 other people think the same thing, that's 1000 flashes, making a strobe light effect. Besides, I'm not a photographer, but even I understand the basics enough to know that the flash.won't.help. I hope that everyone this weekend is able to enjoy themselves, and gather clack. I'll be praying for buzzie and skatejoy...selfishly of course, because I want to see their pictures!
  25. Since we're such a small group here...does it matter if I post 5 times on the same page? *g* Hee...I'm on a new page anyway...hee... Anyway, for members of the fan club...there's a new audio greeting when you log on. It starts with Clay singing HYAMLC. *swoon* I love him bunches and bunches.