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  1. KAndre, sorry to burst your bubble a bit, but we're doing LAA tonight (after the first seven songs on ATDW), and IYDKMBN next week. I actually did debate this for a while...but really liked the idea of spliting the two bonus tracks up, one per night. *shrug* Next time. That blog? Eh. Whatever. Next. But I also don't want people picking up that "protect Clay" flag either!
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    WHICH Red Carpet outfit? I floved the Billboard 2003 tuxedo, and I really loved the Emmy 2005 outfit too (that red shirt was stunning, IMO). Hmmm...I guess I'll go against the grain, because I LOVED dressed up Clay. Jeans are good, but I love a man in a good tux. "Lawd Jesus" or "THEY WILL BE LOCKED!!!"
  3. Well, you know, of course, that salad can kill ya. muski suffering from clack withdrawal is a sad, sad thing. The remedy is to staple the iPod to your body. Isn't it? Topic: I bet Clay is getting very tired of crossing the road. Maybe he needs to do a concert for us tonight. Hey, that's right -- LISTENING PARTY!
  4. I want to echo this. This place is a breath of fresh air after reading some of the other boards! Plus, public drunkeness is not only tolerated here, it's encouraged! :trink3: Hic. Wud any budy like anufer drinky winky? Nope. See above. Are they served with deep fried curtains? (Obscure Clay reference! Quick: where's it from?) Why did Clay Aiken cross the road? To stock the CD shelves at his local WalMart!
  5. *grabs the pure and virtuous strummer6 and staples her to the board* Glad to see you back again! MUAH! playbiller, not to be a nag or anything... ...but Ruben had a People spread as well. It wasn't the cover, and it was only two pages, but he did have an article. I read it on Tuesday while I was on the treadmill. The weird thing about the article? It was really more about his weight loss than the music (although there was a quote from Clive Davis ) So, this must be the standard People procedure...mention the singer has a new album, but mostly talk about something in their past, with "digging." Heh. I'd seen that post about the Kimmel stuff before, but went *shrug*. Don't get me wrong, I want to see these clips very badly -- but I'll deal if they don't show up. Anymore, that's how I deal with most things in this fandom. Yes, I'm up at 4:45 a.m. Just call me the stealth librarian.
  6. playbiller, you're absolutely right about Ruben. I guess I didn't really mean "poor Ruben" so much as "wow, that's a small number." And it really did make me appreciate Clay's numbers all the more. Glad to hear mom is doing well, and that you finally have luggage! Hee. Amen, sister. I know what it is like to go overboard with my Clay stuff -- I did that 3 years ago when I was having terrible troubles with my job. That pulled me back some...and then this year was just crazy time with family and job as well. Add to that the BS of the fandom, and it does make it even easier to pull back even more. I love Clay still like crazy -- but I want him to have his own life too. Wow. Just wow. Perfectly said. Clay's television performances lately have been simply stellar, and he's a star in my eyes. Is he a star in the whole world's eyes? Nope. He'll never get everyone -- but he'll convert a lot more people in time. I'm one that personally thinks that TV is the way to go for him. His charm and grace wow me every single time. I'll keep in discussions with the mods regarding other listening parties. As for "discussion" topics -- I'd say maybe a 2 hour period, every other week? And I'm loving the banners that have come in. Gah!
  7. First of all...Claygasm, next time you post something like that...just give a gal some warning, OK? I almost swallowed my tongue when I saw that humongous picture. *ponders Clay swallowing my tongue, and his humongous...* You are entirely welcome. I know that setting times is always a challenge, and I know that at least a few people will be missing this listening party entirely (miss ya luckiest1, have fun on vacation). I'm glad I made at least a few people happy. If this works, would y'all be interested in doing one for MOAM in October (an oldie, but a goodie!) and MCWL in December (scheduled on nights when there's no symphony concert)? I was also thinking of having another ATDW party in January -- after listening to the album for 4 months to see how perceptions have changed if any. I missed you georgia -- love reading your posts. But then, I love reading posts on this board, period. Um...could you explain a little more? Maybe in a fiction to be shared with me only? Can you send that weather here? It's gloomy as hell around here. And tomorrow morning I have to be on the road by the crack of dawn to drive three hours for a meeting...with my BOSS. And then ride back home with her in the afternoon. Fun, only not. Oy. Poor Ruben. That can't be good for his mental well being. I too liked Ruben, and LOVED the commeraderie between the final 4, and Ruben and Clay especially. I hope everything works out well for him in the future. And yes, Clay's sales figures really come out of that well. I just hope the media isn't too much of a "WTF? Clay sells more than Ruben again? But America LOVED Ruben!" Blah blah blah. It's not fair to either men, and IMO it just makes me mad that Clay will be seen with disdain once again. JMO.
  8. AHA! So she was the one doing the "nasty" with her husband to video tapes of Clay! I knew it would be someone supposedly quiet and retiring on the boards. I have not heard any objections. Have you? Because I'm not objecting. Or making Clay into a sexual object. Nope, not me. Uh huh. Heh.
  9. Hmmm...in this one he seems to be refuting Kelly's claim that "he ain't no Jesus." luckiest1...do you know her bosses email address?
  10. hmmmmm gets camera ready for our friday night date Note to self: bring video camera for Chicago muski party. Almost forgot that I LOVE Ansa's ideas! The man is why I'm a fan.
  11. Thanks muski for planting that idea in my brain. Too bad they don't have cold showers installed in my office. Guh. Yeah, I want that for him too. He sooooooo freakin' deserves that. Man! You should see my psot ohn EAYOR! Guess those couple extra sips of Dambuie took their toll, hhyh? ANyway....yeah. Friday's coool, couchie!@ I'm gonna sit in the tub now....still gotabout a quiarter of my drienk left.... Oooooh Clay on my big assed headphones. Clay any freaking way. clay that man spreads such j oy, don't he? oh, to have clay spread...... Oh dear...I'm going to be meeting muski in a few weeks....with the promise of wine, clack, and a big ole presidential suite. If she's going to be anything like this -- I'm in for a hella good time. I'll make sure to pack lots of Tylenol, though, for the morning afterwards. That's the first time I've watched that show -- fortunately Ansa warned me about the Sting appearance, so I could actually tune in. The funny thing is, that song is NOT on the album. The album is actually full of 16th century music by a composer named John Dowland. For me personally, it's interesting -- because I spent many years studying that music as part of one of my former hobbies, where I recreated the middle ages (see screen name). It's a very soothing kind of music, actually. Anyway, loved FOG with that instrumentation. I know it's not everyone's cuppa, but that's OK. We all have strange tastes sometimes. *g* OK, back to Clay having hawt sweaty passionate sex...uh...what was I saying?
  12. Are the lyrics to all the songs from ATDW posted anywhere on this board? I know people could find them elsewhere...but it might be helpful to have them in a central place here (if they aren't somewhere already, and I just don't see them).
  13. Actually, CG I'd prefer to enjoy riding Clay and would consider that a wonderful way to manage OUR affair! BWAH!!!! Glad to hear I'm not the only one who checks message boards during "work" trips. Heh. Anyway, glad you made it to your destination muski...but you still didn't answer my question: who won the football game? Oooops, now I see you're in trouble for it. You can tell them a bunch of Claymates (heh) will kick that storyteller's tail, and see how that goes over. Bolding mine. Oh man, muski, you're sharing my brain. I know we've always talked about Clay having titanium ones. Well, IMO, so does Clive...and when two people like that square off, and neither backs down...well, it's gonna seem like something bad happened. AND -- it's gonna hurt in the short term, but his "integrity and faith and character" will be intact, and that to me is a wonderful thing. I love that Clay truly does stand up for what he believes in. Yep. He's a strong one...and I admire the hell out of him because of that. Hey, watch it. I listened to at least some of this album over the weekend, and it's very good. Also, my husband is a lute player (2 years ago he went to a lute convention...if I get to go to Clay stuff, he gets to go to what he wants *g*), and is fascinated by the marketing of this album. Sting = name recognition. And it might get some kids interested in this kind of music. I think the same way about ATDW, as far as that goes. luckiest1, sorry about the scheduling problems. Maybe we'll hold another version of this in a few months, say the cold winter months of January. By then, we'll have internalized the album, and it could be fun to do this whole listening party all over again after we've really lived with these songs for a while. The whole QVC thing is a big puzzle to me. The problem is, all I'm hearing is back channel stuff -- and I just automatically attach salt to that. Just my way anymore. If it happens, I'll be happy. If it doesn't, I'll live.
  14. claygasm, I really like the way you think. I wish no ill will at ALL to anyone who comes out of the AI experience, and fairly intact to boot. While I'm not crazy about Daughtry at all, I also don't feel it right to wish him bad sales either. OTOH, I really liked Ruben, especially when he and Clay were together. They seemed to have brought the best out of each other, and I enjoyed it greatly. I wish Ruben all the success in the world. The fandom has gotten crazy lately, IMO...and I think Claygasm hit the nail squarely on the head with this: The way some are going on and on with the RCA crap, it truly sounds to me like they are trying to defend "poor widdle Clay," that he's a victim in all this. I will keep saying this over and over, until I'm blue in the face -- I don't feel it's my job to take over for RCA and their publicity machine. I can see what they are doing (or possibly not doing, as the case may be); I may not agree with all of it. But I certainly don't have any expertise in this either. Instead, I'll continue to do what I see fans doing -- enjoying Clay, spreading the word of his music to those who are interested, and just having fun. Damn it. In the meantime, Clay is working on doing what he needs to do -- in the background. Just as it should be. I'll hash out the details of the listening party tonight. However, I'd save the dates of Friday, October 20 and Friday, October 27 if I were you. ETA: *staples luckiest1 to the board* EEEEEEEEEEEE!
  15. One of the main reasons why my husband has no problem with my Clay fandom. For a while there, I knew more about video formats than he did! I'm still learning (DVD burning is my challenge at the moment)...and I have no desire to learn montage making (even with the contest. *g*). muski, sorry to hear about your travails. Good luck! BTW, who won the football game?
  16. This guy is wondering where everyone is... He'll stare you down until you come out...
  17. Thank you ladies for bringing over the recaps from the Tyra show. This sounds pure comedic gold, honestly. The whole "boxers or briefs" segment will be worth the price of admission (or the price of calling in sick to work that day. ) Tell me again -- why don't I live on one of the coasts? Ansa, I'm thinking that Megan will be just as flirty with Clay as Tyra. She has that streak in her, I think. But I could be wrong. Anyway, I think that one will be cute, and I hope they sing together. Kelly? I normally can't stand her...she's way too flighty and over-the-top for my tastes. But with Clay, I think she'll have met her match. He'll be able to keep up with her, and they'll probably talk all over each other. Heh. I hope he has good people to interview during that show. If I could ask for a few prayers please...I just went to the funeral today. This was the nephew of one of my better friends. He died fighting in Iraq; he was only 20 years old. This family is heartbroken, for it was the baby of the family who died. I sobbed during the presenting of the medals ceremony. Anyway, if you can send some prayers to the family of George, I'd appreciate it. {{{{{{{hugs all around}}}}}}}}}}}
  18. You know -- and I feel strangely guilty for this -- but I've never really thought of this that way. Maybe it's because I'm a person who asks a LOT of questions of people, and some of these questions are probably none of my damn business. Anyway, Clay's point is a very good one...that there really is no reason to ask the question in the first place. I'll have to remember that the next time someone asks me about him in that way (thank God it's only happened to me one time before this...) I do too. Or they can "see something" in Clay, when Clay is just simply passing gas or something. (And -- wouldn't Clay passing gas just be ADORABLE?!?! ) Hee! Teacher Clay returns! Hmmmm...maybe he'll dedicate this song to his fans in concert... I'd like that. muski, I wuv you. Gosh, that's so true. First of all, I was pulling out my copy of ATDW that I carry with me at all times to answer Ansa's question...when I see you beat me to it. Damn you. I wanted to be first once. Pale pasty people? BWAH! {{{{{{{{{FCA people}}}}}}}}}}} You really are all good people. MUAH! I love this place. play just read your post. Grrrrrr is all I can say. I understand you're wanting to challenge...but when people don't want to listen...grrrrr.
  19. bottlecap, looks like the same guy to me. Another mystery solved by the ClayNation. If the ClayNation could just use these powers for solving crime, the world would be a better place.
  20. I hope you truly enjoy it. I know I did... goin' on, either. Hmmm...it depends on the kinds of "shudders" you're talking about. Personally, I think a LOT of Clay gives me the shudders, and totally in a good way. Me neither. I have a couple of theories about that. Number 1, I see this as a gift to the fans who've been DYING to know this kind of stuff. But secondly, though...and this makes me sad...I think people who don't follow his every move are probably more interested in that other "stuff," if you know what I mean. I truly believe that they could have shown this interview on every show you've mentioned...and people would be saying "he wants to talk about the music? I want to hear him talk about the scandal! Bah!" Sad, but true, IMO. Not just you, you smart woman. Watching that portion of the interview hit my like a ton of bricks, and it did make me sad, and a bit angry as well. Personally...I would guess that he can shake off critic's bad reviews of his album, for they never really cared for him anyway. But I do wonder how he's dealing with the "fan's" reactions to this album.
  21. I love that entire clip...he talks with such ease about this album and what it means to him. "His thumbprint is all over it." LOVE that. What's the song he seems to be singing with the guy with the guitar (not Andy, looks like it might be a producer...)? That will be the next big mystery for the Clay Aiken fans to figure out... Must watch a few more times. The ending with WISYS kills me...what a look on that man.
  22. And no wonder some of his FRIENDS didn't even recognize him... Man, I love looking at comparison pictures like that. He really has "grown into himself," hasn't he? (Yes, I know that was smut....but hell, when you're looking at these pictures, the smut just flows. Can't help it...) His maturity and confidence shine in these new pictures, IMO. I think I need another cold shower.
  23. Morning ladies... Just a quick message to let you know that the honeymoon last night, with those two pictures, was OUTSTANDING. I'm spent. muski, I took your suggestions to heart...and tugging is good.
  24. I'm marrying these two pictures later on this evening. I don't care if polygamy is legal or not in this instance... Good Lord that man is hawt. H-A-W-T. Cigarettes, anyone? And if I ever run into a hobo that looks like this...Well, I think I'd be saying goodbye to my job and my husband toot sweet. bottlecap, no one called me either. I thought people liked us two... :o What's your phone number? Can you do text messages on your cell?
  25. Well, this weekend is the time when the Simply Clay board is doing it...and it might not be nice to step on their toes, per se. Maybe we could, instead of doing it over one weekend, do it on two consecutive Friday nights? Friday nights are good for me; my husband is usually tired from the workweek and doesn't like to go anywhere else, so I could spend the time on my computer. How does that work for everyone else? Maybe Oct. 20 and 27? Mods, please consult; I'd be willing to coordinate this for the FCA. My guess is the panic attacks and his using Paxil. It would be kinda cool if he also rants and raves about the tabloids, but he might be through with that topic. That's EXACTLY the way I've always pictured this as well...especially after hearing his words in that OFC video. "My fans have been waiting for a year and a half now..." And it just makes sense to me for the push to continue on through 1) the premiere of AI; and 2) Valentine's Day. BWAH!!!!! And EWWWW! I think this was only speculation early on, because people who watched the show regularly knew that Regis always takes Friday off. So, nothing "official" was announced, but the rumors looked pretty darn good. *dies* That would be my dream. Very frustrating, and stupid, IMO. I don't know what's up with these stores, but I sure wish they would get clues. One more thought: I've always wondered if that footage we've seen of Clay performing the songs off the album might not show up as a DVD in the near future. We can only hope, right? BTW, bottlecap, your reference was correct. DS9!