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  1. Another day off tomorrow! The morning temperatures are supposed to be as bad as they were today, but it warms up more as the day goes on (we'll get above 0!). So, I did a 20 minute core workout today, started reading a book (Pastor Nadia Bolz-Weber's new book -- she's amazing), cleaned out my chest freezer, and made chili for dinner.
  2. Well, those of us in Illinois are in the middle of a deep freeze. My college is closing at 4:30 tomorrow afternoon and won't be reopening again until 10 am Thursday. The HIGH temperature on Wednesday is going to be -10 degrees! Add wind chills, and it's going to be brutal. When I get home I'll stay home. Unfortunately, hubby has a job working with rental cars at our local airport (20 minutes away), and he's got to be in this kind of stuff tomorrow night. I'm hoping they call him and say "don't come."
  3. I've read on CV that The View is having a contest with cutest pets from the hosts, and Meghan doesn't have a pet. Hence the post. Trying to remember if we've seen this before. From Playbill, about the Christmas show. http://www.playbill.com/production/ruben-clays-first-annual-christmas-carol-family-fun-pageant-spectacular-reunion-show-imperial-theatre-2018-2019
  4. Here's the link to the article: https://www.newsadvance.com/the_burg/features/ken-arpino-wolfbane-executive-director-talks-broadway-debut-web-series/article_7bf7c742-ac40-5941-bc3d-b287592a221d.html?fbclid=IwAR3ahyl7IeJ03_e_2rf3fxY1lYJZWEo7T_-vJgka6Kv4s6X0k_s7m_-2jdg The weather in central Illinois has been CRAZY. Major snow storm the Sunday after Thanksgiving. Nothing at all in December. A week and a half ago, another major snow storm, followed by a smaller storm last Saturday. Yesterday it warmed up enough that it rained...and then today it got cold. So that meant ice! Tomorrow, below zero temps, and then over the weekend, more snow is supposed to be coming!
  5. New Drop the Mic promo, brief glimpse of Clay. I'd recognize those pants anywhere....
  6. EEEEEE! "Drop the Mic" on February 6 -- glad we now have a date!
  7. We had just over 10 inches of snow on Friday night/Saturday! It just kept snowing and snowing and snowing! All plans for the day were scrapped, although we ended up losing some money on some symphony tickets. Tony had to snow blow the driveway twice to keep up with it. But...we were at a snow deficit around here, with no snow at all in December, so I think we’ve made up for it! And it sure is pretty.
  8. I posted the link to the video in the private section. Clay's finally going to be on "Drop the Mic!" He'll be battling Ian Ziering (a Sharknado reunion!) https://tucson.com/entertainment/television/drop-the-mic-returns-with-the-stars-of-shadowhunters-lost/article_d202f275-899d-598a-bfb6-3875ae2dae43.html
  9. Just read at CV that Clay's granny (the lady picture above) passed away last night. {{{{{{{{Clay}}}}}}}}}
  10. Clay Aiken Timeline for 2019. ldyj will try her darndest to keep this list up-to-date. If you see anything missing/incorrect, please PM ldyjocelyn! January 5 -- Clay starts the year in New York City, attending one of the last shows of Once on this Island on Broadway. January 8 -- On a very sad note, Catherine Clayton Aiken, Clay's Granny (and Faye's Mom) died in the overnight hours. She famously appeared with Clay on Martha Stewart's talk show in 2006. February 21 -- After having the announcement that Clay's Drop the Mic episode come up earlier in the year, Clay retweets that the episode won't be shown. His battle with Ian Ziering was paired with a battle starring Jussie Smollett, who was part of a allegedly faked attack on him in Chicago. Hence, no show for Clay -- which is too bad, because he won! February 25 -- James Corden (executive producer of Drop the Mic) tweeted, Facebooked, and Instagrammed Clay's DTM battle. Corden has a huge social media following, so this was great. Clay also sits for an interview with The Hill website, to talk about the Trump administration (and homosexuality) and the Jussie Smollett event. February 28 -- Clay LIVE on Facebook! He announces that the musical entertainment for the Gala this year is the "lost" On My Way Here concert! March 2 -- "Not Supposed to Love You Anymore," via Instagram, with Michael Ormond -- live from Las Vegas! April 24 -- The National Inclusion Project announces a fundraising goal for the Gala. If donations top $5000, "Forget I Ever Knew You" (a onus song from On My Way Here) will be live streamed for all the fans. If $7500 is reached, a second surprise song will be streamed. May 2 -- Live stream goal number 1 reached! May 2 -- Live stream goal number 2 reached! May 16 -- Clay is the surprise guest host at the Triangle Rising Stars Awards in Raleigh. May 17 -- The National Inclusion Project preparty, held at Fitzgerald's in Charlotte. Clay mingles and says "hey" to everyone there, and gives a speech thanking everyone for their support. May 18 -- The newly renamed "National Inclusion Project Founder's Gala" is held in Charlotte, NC. There was a semi-workshop during the day. At night, Jerome Bell (Clay's former bodyguard) gave a touching speech. Then Clay sang every song from the album On My Way Here. He live streamed "Forget I Ever Knew You" and "The Real Me" as reward to fans for fundraising goals being reached. May 20 -- Clay announces, via Twitter and Instagram, that he's playing "Teen Angel" in Grease, being held at the Benedum Center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The dates are June 7-16. June 7 -- The premiere of Grease. June 8 -- 2 shows of Grease June 9 -- 2 shows of Grease June 11 -- Single show of Grease June 12 -- Single show of Grease June 13 -- Single show of Grease June 14 -- Single show of Grease June 15 -- 2 shows of Grease June 16 -- Final show of Grease, an afternoon matinee.
  11. Hubby and I made it to NYC's ball drop, even though we're in Illinois. Figured "close enough..." This morning my church organized and delivered 150 meals to shut ins. Felt good to bring some brightness to people today.