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  1. Thank you ladies for cleaning up my post! Shows what happens when I miss a half day of posting, y'all are talking about good stuff, and I want to quote EVERYBODY. Heh. clay4shore, here's that link: American Idol Fans Have Fun... What is it with Hartford? I mean, they have ALL the best pictures! muski, get your butt in gear so you can show up at the party! EEEEEEEEEE! Go couchie, go couchie -- you done good. I've missed seeing your smiling face. And yes, I miss him in concert too. But for me, soon... Ansa wrote: I think this is very true. And honestly? I wonder if Clay's a bit happier that way. If I were in his shoes, and my career suddenly took off like that, I'd be totally discombobulated. He could be entirely happy to have his career settle down a bit -- still successful, but just at a more comfortable pace. (I could be talking out of my butt here, though...) The celebrity couchie wrote: Yeah, I'd be thrilled if I were a distribution person who had 60 fans calling every 5 minutes to see if Clay's stock of albums changed. She also wrote: Yes, it does seem the learning curve has been slow...in fact, I think it's actually taken a bit of a backwards step. Instead of getting desensitized, it seems there's MORE sensitization to bad stories about Clay, or even just indifferent stories about Clay. Why is that? I sure wish I knew the answer. playbiller, I appreciate your balance that you bring to the boards. I realize that almost everyone has agendas...but they've gotten a bit much on some boards, and that makes me upset, and angry. And, just for the record...I will never ever wish death to Clive Davis. In the grand scheme of things...IMO it's just not that important what my feelings are toward the man. As far as I know, there aren't any words in teeny tiny print on the back of the CD that says "children, animals, and Clay Aiken was harmed in the making of this CD." Now, the current political climate...that makes me wish death to a few people. But I can't and won't comment about that here. *g* ETA: found on the Clayboard, via getclayaiken.com: "All is Well" by Clay Aiken on Walmart.com Snippet of Michael W. Smith's version of this Christmas song here. Very interesting...another exclusive? If so -- YAY!!!!!!! I'll be there to buy it!
  2. NOTE: If anyone, ANYONE can find the missing code that can get this post looking right...I'd be forever grateful. I've been staring at it for 15 minutes and I can't see it! Geez, what a day. I come in to work expecting to load a bunch of online library materials for an English teacher and her class (and *coughchecktheFCAcough*)...and our internet was down. Gone for over 2 hours. I had the DT's after 20 minutes. Fortunately, it came back in time for me to load at least some of the stuff I needed to for the class by my self-imposed time frame, noon. And then...you guys turn into post-hos besides! Hugs to muski for her persistence with her job. I'm making sure that when I see you in a few weeks, a LOT of wine will be available! (That reminds me, I need to send a few PM's...) Dear Lord in Heaven...that man in black is smokin'. And I think I did fall into a burning ring of fire after seeing that picture. (obtuse Johnny Cash references) That's a very good point...we all tend to bring our own biases to the table regarding this album. I love this album, and love to trumpet when someone I know tells me they've bought it and love it too. Do I know anyone who doesn't like this album? Actually, I do...but it does make me sad that we don't share the same viewpoint. Yep. Lots of prejudging happened in this past year, IMO. Meanwhile, I kept coming back to Clay's blog..."open your minds and prepare for something different." He tried to tell us...it's just that some didn't listen, if you ask me. I rarely skip anything on his albums either....but I hit repeat on several of the songs. I always listen at least once through every time I listen though. And yes, I truly believe the best is yet to come. I've been observing this "box" phenomenon for a LONG time now -- I actually think it cemented for me when he decided to sing "When Doves Cry" 2 1/2 years ago. I'd really like to know his thought processes on WHY he chose to sing that song. Anyway, I think that performance made a lot of fans see a different side of Clay, one that they really wanted. Meanwhile, I enjoyed the performance...but always thought that was just a bit of a lark for him. For some reason, I could see the "sexy" but not the "SEXY," if you know what I mean. I also thought he never seemed totally comfortable with that one either. JMO. But yeah, I know exactly what you are saying bottlecap. I think it will be very interesting in the next years if Clay does ditch RCA and go to a different label...and then produces another album of ballads (albeit originals). Even if he does stay with RCA, I still think he'll be doing ballads, just because he simply likes them. I'm actually feeling like that right now, for I've never been a fan of Halloween. Fortunately for me, the season is a bit shorter, and Clay hasn't released an album of Halloween carols. *g* If you need to vent Claygasm, just let us know. Man, that's so smart...and I think very true. The recording process vs. the concert process is such a totally different one, and I think Clay knows that. There simply are limitations to recordings; concerts are much more freeing to him, IMO. I personally can't wait to see these ATDW songs in concert, and watch them grow and change through the tour. I predict there will be a song like ISY that really matured into a major performance as the tour goes on. Not sure what that song will be yet, but I'll have to think about it... My brain is fried trying to understand this as well. The latest People magazine article. I've reread that article *mumblemumblemumble* times (as well as drool over the picture *g*), and I had that thought strike me too. He said they just don't care -- and I'm sure he meant that if he sold 1,000,000 in the first week, or if he sold 50 copies. God, that's so good, and so true. He'll do what he wants. And I think he ain't leaving either. Honestly...and don't shoot me...but I've always been a bit prepared for this possibility, that he might just up and leave. I certainly don't think it will happen, but I also want Clay happy. If getting out of the business is what would do that...more power to him. Sure, I'd be sad, but I've got a lot of friends I've made through this fandom, a lot of clack to go through, and a lot of good memories. I guess what I'm trying to say is that my emotional attachment seems to be at a different level than so many others in the fandom. Why that is, I have no idea. Maybe it's because my husband keeps me in check from time to time, asking me to spend time with him instead of my Clay friends? I also truly believe that this fandom thrives on being angry at someone, or something, in Clay's life. For the longest time it was 19E and American Idol. Then they left the picture, pretty much...but the fandom found something else. (I think it was probably his management firm by then.) It just seems that there's always SOMETHING [tm Emily Litella]. Isn't perspective a great word? And yes, I hope that this happenes too. As I said, I wonder how much of it is because some don't have someone giving them a "reality check" in the outside world... Or I could have just not written anything, and let playbiller write for me instead.... Can't wait!!!! I'm preparing comments on some of the songs now...is that wrong? I was going to cut something out of this post, but I couldn't. The bar was high...and I think Clay did a very admirable job of trying his best to make it to the top. Besides, I do think this album really reflects him, and he's proud of it. And he'll sing for us for a long time to come. And look hot doing it. *g*
  3. To quote the old beer commercial... I love you man...
  4. I have to admit that I saw the news about him not being in the top 50 this week, and I was sad. But then, I knew that he sold at least 11,000 this week (from earlier reports before the final updates). Suddenly, that made me feel a bit better. Why? Because 11,000 people saw the CD in the store and bought it. Without publicity. With stock available. Add to that Ansa's list of the publicity still to come (and I still hold on to hope that there will be a second push after the first of the year, in time for Valentine's Day), and I feel pretty darn good. Claygasm, I really have no problem with the Christmas concert set list being the JNT 2004 redux. I truly enjoyed that show. Plus there are going to be other changes -- the main one being the rest of the "family" not being there. I think this will be very enjoyable. As far as his singing songs he's done before...I almost always look at it this way. First of all, as Ansa pointed out, he's going to be busy in November doing new publicity for ATDW. But more than that...I think he simply enjoys these songs. They recharge his spiritual batteries, as it were. I personally believe that he simply LOVES doing Christmas shows -- as his way of sharing his faith as a Christian. JMO. I have no idea if I'm going to try and get clack at the two shows I'm attending or not. Since it is the first two, and (unless he blogs *g*) we don't know what the clack gathering barometer will be like...I may just go and enjoy. I do want others to be able to see this though. I don't know what I'll do. I will write wonderful recaps for all of you. And know that you west coasters will be in my heart as I watch, and drool, and sigh, and swoon, and simply enjoy.
  5. Someone pointed out to me that OHN isn't on this list. While that does disappoint me a bit (because I LOVE his arrangement of it, specifically with going into "Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring" at the end, I'm actually quite thrilled with this set list. A good mix of secular and religious, songs on the album, and those that aren't, and uptempo vs. calming. I also noticed they didn't mention GN. My guess is that they will "pick and choose" songs from this list, just because that's practically the full JNT 2004 concert right there time wise. (Or am I overestimating that time frame?) So maybe, just maybe, the orchestras in question will have a say on what songs are done. I'd venture that the only guaranteed song is DSIAFCD. I also wouldn't be surprised is Emmanuel is the encore. I hope I remember half of it to report back later. The pressure will be enormous! *g* Koreck speling is gud...
  6. EEEEEEEEEEEEE! :laola0: Have I mentioned that I'll be at the first two shows?!?!? 'Cause I am. This will be my first time at a "first" show, and I'm really looking forward to it. Got great seats for both shows too -- 4th row in Waukegan (although I think that might turn a little further back, depending on if they fill the pit with seats or not), and 13th row dead center for Merrillville. So, I'm hoping that his WAYDNYE will provide me with a good eyef**k to my row. Hee. And MGUCL? That will be simply lovely. He KILLED on that last year from GMA. Of course, the big question will be: what WILL he wear? Am I asking too much for my wanting him to be in a full tux? Or at least that wonderful long coat? The other thing that will be quite curious indeed is watching the HAIR sing Christmas songs. That will probably take a bit of adjustment.
  7. Heee~ so do I! (that's my hubby's name.... ) Now ain't that convenient???? Has he got a good meatloaf recipe? He still has a job, right?
  8. Reminder: If you get Superstation Channel 9 out of Chicago -- the Scrubs episode with Clay is on in a few minutes. *sigh* I love Kenny.
  9. Wow this is intriguing...can't wait till you get back...hope you haven'e ended up in the island in LOST. 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42...whew! Timer reset. WHAT?!?!? Seriously...part of me is curious as hell. Part of me wants to know absolutely NOTHING. My fandom seems happier when I DON'T know anything. But I'm also like my cats, curious. What to do? What to do? Aw heck, I'll be here tomorrow with bells on. But I'll probably feel like I'll need a shower later...
  10. ITA with you on this. He's told us he doesn't like surprises...but you're right, he seems to "shake things up" in his life from time to time. I actually find that quite an admirable trait in him; so many people aren't willing to do something that would energize them and make their lives richer in some way. He is. And the beauty part of that? It means he surprises US. It makes being a fan of his all that much more enjoyable, IMO. BTW, I was talking to my boss about concerts, while we were riding back from a meeting in her car (2 1/2 hour trip). My boss has MoAM (given to her by her daughter); she knew I was a fan via the pictures I have around my office, and my computer wallpaper; and bought ATDW. The WalMart placement that first week worked for her (front rack, by the front door, near the grocery section area). I didn't tell her anything, I swear! Anyway, she LOVES the album, and we put it in the CD player on the way back. I then told her about going to see Clay for the first two shows of the Christmas "tour." Her question was -- "wouldn't it be boring seeing the same show twice?" She really didn't understand how things could change from show to show, so I really had to explain to her how he throws in different banter every night, etc. She then understood. *g* HUH?!?!? Am I having a blond moment? I don't get it.
  11. Whew! Finally done with my two library orientations this morning...which means I finally have time to post! Yes, this means it won't be QUITE a "nut free zone" here today, because I'M here! *blows kisses to fellow nut muski* Just interjecting here a bit of TAR history. Water challenges have been a mainstay of the show, but the food challenges were a fairly recent addition. I'd say about half the seasons have had food challenges now. Personally, I don't like those -- too "Survivor-ish." Anymore, I tend to watch TAR with either my husband and I doing to competing (who would take the challenge? Would we yell at each other over directions?), or else Clay and someone (I think it would have either been Kristy or Nick). Honestly -- I think he wanted to do it to get over some of his fears. Why he would do that on national television, I have no idea. Welcome back Atinal! And this: Nope. Not at all. I think the song is a great start to the album. We'll huddle together and keep each other warm over that one! I'll look at my calendar, but I would think the Friday after Thanksgiving would be bad. Well, it will be for me, as I'll be with my in-laws in Minnesota. *g* Ansa...we'll talk. Numbers day is usually a good day to skip the boards entirely. The roller coaster just simply moves too fast, and then it seems everyone throws up at the end, regardless. Finally...I bring...more pictures! One old (and one that reminds me an awful lot of the picture for the basis of bottlecap's Halloween icon), and one new (love that killer smile...). Again, they're clickable...
  12. Morning all! I'll try to reply to y'all's smart and sexy posts later this afternoon (when I have more time)...but I need to drop off a present I found at Simply Clay. There's more...and I'll try to post them this evening. I've never seen this one before... Remember him when...and remember to click on him to make him big...heh.
  13. Welcome JennaZ! I'm so glad to see you here -- I recognize YOUR name as well! Would you like a drink? Cosmopolitan, maybe? Anyway, kick off your shoes, settle in...and oh yeah, this guy welcomes you too. See, he wants you...
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    this or that

    Definitely his good friend Quiana. I mean -- Uncle Clay?!?!?! How cute is that?!?!?! Ok, time to make this game a bit more visually interesting... GMA 2004 OR GMA 2005 I know I could have added 2006, but I'm pretty sure (I think!) that everyone would have chosen that model....
  15. YAY!!!!! No more Peter the Jerk! YAY!!!!! I feel badly for Sarah, but I think she appreciated having her eyes open to the real Peter. Bet she didn't want that on national TV, though. I'm INCREDIBLY grateful the Cho brothers made it to the end in good time. That was so incredibly sweet what they did for the Kentucky couple. I hope the Cho's win the entire thing. That camel race was a hoot! I'm loving the different ways they are getting clues this time -- audio, visual, puzzle, the full spectrum of multi-media. Very very cool. Love this show!
  16. ITA with muski, Claygasm, Ansa, and I think at least a few others here. I think people are CHOOSING to be hurt at the moment. Hurt over what, I'm not quite sure -- but I choose to NOT think like that. I celebrate this album (poking Claygasm while I say that), and I celebrate the man. He makes me happy. And...this may sound a bit "angel-wingy"...but I take a lot of my cues from Clay. He seems to be pretty happy with what is going on. OK, so I haven't seen him in a few weeks...but from what I heard from the Tyra show, that enthusiam has carried me for over a week now. Anyway, if he's happy, I'm happy. I actually read someone today that said "he hasn't blogged in 2 months, that must mean something is wrong." *eye roll* Nope...it just means that he's BUSY. And her certainly doesn't have to do anything on my timeframe.
  17. Hey -- I thought of something! Favorite "guy" schtick from the JBT Favorite "guest singer" from the NAT Favorite "dancer" from the NAT Also... Would those who have seen Clay live be willing to relive their experiences? How about those who have MET Clay (sadly, not me)?
  18. My sexiest guy was a combination of Clay Aiken (eyes, hair, and arms [because they're fuzzy *g*]), Usher (abs and butt) and Naveen Andrews (everything else). What a multiracial stew I've concocted. Heh. Felt a little like Dr. Frankenstein there creating that perfect man.
  19. As long as you put it in Ghiardelli chocolate, I think they might even take it willingly! playbiller, it's nice to finally meet at least one of the dogs in your life, even if she is no longer among us. Pets are the best; I love my kitty cats like there's no tomorrow. I'll have to dig out a picture of them for y'all some time. (BTW, it always did make me sad that Clay admitted to not liking cats.) I LOVE Cute Overload. One of the best sites ever. I finally broke down yesterday and subscribed to their email updates. My other frequently checked site that is non-Clay related (and one he would NEVER visit) is Stuff on My Cat. What people will do to cats... Ansa, I voted in the poll. I think this will be a fun discussion, and I've started picking all my favorite moments. Just need to try and come up with some more topics...
  20. Thanks bottlecap, found exactly what I needed! Lawd Jesus, bottlecap is drinking again. Is she the resident lush around here? And don't even get me started on what she's drinking this time. *g* georgia, we missed you, but we'll be looking forward to your input next weekend. I had a really great time listening to Clay at the same time as my friends. It was also very interesting with the varied opinions about songs. Topic: I made cheese soup for dinner tonight. Clay would have liked it, I think. Nothing in it that could kill him.
  21. muski, thank you for sharing that about your daughter. It made me tear up as well, even if I don't have kids...but it made me think of ME when I was growing up, and how I felt about myself. Your daughter is a wise one. ITA with Ansa, pull that out every once in a while for her and remind her about that. Clack help needed: I'm looking for the picture of Jimmy Kimmel and Clay at the Virgin CD signing. I thought I kept it, but I didn't, and I could use it for a project. If anyone has it, could you send it to me please?!?!?! Thanx.
  22. Missed the "Nighline Nerds" clip the first time around. Ansa, Nightline is the ABC latenight news show, and they must have done a thing on nerds being pretty cool (which I so agree!). I'm pretty positive that there are fans that wish Clay wouldn't be associated with nerds, or geeks, or whatever. Me? Since I was one, and in many ways, still AM one, I love it. It shows to me that nerds are talented, smart, and can make a heck of a lot of money. It's pure image -- but not the image that the "cool kids" think is right. I say...screw them. Be happy in your own skin. It seems to me that Clay is.
  23. Wow. I'm actually very pumped by that...a lot. Maybe, just maybe, they're pushing their publicity for the foreign market. I know Ansa has mentioned that SEVERAL times, that he would be a superstar in Asia. Very cool. In the meantime...I still have ideas about this video that hasn't been seen by us in America, except through an Asian cellphone, and partially through commercials. 1) I'm still believing that the dual disc will show up. It will just show up to re-energize the sales for the album, at least a bit. 2) When will they release this? Two options, IMO: in another few weeks, just in time to capitalize for the Christmas season; or after the first of the year, in time for Valentine's Day. 3) If they do decide the "before Christmas" timeframe -- I'm thinking it would make sense to have that be something offered during the rumored QVC appearance. Can you imagine? QVC's membership would increase 10-fold in a single hour. *g* Now...where DID I put that QVC card? Yes, I did have one a long time ago, and actually bought one thing, a Star Trek collectible plaque. I would venture a guess that my account is gone though. OTOH...my sister in Florida is a QVC junkie. I may have to have her watch that night, if it does happen. The things that make you go...hmmm....
  24. Yes siree bob. As I said, the lyrics are usually the very last thing that gets me. (As an example -- there are still lyrics to songs that I LOVE that I don't know, even when I'm singing along.) But with LAA, the melody and production got me after 2 listens; and by the fourth listen, I had the lyrics down cold. The combination of all the elements make it a heartfelt winner for all involved -- Clay, David Foster, Eman. Wow. I woke up this morning dreaming I was still running the Listening party. Somehow, you guys went on to the next part of the album without me. I was not a happy camper. Heh. But I'm glad everyone had a good time, and I'm looking forward to next week. And yes, I think we should do this for MCWL, MoAM, and the demos. I'll try to figure out a way to do one of the concerts as well.
  25. Amen. And Amen again. Thanks for the lyrics answers guys. ITA with strummer that the fusion of lyrics and melody seem to play a great deal...and when LYRICS get me in the gut, I'm right there. That's LAA. Not many songs do that for me anymore, but Clay and Foster managed it. Good night sweet prince. *choke* *sputter*