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  1. Verklempft -- overcome with emotion. claygasm, totally get the rocking version of this. I understand. Love it. He wails. Love the ooohh, ooooh, oooh at the end with the backing singers. And the simplicity of the ending. So very nice. I could talk about this song for hours. I Want to Know What Love Is
  2. Hemiola... Most measure have beats. Many songs are 4 beats per measure...but these can be subdivided. 1&2&3&4&. Understand so far? With hemiola, the emphasis is on the following beats: 1&2&3&4&. Another popular example of this is "Perfect Day" by U2. I hope that helps.
  3. Woohoo for playbiller! I'll comment more on that later. Aspiegirl -- thank you for sharing! HUGS!!!! One more comment -- I thing this song is Clay's "religious" song on the album. Imagine it as Clay singing to God -- "for all the wrong you made right." "Because YOU loved me." In other words, thank you God. IMO, that touches me more than anything.
  4. I LOL'd a LOT with this one, because everyone was dreading this one...and he made almost everyone at least like it. If he'd have done "My Heart Will Go On," though...I would have poked my eyes out with a spork.
  5. Aspiegirl, don't worry about sharing an opinion. You'll be fine. Now, on to this song -- one of the highlights, IMO. Love how he totally recast this into more of an upbeat piece. LOVE the drum work. That beat is called a hemiola -- I can get technical, y'all! Want me to explain it more? His vocal work on this one is outstanding!
  6. Finally, someone who agrees with me that the man has no ass!!! claygasm, I love you!!! Hee. I just love the Celtic flavor of this whole thing. So very cool. Just a great arrangement, IMO.
  7. KAndre, you know...that arrow...that one with the camera attached to it! That was soooo cool. claygasm, I hear ya about the high voice Clay, but I can feel something when he sings "look into your heart." Hee. I think it very interesting that he "connects" with this song, as he's said in interviews. Wonder why? Five minutes to next song!
  8. We're coming up on an interesting thing for me here..."all the time, all the waaaaaaaaaaay" -- he lets his voice roughen up with the ending of the note. I think that is really cool. Another things -- I love the hard percussion feel of this whole piece. Even though it's a ballad, I keep nodding my head to the beat!
  9. play, I know what you mean though...it's a very interesting harmony. Other notes from me: I personally love the Celtic flavor of this entire thing. This was one that -- yes, I know -- everyone thought was played to death. Well, yeah, it was...but he totally changed the songs IMO with the arrangement. Makes it totally new to me.
  10. I just keep seeing that arrow...know what I mean? And Alan Rickman rocks. Just thought I'd interject that here. *g*
  11. I know I've seen this as a violin as the opening instrument...but I sure don't believe it. It sounds like a whistle to me! Also...I heard the original tonight as I was working out. I've always liked Bryan Adams, but thought his voice wasn't right for this song. Clay's works for me with this, especially with this arrangement.
  12. Woohoo!!! KAndre is in the house!!! Are you guys ready?!?!?! Everything I Do (I Do It For You)
  13. Hey -- I'm here too. I just finished wolfing down dinner! Burp... Excuse me. I'm so embarrassed.
  14. Where IS everybody?!?!?! OK, so I know where couchie and muski are...but everyone else? Is no one coming to my party!?!?!? ATDW Party, Take 2!!!! Come, make me happy! Listen to Clay with me! Listening to Clay always make me happy, but to discuss it with friends...YAY!
  15. {{{{{{{{{{{Couchie and mom}}}}}}}}}}}} I was wondering how things were going with that.... OTOH... Claygasm, I'll forgive you your dislike of some of the ATDW songs if you keep posting guh-worthy pictures like that. I forgot about soapnet! That will be perfect! I can watch Clay on DOOL a few times over that weekend, right? Although that's Christmas weekend, isn't it? Sigh.
  16. ldyjocelyn

    this or that

    Definitely boots. While with the recent discovery of the Hees picture with Clay's barefeet, and my discovery that I wanted to see the entire feet...I really love him in boots. Besides, he can kick your tail in them. *g* JNT 2004 or JNT 2005?
  17. Cool -- two people posted so I don't have to look like a post ho... Clay's WY video up on AOL Probably not a bad idea to stream this one a few times... EEEEEEEEEEEE on the DOOL thing. That's gonna rock. Two songs, two of my favorites from Clay actually, on the show too. EEEEEEEEEEEEEE! *Snoopy dance of joy*
  18. I think that MUST be it. It's the only thing I can think of. In his case, the makeover for many people overshadowed the voice during AI, and in a way, his hair became his "claim to fame." And we've certainly seen what can happen when he drastically changes it (witness the hullaballo after AI5). What I simply don't understand are the fans who have heart attacks when one strand of hair is out of whack. *shrug* I think it depends on the celebrity, and again, how they got noticed first. I'm thinking the ex-Mrs. Brad Pitt, specifically. The "Rachel" took on a life of its own. I hope they didn't, because I'd feel the same way. I had that thought too. String out his appearances to two different days. I can totally buy this theory, and wouldn't be surprised actually. Didn't they do that for Clay's "Christmas" appearances on GMA? Anyway, after looking over some picture clack last night -- that Tyra hair reminds me an awful lot of the David Foster auction and performance hair. How did I miss muski's lost pet story? Anyway, I'm very glad you found your doggy. I would hate it if my kitties went missing... strummer, you'd love listening to my husband talk Russian. It's really fascinating, and a lyrical language. He's incredibly good in a lot of languages, and loves studying them. Right now he's just finished taking two years of, get this, ancient Greek.
  19. Oh my God, yes...that's exactly it! That clip was very cool to see, and I can't wait for this promo. The hair? I've almost always been of the opinion of -- it's hair. I never understood the freakouts that some people had over some of the hairstyles *waves at couchie, for I know she LOVED the mohawk hee*. OK, so I'm thinking of a certain "fan" in particular. Anyway, so I see this Tyra hair, and I simply laugh. I too think this is just Clay hair when he feels like being a regular person. So he forgot to do his hair one day. Big fat hairy deal. I know, I know...he's in public, doing a major promo appearance. Well, that didn't stop him from some of the outfits he's worn (I still shudder at the MDYK Leno outfit). It wouldn't necessarily stop him from leaving his hair like that for a song. He does what he does, he looks like he looks...and nothing stops him. And I still find him sexy. I'm not THAT shallow. *g* I've just created a thread for the listening party tomorrow night! Y'all come now, ya hear? ATDW listening party thread for October 27
  20. Last week was so successful, we've got to try it again! Besides, I won't hear the last of it if we don't have a group orgasm over Broken Wings, right? Hee. The date: Friday, October 27 The times: 9:00 – 11:00 p.m. Eastern 8:00 – 10:00 p.m. Central 7:00 – 9:00 p.m. Mountain 6:00 – 8:00 p.m. Pacific The details: Beginning at the time listed above, load "Everything I Do (I Do It for You)" into your favorite media player. Put it on repeat and listen to the song for 15 minutes. While listening, post your comments about the song, Clay's voice, what the song does for you, anything related to the music, in this thread. After the 15 minutes are up, go to the next song on ATDW. I will provide a 5 minute warning before the next song should be started. We'll finish up the album this week with the addition of IYDKMBN. The schedule for Friday, October 27: 9:00 – Everything I Do (I Do It For You) 9:15 – Because You Loved Me 9:30 – I want to Know What Love Is 9:45 – These Open Arms 10:00 – Here You Come Again 10:15 – Everything I Have 10:30 – Broken Wings 10:45 – If You Don't Know Me By Now (bonus track 2)
  21. I actually think my husband knows about this site...he studied Russian as an undergraduate. He'll be able to translate what strummer wrote for me later... As far as the "ep" goes...I'm just gonna wait. Don't want to get my hopes up too high...yet. Heh. More cute pictures from the Virgin Records signing here! From VickiLau at the Clayboard. My favorite picture is this one (clickable): I love both Clay's AND Jerome's looks...Clay looks a bit scared, Jerome like he's going to bite someone's head off...
  22. No one's brought this over here, yet -- right? A great review...from a Russian website. Heh. Musicmp3.ru review of ATDW Gee, do you think the reviewer, you know, actually LISTENED to the album?!?!?!
  23. Welcome Aspiegirl! Hope you have a great time here! ITA with all of you on how much Clay thinks about "us." While I'm sure he has someone on staff who at least skims the boards for him and then relays stuff to him ("yeah, I know your words" comes to mind ), he certainly shouldn't be as obsessed with us as many are with him. First of all, there's simply the time factor -- he's got WAY too many things to be doing. And then there's the squicky factor -- I know I'd be very uncomfortable reading post after post about ME. And the subject matter of some of the posts, not to mention the ones trying to manage his career, or telling him what to do (rather than suggestions), would turn me off. Here's another of my oddball theories, though -- people get extremely mad when the "Claymates" get mentioned as part of Clay's story. My opinion? I think Clay ENCOURAGES that to the media. I kinda believe that Clay simply finds the obsession with him extremely funny, and a bit weird, and I wouldn't be surprised if he talks to the media about the fans. A lot. Hence, they are part of the story. JMO. How many songs are on an EP generally? I can think of three songs right off the bat that he can put on this EP -- the title track, "Christmas Waltz," and "My Grown Up Christmas List." "Good News" is also a possibility, although as couchie says, we've got tons of versions of this already. I'd love it if he includes "Celebrate Me Home." Maybe the growl will come back? (But then, he'd better also have a round box lid too... ) ETA: Hee, bottlecap, I just did the same thing, except I only ordered 2...