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  1. This, to me, is a "let the song wash over you" song -- headphones are really required for this one, IMO. Oh, I can tell when muski posts...hic. *g*
  2. Nope, not me at all. I really think he puts his heart and soul into this one. He sounds heartbroken to me...and those little catches at the end of this glory note totally SELL me.
  3. Totally with you Ansa, would have been a great single! Would still be! Without You The most "traditional" arrangement, IMO...sounds a lot like Nilsson. Don't know the Mariah version at all...it never gets played around here. Here it comes....low voiced Clay! GUH! This vocalization on the first chorus simply kills me dead.
  4. Hey -- no jumping ahead! And I LOVE spinning balls, thank you very much. Ahem. Sing it Clay -- wail for me. Multilayering is a good thing. And I'm not talking about hair either. *g*
  5. I just realized this is one of the shorter songs on the album. *sigh* But it's soooooooooooo good.
  6. Another thing I love about this...the backing vocals during the bridge... It actually took me a while to TOTALLY love this song too...but now, it's frequently on repeat for me!
  7. That low "tonight" is pretty awesome too.... "I don't wanna be lonely..." Wail it Clay! And imagine THIS one in concert. With the hair. Guh. Dead.
  8. But he's gonna stop in Illinois first.
  9. Love that instrumentation stop at the end and it's just Clay...that was a stroke of genius, IMO. And wailing Clay all over the place is freakin' fantastic. Love the simple tambourine "chik" during the first verse.
  10. I'll paint your picture, Clay. Heh. And I'd take you in, take you home too. *readys to take on muski for the wailing at the end*
  11. Lonely No More Melancholy piano opening...but dreamy nonetheless. Here's our low voiced Clay too, IMO.
  12. Stacatto strings! That's it! That's what I really really like about this song! Boyband? What are you guys smokin'? *g* One more thing before we head on...I think this one will be really rockin' in concert! Totally will change the mood, I'll guarantee that!
  13. Five minutes to next song! And limited editorial comments on that from those who aren't crazy about RHW... !
  14. I actually think that one "yuuuuuuuu" he sings is...awkward. But I still love the almost everything about this song. I think it's a good start for the album. I'm holding my head in shame, for I didn't know luckiest1's favorite off the album was RHW. 20 lashes with a wet noodle!
  15. I flove how he takes that glory note, and fades into a softer voice. That's a good vocal technique, right there!
  16. I listened to the original a few weeks ago. Marx's version is much more piano based...Clay's rocks much more. That instrument at the beginning of the song -- is that a guitar riff? And how many of us are bouncing in our computer chairs right now with the beat? *g*
  17. Nice glory note, Clay! Love the strings, build up to the final chorus. Great stuff. Also that "duh duh duh" really fast...can't describe it anyother way.
  18. The beginning instrumentation of this song REALLY surprised me...it wasn't what I was expecting at ALL. Of course that was my comparison to the original, which isn't fair. Clay's vocals...clear. Love the harmonies during the chorus. I love how he sings "I taste the tears...."
  19. Old Miss Space Case here...didn't even notice it was missing. I guess I need another beer. Actually, blame Ansa, it's all her fault. 10 Minutes to show time! Two minutes!!!! Now...ONE MINUTE!!! Right Here Waiting
  20. Party is about to start...EEEEEEEEEEE! Everyone have a great evening...and let's be careful out there. [tm Hill Street Blues]
  21. I'd post like crazy during that 15 minutes...and then at the end of tonight...revisit the topic. Several times. And I'll join you in the WY love...but more on that later. *g* Meanwhile: beer -- check. popcorn -- check. went to the bathroom -- check. Clay tshirt on -- check. Media player cued up -- check. Yep, I'm good to go.
  22. ldyjocelyn

    this or that

    I gotta go with Kicking!Clay!, because of your comment KAndre -- telling Clay that he COULD move his arms, and he's not the Lord of the Dance! Hee. Glasses or no glasses?
  23. Hey, that's perfectly fine. I'm always curious WHY though people think they like things, or not...knowing full well that it sometimes just can't be explained. ___ Entertainment World interview with Suzie McNeil It's nice to read things like this, isn't it?
  24. Wow...I go away to teach a couple library classes, and people start questioning my RULES!!! Darn it, they are MY rules! [/dictator] OTOH, no one seems to read my posts, because I had this in the original post for the party, with the song listing for each night. Harumph. I'm now hurt and sad by this. Seriously... Heh. Yeah, I could listen to that one for a LONG time too. *sigh* Just join when you can. Well golly, I think he just crossed the road to get to my house. I make a mean mac and cheese. EXACTLY! If I had my druthers, I'd skip a song or two as well *coughIWTKWLI*cough*, but I'm curious about everyone's reactions to particular songs -- what touches them, what DOESN'T, and why. I'm only fascilitating this conversation, and I don't want to censor anyone (unless someone gets NASTY). That's perfectly all right! Let's see...there's an emergency. Major emergency. Requires listening to the news and being on the computer for a while. Keep adding to the story and it might work. I knew the timing wouldn't work for some people, but I tried my best. *sigh* I sometimes skip RHW and TOA as well. But EIH is still one of my favorites. And I'm having an affair with the ending of LNM. Clay wailing is a sound to behold. Love to make him wail in other ways...*g* I think the two ladies will have a wonderful time if they have the listening party and beer together. I may have to have a beer or two with this this evening myself. Or wine. Well, I think I'll stay away from the cosmos....last time I overindulged in those, I lost a computer, a video iPod and my keys. ITA. No cosmos. My luck, Lorne Michaels will show up. *g*