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  1. Minus the guest with Champion..just her now. thanks.
  2. Add me and two guests..my son and his gf are coming with me to Raleigh.
  3. Daughter and I going March 21 and 22 (if we can find tickets for this night....well we will go for sure but need our tickets yet for this night! )
  4. The things I continue to learn about this fandom boggle the mind. I had not heard this before. I didn't know about all the back channel PMs at the time of ATDW either. The unrest was obvious and people were really touchy about conspiracy theories and all that but I did not have a clue. This is new to me too....wow..the things you learn lol......
  5. Well you know my parents always like my sister better. I can't eat food on a stick. Oooooh .... you mean with the pins? Nope. They're lovely. :lmaosmiley-1: thanks for the MUCH needed laugh!!!!!!!1
  6. Oh good. I thought I was the only one. The skits in general are just not my thing at. all. So I scroll. *g* ----- TGIF! Not a moment too soon! Thought I was the only one that did that......
  7. Yup! he is!!! loved it, cracked me up...sure wish I was a fly on the wall......
  8. Why wasnt I born rich???? If anyone needs an avi....DD of mine made 100 new clay icons... 100 icons
  9. Thanks everyone for the hugs and kind words.....I see some of you have had losses too, to all of you!! zena same row? well Hi to you, a bit late! first night we were 5th row dead center....incredible seats! second night 4th row just to the right of where we were the night before... AIW-my mom did not go to church, did not believe you had to to have faith or believe anything. Told us before she wanted no songs like The Old Rugged Cross ...thank you for that mom!! so when I was picked to pick the songs, it was easy!!! This song, I listened to on my way to my checkup last January and again in July....I have my 5 year check up in 8 days......I will play it then, I know it will make me cry, but it helps to comfort me on my way to these checkups that scare me so!!
  10. I am a bit worn out...heading out.....will try to not be so absent!!! thanks all!
  11. we were very blessed to see this guy in Minneapolis two nights from 4th and 5th row.....
  12. Thanks...it was a rough end of the year. A few short weeks ago we had to put our cat to sleep too. He got very sick very fast and only 10 years old. My poor daughter...she had him since she was 5 and he slept with her every night. she has been really missing him, then she loses her grandma.....at the visitation she just sat down on the couch and sobbed.....we have had a lot of hugs....and tears.....
  13. Happy New Year to you FCA! I hope you all have a great and glorious year. I pray for an abundance of all things Clay this year! I doubt I will make it to Spamalot as much as a want to. But I never say never....we shall see....I dont feel I am going though.... Some of you who are on CV know that I lost my mom last Thursday. I spent the last 24 hours of her life in the hospital watching her struggle and was there to see her take her last breath. Its been more difficult than I could ever imagine and feel a strange disconnect with the world right now. I was somehow in charge of the music for the funeral, so I picked All is Well for the last song......there was no question about it. It affected many people and the pastor was so impressed by the message of this song she read the words to us first. I will always always think of my mom when I hear that song!
  14. Yikes...I clicked on FCA and had to log in and I think I am at CV ...looks just like it.... ummmmmm
  15. Thanks! So I'm taking all my alter egos (I should have a cool one like Wonder Woman or something but nooooo, not me... doh) and heading to the sack... I'm up early for the Susan G. Komen walk tomorrow... it's going to be extra special as my sister's sister-in-law (who babysat my son when he was younger while I was working) is in the last stages of her treatment (she's a survivor!) and she's walking with us... Night all! Have a good time on your walk....hugs to your sister's sil...it is very very special to be able to walk as a survivor!!! hey I hear ya.....rcknrllmom just everywhere.....i figured to always use the same name in order to avoid confusing myself!
  16. I love him. Period. Me too..... geesh here come those darn tears yet again....I thougtht I was out of them by now......(been a hard week...)
  17. Naidanac nrael ot detnaw syawla I. !Looc oh. yes a day behind as always... but that was just plain funny....lol lol by george I think you've got it....
  18. thanks for giving me a much much needed laugh...been a sucky week ....I appreciate it much!!!!!!