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  1. It's concert day, it's concert day, it's concert day, it's concert day, it's concert day, it's concert day.... EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! So what am I doing here at work? I hope my mail comes today before I leave for Chicago...for I'd love to wear that long sleeved Tshirt as my travel shirt today! Still planning to buy stuff at the show tonight, if I can. Hopefully, my husband won't be too ticked off about dropping $100 at the merchandise table. *g* It's concert day, it's concert day, it's concert day, it's concert day, it's concert day, it's concert day.... EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!
  2. Hee...yes, I will be in Chicago tomorrow evening, and will post a recap here, if I a) remember; and have time, for I will be recovering from the trip on Thanksgiving Day, and then visiting my Mom for 3 days. Anyway, I will try my best to check out the socks...but since I'm sitting in the loge, and can't afford to upgrade...I hope my binoculars work well. *g* If I had won a M&G (which I didn't, *sob*)...my planned present was going to be a pair of striped socks. I think he would have gotten a kick out of that!
  3. SkateJoy, I too saw that movie preview...and thought of bottlecap! I guess this means I've been hanging around this board too long. Pretty soon, I guess I'm going to be craving fish... The Jacob situation sounds very sad to me, more than anything else. I really liked his harmonies with Clay -- especially on EOTR and DSIAFCD. So, I will miss Jacob, and hope he has a good life as best he can. Having said that....it looks from the DSIAFCD from the KC show that the "family" is on its way to healing. What an emotional clip...laughter from all the introductions...to tears from the signed "Thank you"...to full body sobs when he starts grasping Quiana's and Angela's hands. I'm watching a JBT DVD at the moment....and it's weird now watching Jacob in these clips. And I'm not a "family" member at all! So...I think the the cast will have to take their time processing what happened. I do believe that Clay's blog was a classy move, and the "confused" feeling at the moment says a great deal.
  4. I thought the Standard interview was outstanding. His passion and his outrage for the people in Uganda was unbelievable, and his talk about expectations for the next album were truly believable. Love little Raleigh. (Although I suppose you could say she's not that "little" anymore...she needs to cut out the pretzels, stat!)
  5. I've always said to myself that if I ever did get a chance to meet Clay, I would tell him "thank you for being you." That, to me, is the highest compliment that I could give him. I'm glad he feels that this is what he can do. The Rocky Mountain News article is a wonderful example of "priming" -- basically letting the fans know that he'll be OK if he doesn't sell nearly as many CD's the first week for this album as he did for the others. He also knows full well the way the media is going to treat the album if it doesn't sell as well too. He's basically going into a very uncertain time with his eyes open, as best he can. I can't wait to see this Canadian interview.
  6. I'm hoping that my husband will be around to take care of most of it -- and I think I've got him trained well enough that if anything happens to me, my Clay friends would divide the stash. If it's the rest of my family, though, that wouuld have to do this...it would all be trashed. *sniff* But only 80 gigs on the hard drive? I honestly don't know what my family would think when they find my two external 120 gig drives, plus all the data disks I've burned, plus my 2 120 internal drives. And I'm thinking of picking up another external soon!
  7. Bonniemeadow -- thank you for your recap. I've now got a sappy grin on my face, because I can feel your joy in seeing this show. BTW, if you want to call the FCA "home" -- well, welcome neighbor. I agree that the white suit makes a much more interesting visual. I love a man in black (even Johnny Cash, hee), but the white suit makes Clay simply luminous. He's so stunning. I think Angela looks faboo -- both the black and white outfits. Quiana is just simply so joyous all the time, I can't help but smile at her. Jacob is looking very good too -- the contrast of his dark coloring with the white sweater is very nice. Shoot, I want to see more than one of this show. And it's coming up fast! Less than 2 weeks! EEEEEEE!
  8. bonniemeadow and Couch Tomato -- sounds like you had a wonderful show and a wonderful time. I love the fact that the preparty was an interboard thing...because, when it all boils down, we're ALL Clay Aiken fans. Period. And couchie -- your review brought a big old smile to my face. ITA with the "old soul" assessment, but I too am glad he's here for us in this time period, and I look forward to following him for years to come.
  9. Aiken Celebrates Holidays, Preps New Album
  10. Aiken Celebrates Holidays, Preps New Album Why do I so dearly love the fact that he knows he's making people mad when he says certain things? As for last night's show....I just couldn't stay up for the cellcert, and have only watched a few bits of clack. Having said that...this looks like a worthy production, and I'm so incredibly proud of him. Vocally, he sounds outstanding. Love the suit too. I cannot wait to see this show, and am now seriously thinking about attending a few more. Here Clay...here's my credit card number. Just take it. I don't need to pay off debt.
  11. Hmmm...I really think there is nothing left to say. *g* Yes, me too. Me too. Can we share him? Please? I too am excited for the JNT 2005. My hope is that Clay's hard word pays off once again. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! America's ''Good Neighbor'' Teams up with Recording Artist Clay Aiken's Bubel/Aiken Foundation to Promote Inclusive Education YAY for the BAF!
  12. Yes, this makes me very sad. They just don't seem to have good sense of this fandom. While I don't think they should try to please everyone, and I don't think their management is going to be the end of Clay's career -- it seems like they strike before they think (if that makes any sense). Having said that...I'll probably take my machete and hack my way to the merchandise tables to see what is there. *g* I've just ordered copies number 4 and 5 of LTS. I purchased a copy of the Christian bookstore version, plus two regular copies (one which will NEVER be used, gotta save a pristine copy). I couldn't justify a leather bound autographed copy, although it was tempting. Now I've just ordered two copies of the paperback version -- again, one to be kept hidden away as a collectible. Yes, I'm weird. This reminded me of the SNL skits with the Mummy and Frankenstein singing holiday classics. Anyone remember those? I LOVED those skits. {{{{{Penguin-less bottlecap}}}}} Yeah, that would work for me too.
  13. Hee...I did the same thing last weekend, and will probably do more this weekend. Since I hate housework so much -- I figure it is a good time to make sure the cat's hairballs are harvested, in time for a new crop by Christmas. *g* OTOH...having Clay's Christmas tour starting now has me doing things like addressing Christmas cards and buying presents already. Thanks, Clay! The KTLA interview yesterday was adorable. I love the way Clay talks! People keep saying he talks fast -- and I've never noticed that. Heck, I understand every word he says. (Maybe because I just simply HANG on his every word? *g*) I also love the way he "talks with his body" (down smutters). He knows how to emphasize words with an extra raise of an eyebrow and the like. Love that. His hair looked so soft, as did the sweater. And he got to talk about UNICEF and the tour. That was so great. I love him more today than yesterday...
  14. More Clay Emmy pictures -- he interviewed them! Stylin' Socks New BAF auction Watch that auction, as more items are being added. OK, the Kimmel hat is seriously cracking me up. I :::heart::: Jimmy.
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  16. The press release is here! I'll be back later to comment, when I have more time... Thanks bottlecap for the laugh! That was awesome.
  17. MOAM memories... I remember hearing the clips off PromoSquad, and immediately liking Run to Me and ISY. I also still dearly loved Invisible (and still do to this day), even though I had watched all kinds of clack of the song by that time. So, when I got the album -- I was impressed. It was a good album for a first effort. My favorite, by far, was Perfect Day. couchie, I agree with you in the fact that none of the live versions of that song live up to the MOAM version. I also agree that this seems weird. Another memory I have of that day was coming home from Chicago, and my husband wanting to listen to the album on the good stereo. His favorites were RTM and Shine (the second being very Beatle-esque to him). I was pleased that he wanted to hear the album. Today, I still pull the album out from time to time. I'll put Invisible on repeat. IWCY -- depends on my mood. There are days I listen to it over and over again, other days skip entirely. I generally put ISY on repeat as well, but that is due to "muscle memory" with thinking of live versions of this song. The two songs I tend to skip any more are MOAM and Shine. My husband and I bought new computer speakers (with subwoofer) and a new sound card for my computer. While we have not installed the card yet, we did plug in the speakers...and OMG. I can have clack playing at 1/4 volume in my office, shut the door and go into my kitchen and hear it clearly. This rocks. I love my husband the enabler. (But as I tell people, he lets me do Clay Aiken stuff, I let him buy power tools. Heh.)
  18. Tawdry? TAWDRY? I only host TASTEFUL strip parties... I will stand up proudly and say that I love his current hairstyle. I think he looks mature with it. I also loved the JBT hair, the AI spikes, the mohawk from hell...even the Kevin Studdard hair. I'm too easy, aren't I? I'm a bad Clay fan in the fact that I probably won't stay up to see Kimmel live Monday night. By the time football is over, plus the local news, plus Nightline...I'll be up until 1:30. Too late for me, unfortunately. But I'll get up at 6:00 a.m. to watch it! Is the request for no giggling or squealing for the audience or for Clay? Because I love giggling!Clay! However, the audience screams can sometimes make me deaf. Now the penguins, though...love me some penguins. Almost as much as I love Clay.
  19. I love that picture as well. Thank you for capturing that moment. Simply priceless. BTW, I'll be ordering at least 3 of that pin. *g* Hey, buzzie's in my brain today! I'm usually a gold person, but with that design, the gold is overpowering, IMO. The silver gives it an extra holiday shine. Let's see...50's Clay would probably be performing practically naked at this point, what with the clothes we've taken from him. Same with Elvis Clay. Since there's overlap with the Elvis and 60's Clay -- the only thing he'd be wearing for that is his tie. 70's Clay? Since Skatejoy claimed the suit (but it.is.not.a.leisure.suit. *g*), he'd be in that fugly shirt. No t-shirt though, and that's a good thing. 80's Clay would be dressed only in a polo shirt and vest. Cool. 90's Clay plus 2000 Clay -- I'm surprised no one has claimed those nice, long jeans yet. *g* Gosh, it's fun undressing Clay. Hee.
  20. I have dibs on the blue "suede" shoes! ITA diamondjake. Clay having fun puts a big ole smile on my face. At the same time...I really do see this as a screen test portfolio. With the rumors of this possible talk show, the Insider gig seems to be a good way to learn some skills and practice. Then, when he feels he's ready (and I will probably say this would be after the next album) -- he's got screen tests to show potential syndicators. I certainly do love the man. He makes my heart sing.
  21. Just a quick drive-by to thank everyone for the birthday wishes yesterday. And...and...and...Clay wore a beautiful outfit at the Emmy's just for MEEEEEE! Goooooooooo...me! Rah, rah, sis boom bah!!! [/cheerleader mode] Think I can convince my husband that we don't need to pay the mortgage, pay our bills, and feed the cats for the next two months, in order for me to purchase the clothes off Clay's back? Didn't think so. Damn my husband.
  22. I agree with bottlecap -- lurkers, it's fun! Posting will not kill you. I might even write a cheer for you all...*g* The Insider clip was 13.5 times cuter than I had even imagined it. He's such a natural in front of the camera. EEEEEEEEEE for couchie and Oakland! Now, if he'd just announce an Illinois date, I'll be happy. (And watch, it will be the the first weekend in December, when I already have a major committment...that's my luck regarding Clay and Illinois dates). Hmm...Atlanta is doable...
  23. :::looks downward::: Honey, if they shake anymore...they'd be on the floor. *g* Didn't he also mention "They Can't Take That Away From Me," sung in London a few years ago? While I was busy shaking my pom poms, I was also sneakily listening to Mr. Abrams. My hearing this had something to do with said pom poms...