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  1. Hee - I do believe Rose Radio is owned and operated by our very own FCA member roseviolet. Haven't seen her around in a long time though, so I might be playing a little fast and loose with the 'our very own' thing, lol. Hi! I haven't been here in a while, but am still around. Yes, I'm still operating Rose Radio, though not as many people are listening to it anymore. Actually, more than 3 songs were in the top 30, but in order for the list not to be overwhelmed with Clay, I just list the top 3 of his songs that make the list. I do play him as often as I can on the playlist. There are certain rules I'm suppose to follow or I would play Clay all the time! :me0:
  2. I am not averse to the idea of a reunion tour. I think that would of been rather fun. It was how she announced it in her Billboard interview as fact and her label followed it up with a press release! Radio stations were already talking about it. I think Clay's response was clearly a reaction first to being blindsided by the announcement and then the need to quash the rumor firmly before it got out of hand.
  3. I have never been one to be hating on KLo, but I have to say I thought the whole "Reunion Tour" snafu gave me pause. Especially since she phrased it as a fact and not just as something she would like to do. But I would have to say that her going on to Perez Hilton's little show to dish on Clay and declare that they are no longer friends pretty much put the nail in the coffin for me. I just can't have much respect for her after that.
  4. I loved what Clay did with Vincent. I understand that Michael Orland said that Clay hated the song and that is why they did a short arrangement of it and they planned on using the extra time on one of the other songs. Wonder if that was why Unchained Melody was speeded up.
  5. merrieeee -- preorder from iTunes, wasn't that on the 21st? And of course QVC on the 28th. I've been keeping an eye on the Sony/BMG website too. Coming out of lurkdom to say that I am loving all this PR. Will sales on QVC count toward Billboard ranking? I usually do not angst. but somehow, I am apprehensive about QVC. I know that Elton, Le Ann Rimes, and Neil Diamond have had success there selling CDs, but I remember Elton saying that he had to get used to writing music for other artists since his cds were not selling as well as before. Then he went on QVC, I think. Also, Neil Diamond's last CD was not selling that well either. I just hope that Clay is getting the best of advice on how to market the cd so that he will benefit artistically as well as monetarily.. I feel that Clay is too young, too hot and too talented, and that this is his time to get the recognition as a recording artist that he deserves. Do you mean Soundscan? Yes, a sale is a sale is a sale. It all counts. QVC is a great opportunity for exposure to a very large number of people is a short period of time. Especially for an artist like Clay who may not get much play on radio. Hopefully he will get radio play, but with his single coming out so late and targeting AC radio, where songs can take some time to catch on, radio won't be much help towards first week sales. He needs all the exposure he can get.
  6. Clay did say that the Robin wig was very close to his real hair color.
  7. Breaking in to let you know that I have programmed that show on Rose Radio using the (psuedo) Clay Amazon song picks. To fill out the hour, with the help of you guys, I have also chosen some other songs that Clay might of chosen... heck we can guess as good as anybody! *g* Anyways, it is programmed for everyday this week at 4:00 pm PDT. You can check the schedule here for when it will play your time.
  8. You could upload it and someone could rip the audio from it. I couldn't use it on the radio station though. We are only suppose to use recorded tracks that are ostensibly available for sale. I'm kind of fudging it by playing a demo song (shhhh!) but I don't think I can play a bootleg track. Thank you though!
  9. Okay, I'm thinking of going ahead with programming a show on Rose Radio from the Amazon psuedo Clay song picks, but there are only ten songs and I need several more songs to fill out the hour. I need some help picking songs that Clay may have indicated in the past that he likes. Sort of working our own list of Clay song recommendation. So far I'm thinking of using "The Prayer" by Josh Groban & Charlotte Church, "Homeward Bound" by William Joseph and maybe "Cry" by Faith Hill. Any ideas?
  10. As far as I know, it is a "Dashboard" widget that only show when you have your dashboard on. I don't think it is the kind that shows all the time on your desktop. I don't know if that is possible. I also don't think it is the type of widget for webpages. The ones I made are the type for webpages. It is a Flash file and you need the Flash player installed in your browser to see my countdown widgets. (I really appreciate everyone that is using them. It took me hours to find and troubleshoot the code to make them.) Ha! I remember requesting Invisible and not only did they play it, but they also put my comment on the air! Ack! The whole radio request thing is a muddle and the DJ's didn't help by sending mixed messages to the fans. You can't say that you don't play a song because there are no requests and then get bent out of shape when fans start requesting. I guess, as in all things, there needs to be moderation and common sense. If a station has request lines, request forms on their website and request hours... then I think it would be helpful for fans to request. I think they should first wait for the song to be added to the playlist and if they are calling in a request that they should just stick to the request and not start lecturing the DJ about airplay, mediabase and what a stellar human being Clay is. Heh. I will say that the idea that RCA wasn't supporting the song came from DJ's. A number of them did make that comment when questioned by fans. Fans did not pull that idea out of thin air. I think fans can also help by participating in rating songs through sites like RateTheMusic and Promosquad. Even if they don't have Clay, we can favorably rate music similar to Clay's to give the programmers the idea of the type of music we want to listen to. Also, signing up as a VIP listener for your local radio stations can help. I signed up with KOIT in San Francisco, who never have taken requests, and they send me surveys similar to RateTheMusic to rate songs for them. The Amazon song recommendation snafu has me wondering if I should go ahead with the programming event I was going to do on Rose Radio. I mean, if it really wasn't Clay would anyone really want to listen? I may go ahead and add them to the playlist since I already downloaded the ones I didn't already have. Pooh. One thing that is interesting about internet radio. No one tells us what to play. I get a ton of requests by independent artists to play their music and there is some really good stuff out there. I do add some independent music every time I do new adds. So, if you are interested in hearing new music that you won't hear on traditional radio, try listening to internet radio.
  11. Hi again! I've been downloading the songs from Clay's Amazon music list to add to my Rose Radio playlist. However, he doesn't specify a song from Andrea Bocelli's album "The Best of Andrea Bocelli: Vivere". I need some help picking a song, so I have created a poll on my Rose Radio blog and if you would vote on your favorite it would really help me out. The poll ends Saturday night and I will be programming a Clay Aiken song list event to play everyday starting next week
  12. Hi everybody! Thought I'd drop by and drop off the link to the page of album countdown widgets I made just in case some didn't see it on other boards. Feel free to use them on your blogs and websites. Need a custom design for the site Couch Tomato? Also, don't forget to listen to Rose Radio. (shhh! But the Constantine fans have been voting up their guy and voting down Clay. So, if you are a listener, be sure to give Clay the thumbs up when you hear him!)
  13. Hi everybody! Don't know if anyone here has been listening to my radio station, but you may have noticed that I have been taking a break from Rose Radio for a bit. However, I decided to go back to work on it this weekend and have added quite a few new songs. You can read more about it here. Enjoy! :me0:
  14. Just a note on Rose Radio. Because I was sidelined with the broken arm and vacation, I hadn't done much with it for the last few weeks. I have been working on it over the weekend and added some new songs if anyone wants to listen. :me0: