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  1. These are my impressions as well. Early Clay/Demo Clay/ai2 Clay had a bright simple clarity to his voice, with an impressive range and big powerful glory noting capacity. But, Clay's voice sounds to me like it has grown less "bright" and more rich and has greater complexity. He definitely has maintained his range and power, and I believe strengthened it. I think Clay likes to try songs that challenge his range, and likes to showboat some on those glory notes. I remember spotlightlover's analysis of AIW last fall...IIRC, she explained that song had the widest range of any song we'd previously heard from Clay...from the deep depths of the opening to the high peaks of the crescendo. The other thing I think he does better now is slide in and out (eeep!) of his falsetto, ala the Classics Medley and LAA of the recent summer tour. LAA also demonstrates a simplicity that Clay didn't seem willing to show earlier. There's a soft rawness to his tone, yet substance at the same time. LAA and EIH give me hope Clay is more willing to take risks with his voice that don't involve glory noting, but simplicity in delivery that still lets his voice be the star. I don't know a thing about music, beyond what I learned in 7th grade girl's choir, so none of the above is meant to imply technical knowledge....I'm just talking about what I hear.
  2. Should Clay be a "superstar?" A "pop star"? An "entertainer?" Or all of the above? Does he really have to choose? I don't think there's a logical answer for what Clay "should" be. He is what he is. I'd LIKE him to be whatever kind of star/entertainer he'd like to be. While I've heard Clay talk about radio play, and believe he'd like to have a hit song again, or hit album, and a (or some!) grammy award(s), I don't have an impression he's jonesing to be a "superstar." I hope he maintains whatever level of celebrity it takes for him to keep recording music for the rest of my life at least! I have the impression he enjoys being a smart versatile entertainer who can sing a wide variety of musical styles like nobody else on the planet, has a quick wit, is a good interview, and has an enormous...heart. I love him for all of the above. I think, deep in my heart, I don't want him to be a "superstar," because for me anyway, that conotes concerts in enormous stadiums, never being as close as this summer's tour, and lots more competition for tickets, and I think we'd have to say bye-bye to the busline! edited to WORD KAndre.
  3. Simple - Ignore Ignore Ignore Ignore . . . ITA! Plus, go on, live his life, find ways to privately take care of himself in the face of any pain it might bring him. Then, go forward, make his music, sell CDs and whatever, tour, work for his foundation, be funny as heck, and focus on what gives meaning to him personally. I don't think any celebrity has to do anything about whatever obnoxious press they get, except survive it, and move on. Ultimately, the best defense is a good offense, imo, so do what gets good press....for Clay, that's likely going to be singing, humor, and philanthropy.
  4. I just want Clay to be happy in his personal life. I don't think most fandom shipping has anything to do with his real personal life, so I don't mind it when it's just fluff, or playful. But, there seems to be times when people are very invested in one coupling or another, going back to the Clocke, and the Clelly, even the Clohn, etc. That level of shipping rather grosses me out. When Clay wants to share a real relationship with the fandom, I think most people will be quite happy for him. Any jealousy I would express would be of the silly tongue-in-cheek, "I''m gonna throw myself off the nearest cliff in desperation" over-exaggeration variety. In reality, I'd be thrilled for him. Course if his loved one ever hurt him publicly...lookout! (Best Clay keep his personal live private!) WHAH! I just got home from work and chat is already all finished! *kicks Pacific Time Zone* Blowtorch Puppy: If Clay harmed children, or was discovered to be abusive, as in a perpetrator of domestic violence. It would have to be via hard news evidence, too....there are altogether too many secret behind the scenes rumors in this fandom for me to believe anything from that pipeline. Seeings how I think the risk is pretty low that Clay is violent or abusive, I don't expect any singed puppy fur in my personal fandom. How has my personal fandom evolved: -I don't have to post on a message board every single day. -I am still fully a fan, but less intensely engaged in the online fandom....I used to be UP.SET. if we let more than a few days pass without a new LBFCA Main Page, or if we didn't have a new page up for every.single.appearance.or.event. -I let alot more roll off my back these days....I don't feel like I have to protect or defend Clay or my fandom to anyone. I used to feel pretty protective of, I just see myself as his audience, not his ally. -I love listening to Clay sing, and do so pretty much every single day....usually in my car on my ipod. -I love going to see ClayLive, but for the first time I'm ambivalent about going to the next Xmas Tour....the dates are not working out great for me, and I keep going back and forth over whether and which shows I'd go to...I'll have to travel at least halfway across the country, and I'm wondering what it will take for me to decide one way or another. -I love seeing and talking to my friends in the fandom...what a gift this experience has brought me!
  5. A very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Muski! My goodness y'all are a chatty bunch! I miss lurking for a few days, and need to skip oodles of pages. Just want to join in the pre concert excitement! I'm about bouncing out of my skin looking forward to hearing Clay sing tomorrow and seeing Clay sing on Friday. *hugs* to all and to all good wishes for a fabulous concert tour kickoff!
  6. YAYAY YSRN! Come to the Greek on your b'day, but prepare yourself with the two shows leading up to it!
  7. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANSA!!!! No, muski, but I'm going to Houston and Tulsa. Oh dear, I wasn't gonna dress up for this tour. I'm going very casual...didn't Clay call this tour laid back and casual? I was hoping he'd show up in his pj bottoms.
  8. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY COUCH TOMATO!!!!! I just caught up on bunches of pages...count me in among the surprised ones scratching my head re some fans blogging about "knowing" Clay's exact thoughts and feelings, and someone somewhere posting they'd heard the mythical album that never was. Huh? I am def not in the need-to-know gang in this fandom! Happily, that leaves me to excitedly anticipate the TOUR TOUR TOUR of the album that IS.
  9. I couldn't get anything at that site to play. did anyone with a Mac get it to work???
  10. Ooops!! I read couchie's "chat is over" post and closed my laptop. OK, my husband also got home with dinner, so I prolly would've left anyway. So I'm chiming in late. Again. I agree but I also think spreading gossip and lies hush hush on the QT is just as bad as speaking to any of those people directly. I mean I've heard that Clive wanted Clay to be more of a rocker and Clay resisted to Clay wanted to be more of a rocker and Clive turned him into Barry Manilow and Clay is practically suicidal ALL COMING FROM THE SAME DAMN SOURCE. I must be way out of the loop because I hadn't heard those versions. Sure, I've read/heard other versions of supposed insider reports. Partly I think people just try to understand in the absence of news, and fill in with speculation. Then, that speculation somehow becomes morphed into rumor. Then that rumor gets told over and over, and somehow someone's speculative opinion morphs into fact. I do agree with YSRN that folks talking among themselves on the boards is not the same as telling Clay what to do. It's when people who have no way of knowing what's true try to fill in the blanks for themselves and then pitch that over and over and over that it gets old. Yea, that. I thinks some people's version of trying to be helpful is to spin tales. Then people who aren't comfortable not knowing what's going on grasp onto those tales as truth. It's a symbiotic relationship and it gets ugly, especially hopeful predictions turn out to not come true.
  11. Because the man is a chameleon and his hair is his skin. One hair out of place and his entire face changes. It's wack! And some of us are highly visual. I want him to be cute. It's his job. Besides he started it by changing it every five seconds. Yea, that. I do think it's because he is always changing it....even when it was always spikes it was different shades/highlights/lengths, etc. Plus, whether he changes the style, or just grows his sideburns, or has stubble, it really does change his appearance. Plus, there's the factor of fugly vs fashion plate. As in his dress, Clay can look a mess or look fantastic. It's amusing to see him with egg beater hair, or massage chair hair, or mohawk hair, or bubble cut hair. Like, what was he thinking! Then, he shows up with JBT hair, Tyra hair, or Grand Rapids hair, and it's like holeee shyte, GUH! Plus, the disagreeing with friends about the hair is nearly a game for me. heee.
  12. I learned to not react/over react to things other fans did online. I take things with a grain of salt. I don't post as often nor do I write treatises. I don't feel as if I'm trying to convince anyone of anything. I have groups of online friends with whom I interact off the public boards. I don't fret for/about Clay. I remember watching the Jerry Lewis Telethon, and weeping, because I was sooooo concerned about Clay singing when he was worn out from the ai tour. I feel more appropriately distant from those sorts of feelings now. He can still make me weep when he sings, though, and I worried about him during his vertigo shows, but it's just a different intensity. I stil d/l most things. I still have loads of photos and videos and online articles stored. I enjoy watching everything he does, and I still love to hear and see him sing and talk. I'm willing to spend the money to travel to see him without hardly thinking about it....I remember when that was such a novelty for the IT!
  13. I think Clay will always have idol where he became famous. I have no problem with that. His story is the runner up who did better than the winner. He has friends from idol, and talks about it being a group that went through the same experience...which is cool. Beyond that, I consider idol rather irrelevant to his life and career. He may appear there again. I'll watch. I got here late and wanted to answer the Q about fans and gnats in a way I don't think anyone has responded. I think some fan behavior is more about the internet than about Clay Aiken. I've never been in an online fandom before, but from reading about others it's become clear to me that "we" have followed a familiar pattern. There are some fans who like to fight and there are some fans who don't. Some like the online drama to the point of making up stories, posting as more than one person, making online personal attacks and dramatic board arguments and board "suicides" and whatnot. That's about the anonymity of the internet and participating in a community in essentially a solitary (typing on a computer) activity. IMO, YMMV.
  14. Me, me! I'm his market demographic! Plus anyone else who loves to hear Clay sing. The tour stalkers repeat attendees tend towards women of a certain age, but I think that's cuz Clay's so cute and we have good credit. I don't believe that's the only demo that enjoys Clay's voice or buys his albums. His demographic is those who dare to brave the music elitists who try to tell us it's not cool to be a fan of an amazing singer because he got his start on ai, is geeky, goofy, and doesn't pander to them.
  15. Question 4: 4) The next album -- what? When? Where? How? Why? Gawd, who knows. I wish there were a chance in hell we'd get another album by early 2008 in time for a Spring Tour. I fear it will more likely be later in 2008, possibly for a summer tour, but also maybe not till in time for a 09 tour. Clay seems to like to take his time on things since that mad rush of 03/04/partial05 ended. The only news from Clay so far is that he's working on it, and was meeting with producers with a desire to have one producer. I think that bodes well, if he choses wisely, but I have no idea. I suspect the next album might be more of Clay being creative, possibly having EP or co-EP credit for himself, and having songs for his voice that are not mostly covers. Would not be surprised if he has Jaymes as EP again. heh....really sticking my neck out there, huh? I live to edit - oh yea, def still with RCA. I see no indications otherwise.