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  1. Happy Thanksgiving, FCA! Hope you and yours are having a wonderful day! DON'T FORGET TO VOTE! We have lots of ideas for recruiting holiday guests/hosts in the Carolina blog. I notice that Jerry Aiken took Scarlett's poll about Thanksgiving voting and even added an option! In addition, the blog features a montage by SueReu and graphics by Fountaindawg and A Beautiful Mind. for all needing one. Happy Turkey and/or Tofurky Day! Caro
  2. The new Carolina On My Mind blog stars two sets of printable Pepsi Refresh fliers Scarlett created (color and black/white), queenmama247's wonderful ideas for putting them to use, and last week's fabulous profile of Clay enhanced by Sally. Hope you will drop by the Carolina blog and share your ideas for using the fliers in the comments. I will move them into the blog proper. Have an awesome new week, all! Caro
  3. The new Carolina On My Mind blog presents an overview of fundraising projects currently in progress -- the $50k Pepsi Refresh drive, Celebrity Apprentice, and the 2012 Clay Aiken Calendar. Order deadline on the latter is Nov. 22. Included in the entry are voting tips, the 2011 NIP Voting Widget with partners and allies, calendar samples/reminders, and three of dancerdad's photos from Thursday's Apprentice filming in NYC. I will remove the latter when I post this blog at the OFC. Thank you for your comments, visits, tweets, Facebook posts, and links, all of which help blogs in the Google scheme of things. Thank you to all who are voting three ways for the Inclusion Project, partners, and allies. I have at least three email ID's casting Pepsi votes. After writing this Carolina entry, I plan to approach friends, family, and students who have supported us in the past. I am collecting tips for enlisting others to help, so PM or post your ideas. The widget -- inside this Carolina entry and in the sidebar, too -- contains a VOTE panel that takes you step-by-step through the voting process. A sample comment that we change from time to time is also included so you can copy/paste through your list of partners/allies. If you still have questions, please don't hesitate to ask for assistance. Have a wonderful weekend, all! Caro
  4. Sometime after midnight we uploaded the 2011 NIP Voting Widget to the Carolina On My Mind sidebar and to Scarlett's Facebook wall. The links and text numbers will make your Pepsi Refresh voting a snap! I will add a blog entry tonight when I return from music lessons. Meanwhile, you can share the widget at Facebook. You can also help by tweeting the home site: 2011 NIP Voting Widget. The first panel (A) includes the NIP's four partner group plus Union Pines HS Band, one of our faithful NC supporters. I see in my email this morning that SWOOP has added Union Pines to their open spot, too. Panels B and C contain charities voting for the Inclusion Project, many of which are longtime supporters in the Pepsi drives. Royalle spent a lot of time Tuesday determining these additional supporters. Several are also voting for SWOOP and the other prime-time partners. These are for your extra ID's. As the month progresses, we will no doubt add another set or two. The VOTE panel explains how to vote and always includes a comment that you can copy/paste to make voting your lineup go quickly. Enjoying all the CA news, photos, and recaps. I am excited that we will see Clay on consecutive Sunday nights when the show begins. The Progressive Slate is in this month's Pepsi Refresh. Many thnx to everyone voting with all your ID's so we can secure the $50k Pepsi grant for the Inclusion Project in November! Have a great day, all! Caro
  5. Scarlett and I have worked most of the afternoon on a poll that, hopefully, lets the Inclusion Project supporters know November's Pepsi Refresh campaign is just around the corner. The Inclusion Project won't know for sure that it's competing in November until the 1st. Please link to this widget and share your voting plans. If you are a member of Facebook, Twitter, or another message board, help spread the word with this screen cap and link. Check our Facebook walls if you would like to share the poll there. National Inclusion Pepsi Poll Scarlett has added other options to the poll. Long after taking this poll, you can click on the link and check updated results. Dust off your voting skills and ideas. November is just around the corner! Many thnx to all who are keeping us posted on Celebrity Apprentice goings and comings! Congratulations, Grandma Gbmifan! Canfly, so sorry to read about your father. Have an awesome week, all! Caro
  6. I wrote the bottom half of the Carolina On My Mind entry earlier this week, which is in effect a farewell to my three-day blogging routine of the past six years. But then along came all the Celebrity Apprentice hoopla with Clay, so the blog's "change of pace" took second place. I uploaded the edition last night. Thank you to those who have supported the Carolina blog with comments, tweets, Facebook shares, links, etc. I am grateful to all who have provided the outstanding visual art through the years. Several contributors are named. Featured are graphics by Fountaindawg and Ashes. The latter was created from the photo that many websites have used with the Celebrity Apprentice articles. There are larger versions in the blog. Graphic by Ashes Looking forward to all that is to come! Have a great weekend, all! Caro
  7. Been under the radar working on income tax. I always file in October, and the deadline is fast approaching. Hope you are having a very special birthday, keepingfaith! In scrolling through the Focus Thread at CV, I notice that we have lost a good fan to ovarian cancer. RIP, Tesssy. We will miss your sassy posts. Hope to be back with you soon! Have a great week, all! Caro
  8. The new Carolina On My Mind blog celebrates the latest artistic activity within the Clay Aiken fandom. The new Curtis Brown photo, with minute edits by Sally, leads the entry, along with the screen saver-sized wallpapers created by Fountaindawg. Montages by LovesClaysVoice (DWTS 13) and SueReu (UNICEF) are also featured. Thank you for your blog comments/visits, Facebook posts, retweets, links, and support of the Internet Clay blogs. So glad the wedding went well, luckiest1. I think we are all enjoying reading your good news, shortyjill! Have a great week, all! Caro
  9. The new Carolina On My Mind blog features the 2012 Clay Aiken Wall/Desk Calendars and GoodSearch/GoodShop, all of which help raise money for the National Inclusion Project. In their sixth season, the calendars produced by Rosaratana (this year with Tried & True concert photos by toni7babe) generated donations of $965.62 in sales and $650 during the gala auction last fall. Calendar orders will be accepted through Nov. 22. Thank you for your birthday greetings for my grandson Kai in the previous Carolina entry. He has had quite a week with a birthday banner decorating the van, too! Lia and Kai. Happy Birthday, aikim! :04: Have a great evening, all! It's almost Friday! Caro
  10. Today is the Birthday #4 for grandson Kai. He is so excited that he was up at 3 a.m. playing with his trucks. The "party" will go all weekend, so he was amenable to an afternoon nap. Meanwhile, Kai's grandmother is celebrating his birthday in the current Carolina On My Mind blog with a photo/graphic overview from the past four years. This little guy loves anything with wheels and is hoping to receive a Hot Wheels Track, which, of course, is in the bag. Hope you will stop by with a good wish or two. Some of you no doubt remember the day he was born! Scarlett, claysweetea, and I had a Power Code Party in a three-way Facebook Chat today that netted 335 votes for I Am NORM! Much more fun voting with others! Have an awesome weekend, all! Caro
  11. It's good to read that the fandom is taking the Gala news well. Sorry about the big buck changes some are facing. I'll be in cantata rehearsals/performances that weekend but will look forward to all your reports. "Network TV" and "Expanded Clay" sound promising! Sorry I missed "your day," shoryjill! I'll join in the extended celebration! Happy Birthday Weekend! The new Carolina On My Mind blog pays tribute to the 10th anniversary of 9/11/01 with a montage by yollie950 featuring Clay singing "Grace of God" and "It's in Everyone of Us." Commemorative artwork for the 10th anniversary by EKTIMIS, as well as the final photos by Bill Biggart, are also spotlighted. Biggart died taking pictures on 9/11, and a slide show of digital photos from his camera's memory card are linked. I hope you will share your 9/11 experiences and reflections in the comments. On to Friday and a great weekend ... Caro
  12. FCA! Hope everyone is enjoying the day off whether it's spelled "Labor" or "Labour"! Just a note that the I Am NORM/National Inclusion Project Voting Widget is now in the Clayboard and OFC threads for this cause. Scarlett has posted links to the Widgetbox home base, and it will be at the top of the Carolina On My Mind sidebar throughout September. Between Labor Day courses, you have lots of options for casting votes for inclusion and reciprocating partners. According to Jerry Aiken's communication, should NORM win, the National Inclusion Project will receive the funds and manage the program. It's all about inclusion! Have an awesome day, all! Caro
  13. Wishing all a wonderful Labor Day Weekend! Happy Birthday to merrieeee! Sounds like a great beginning, shortyjill! Just a reminder that you can vote for I Am NORM - NIP and reciprocating charities from the widget at the top of the Carolina On My Mind blog's sidebar. This group established by the Inclusion Project needs your support. Caro
  14. Yesterday I posted a Carolina On My Mind entry featuring the Dragon*Con Convention with the National Inclusion Project as the designated charity and I Am NORM's $50k Pepsi drive. The I Am NORM voting widget, an initiative of the NIP, is at the top of the Carolina blog sidebar. Too bad Dragon*Con wasn't last weekend! Jerry Aiken has already posted that he hopes to get some text votes for I Am NORM. He also listed some charity partners, which royalle has included in the widget list. In addition to North Carolina causes, there are several groups who voted for the NIP in August. If the foundation does this again in a few months, these people will come back and support us. They were there for us last year, too. One group Scarlett is addting to the widget tonight has connections similar to the Inclusion Project/I Am NORM partnership. Many of you will remember St. Marys School, one of our largest reciprocal voters in August. You can see the affiliation in their voting info: Mobile Tech Lab/St. Marys 108621 http://www.refresheverything.com/st-marys-bellevue Let us know if you want embed codes for a widget, vertical or horizontal. Scarlett worked on both the sidebar and CV widgets into the wee hours of Friday morning. for your blog visits/comments and for voting for I Am NORM! In the "How To Vote" panel, there is a sample comment which you can copy, augment, etc. Have an awesome Labor Day Weekend, all! Caro
  15. Congratulations, Couch Tomato! Sounds like a very reasonable request with an excellent reward! Happy cruising, luckiest1! Have a great day, all! Caro
  16. We have FOUR DAYS to go in the National Inclusion Project's campaign for a $50k Pepsi Refresh grant. If everyone we know sends us 4 POWER CODES (one a day), we might just round up enough votes to move into the money. I think I've written about this every way I know. Today's Carolina On My Mind blog features that idea and Clay singing "Both Sides Now" (Scarlett's Gala 2010 video) and SueReu's montage of "These Open Arms." Thank you to those who come by the Carolina blog and read/comment. Please borrow my idea, augment it, but ask those in your circle to help us round up the much-needed power codes to finish this drive successfully. One suggestion: If you can't find the yellow caps in a grocery store, check the coolers at other business establishments like Best Buy, dollar stores, etc. Have a wonderful new week, FCA! Hopefully, we will be celebrating Wednesday night! Caro
  17. The earthquake vibrations in the Triad were definitely an unexpected and new experience. I was sitting on my sofa finishing getting ready to go teach at the academy, and I could have sworn someone had put in a quarter to make it vibrate, a la the movie "Bonneville." But I hear you, Couchie and other Californians. My friend Sally, who for years lived in San Francisco, said this was nothing. The quake did damage the Washington Monument and National Cathedral, and that's a huge shame. The new Carolina blog features SueReu's "Where Do I Begin, Love Story Theme" montage and Shamrock's dumpster diving recap, complete with pix. I know you have seen both, but I hope you will drop by and give both kudos in print. SueRue sent me screen caps from her montage. Three are up, and I may add two more. I was very excited that Shamrock gave me permission to use her story. Hopefully, her experience will inspire others to be creative in their power code collecting. Thank you to those who have already been by! Scarlett and I had another Online Power Vote Party; and this, too, is in the blog. In 30 minutes, we cast 965 votes. My daughter caught the power vote bug and PM'd me four codes via Facebook. She and the children are mostly vegetarians, drink soy milk, etc. The kids don't even know what a McDonald's Happy Meal is. So I asked her where she got the codes. Turns out she actually bought Pepsi and plans to buy some more. Have a great day, all! Caro
  18. Here are the specs on the new Carolina blog from the the email I send to several readers. Several fans appear in this entry from recent Pepsi power code/voting idea posts. Hope you will drop by and share new suggestions, which I will promptly move into the blog proper: Carolina Blog: Clay Aiken Fans Pursue Power Codes, Votes The NIP needs to move up three or more positions to secure the funds by Aug. 31, so new and veteran voters are of utmost importance for the charity. Not a Pepsi drinker? Not a problem as this entry includes 51 creative ways to utilize the cola purchased for power codes. Thank you for your blog comments, tweets, Facebook posts, links, etc., all of which aid placement in Google/other search engines. The NIP Voting Widget is at the top of the Carolina sidebar. Have a wonderfully productive weekend, all! Caro
  19. School started today at the academy where I teach music lessons, so it was a big day. I started at 1:20 with two students not in school yet and went straight through to 5 p.m. Don't know about the kids, but I am pooped. Late last night I uploaded a new Carolina On My Mind blog that showcases SueReu's montage and screen caps, the "National Inclusion Project"'s Pepsi campaign (including queenmama's wedding reception report - 180 group texts at once!), and the phenomenon of searches -- clay aiken end bullying -- that hit the blog all Monday afternoon. Many thnx for your hits, comments, tweets, FB posts, etc., that help keep Clay blogs in prominent search positions. The NIP Voting Widget is at the top of Carolina sidebar. In case anyone is having trouble leaving a comment for the reciprocal charities, here's the road map so you can also vote for four partners and leave a comment. After you vote, look for the link at the upper left corner that takes you back to the "idea page." Once you do that, just scroll down and copy/paste your comment in the appropriate box. Took me a day or two of trial and error to figure that out. I wonder if power codes from Canada or other countries will work in the US. If so, we are missing a whole planet of bonus votes!!!! Anyone in Canada have a yellow cap so we can try it out? I recruited lots of texters while teaching today. Many were already texting, but those are single votes. Several moms were planning to swing by CVS for the 88-cent two-liter bottles of Pepsi and then email me the codes. I have another family whose dad drinks Pepsi, and they have codes to send. Have an awesome evening, all! Caro
  20. The new Carolina On My Mind with the NIP-approved voting widget is up. Go give this widget a grand workout! Please help spread the word to other boards who may be interested, and encourage everyone to vote all three ways -- Pepsi, Facebook, and text. Thank you to Scarlett and royalle for preparing the widget, to queenmama247 for sharing a group text idea that will happen at a wedding reception this weekend, and to all who comment, advertise, and support the Carolina blog. Have an awesome weekend, all! Caro
  21. The new Carolina On My Mind blog features montages by SueReu ("Grace of God") and LovesClaysVoice ("In My Life") as fans celebrate Parker's third birthday by making UNICEF donations in his name for children at risk in the Horn of Africa. Many thnx to Sue and LCV for providing Sendspace downloads for their wonderful montages. I think the donations are an awesome birthday tribute and hope the blog will inspire more. It's short and sweet, and I hope you will visit. I think I wished Parker a "Happy Birthday" two or three times. Thank you for your blog visits/comments, tweets, Facebook posts, links, etc. I understand that Jerry Aiken is actively seeking voting partners. Scarlett will be glad to make a widget when there's a list. Have an awesome new week, all! Caro
  22. The new Carolina On My Mind blog presents an overview of voting ideas as Clay Aiken fans tackle power codes and recruitment of others in support of the National Inclusion Project's goal for a $50k grant in the August Pepsi Refresh Challenge. Hope you will stop by and share your suggestions for securing more power vote codes and leave a comment. Love that tweet, too! merrieeee, the photos were fabulous. Hopefully, there is something cooking. Have an awesome weekend, all! Caro
  23. The new Carolina On My Mind blog is hosting a whole list of celebrations, including: * Clay's Somalia appeal makes headlines at The Huffington Post! * The National Inclusion Project celebrated its 8th birthday on Thursday, July 28! * Graphic artist/friend/CA fan Sally is celebrating her birthday today, July 29! * This entry marks #600 for the Carolina On My Mind blog. Since 2007, visitors from 169 countries have dropped by the Carolina corner. Featured are graphics by claystruck, Fountaindawg, and Sally, as well as a montage by SueReu. One of the five designs by Sally in this blog goes right along with the JB2 requests fans are making. Here is a small version of one of my favorites: Thank you for your blog visits/comments, tweets, Facebook posts, links, etc. Hope you enjoy the "parties." I have already received a text from Sally, whose Internet "party" was a total surprise! LOL, I knew about fescue grass, luckiest1; but neither Blogspot and most CA boards don't recognize it and leave little wavy red lines. Awesome news, shortyjill! Have a great weekend, all! Caro
  24. All the best with your upcoming retirement, Fear! to KAndre and belated greetings to gbmifan! Have a great rest of the week, all! Caro
  25. After having computer problems for several days, I uploaded a new Carolina On My Mind blog that features Clay's "bad boy" debut on Drop Dead Diva Sunday (reviews, interviews, streaming, AOL Top 5, etc., links ) as well as his UNICEF efforts for assistance with the drastic food crisis in Somalia. Thank you for your comments, tweets, posts, links, etc. I've only watched DDD for 2-3 weeks. I can see how it is popular, and I was very glad to be able to fast forward through the commercials. I'm not that crazy about Lawyer Jane's character and agree with KAndre, Aikim, and Counchie. Now if they could add to Clay's storyline, that would be awesome! "Jailhouse Rock," here we come, lol! Have an awesome week, all! Caro
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