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  1. Have a very special Mother's Day, FCA! This is the "card" that Kai and Lia asked me to send their Mom. The Ultimate Idol numbers are discouraging, but we know they are meaningless in determining the winner. Clay Aiken has been the Ultimate Idol since 2003! The current Carolina blog is dedicated to Mother's Day. Fortunately, Mama Mac, my mother, provided me a lot of good material during her 93 years. Her favorite CA song was BOTW. Please feel free to share a memory or story about your Mom there, too. This is a third of a Mother's Day piece I included: FOR MOTHERS This is for mothers who sit up all night with sick toddlers in their arms, saying, 'It's okay honey, Mommy's here.' Who sit in rocking chairs for hours on end soothing crying babies who can't be comforted. For mothers who run carpools, make cookies, and sew Halloween costumes. And all the mothers who don't. This is for mothers who gave birth to babies they'll never see. And the mothers who took those babies and gave them homes. This is for the mothers whose priceless art collections are hanging on their refrigerator doors. And for the mothers who freeze their buns on metal bleachers at football or soccer games instead of watching from the warmth of their cars. And when their kids ask, 'Did you see me, Mom?' they say, 'Of course, I wouldn't have missed it for the world,' and mean it. Happy Mother's Day Sunday, all! Caro
  2. I took time out to write a blog about the current two competitions -- Ultimate Idol and the Best of Top 5. In between votes, I hope you will drop by Carolina On My Mind with a comment to help keep the info showing on Google and other search engines. There are two "Solitaire" wallpapers (Foundaindawg and cindilu2) in the blog. Below is a sample of the one by cindilu2: I hope this helps get the word out to more fans. I noticed when I tweeted the blog that the AL fans had noticed we were inching up and have been begging for votes. We dropped but are not back to 55-44 (and change), fighting for ever 100th of a point. Belated Happy Birthday to preden! Have a great evening, all! Caro
  3. WORD to your commentary on the previous pages, KeepingFaith! Scarlett and I were chatting on FB when the announcement was made that President Obama would be on TV late Sunday night. She doesn't own a TV, so we found her a stream. The same the night before with the White House Press Correspondents Dinner (#nerdprom on Twitter), which we thoroughly enjoyed on and offline. You are right about our president's poker face! Have an awesome day, all! Caro
  4. I learned at CV that May 1 is Lei Day in Hawaii, so Happy Lei Day, all! In the latest Carolina On My Mind blog, two new montages by LovesClaysVoice and SueReu partner videos/photos of the royal wedding with "Can't Take My Eyes Off You" and "It's Impossible" from Clay's classic T&T album. Sendspace download links are included. I added some photo/behind the scenes links as well. Thank you for your visits and comments. Have an awesome new week/month, all! Caro
  5. Enjoyed catching up here today. I don't have any music students on Wednesdays. The new Carolina blog features UPDATED info RE Gala ticket sales (now set for 5/3), as well as Clay's recognition as a "cool dad, a Mama Mac cane story, new AmazingCA wallpaper (small version below), Ultimate Idol voting, and Scarlett's 2010 Gala video of "Both Sides Now". Graphic by AmazingCA, photos by Kareneh. Hope you enjoy! Thnx for your visits/comments/support of the Clay blogs. I am also very appreciative of this "no angst" board. Others could take notes. for all who need one. Have an awesome day, all! Caro
  6. Happy Easter with ACA's special graphic! Easter Blessings, FCA! The above graphic by AmazingCA with PermaSwooned's photo is featured in wallpaper size in the new Carolina On My Mind blog, which also includes a floral graphic by Sally, info/examples about CLIPish 3D animations for the iphone family, as well as a Jacquie Lawson card for you. I sent Kai and Lia an interactive Easter Egg Hunt to find 10 eggs once they open the card. Thank you for visiting the Carolina blog and for helping to retweet/post links/spread the news about it. This is one of my favorite Easter CLIPish emoticons (of hundreds) that can be added to text messages: Sending lots of hugs and good vibes for your family, Fear, and all who need them. Wishing you and yours a glorious day! Caro
  7. Happy April, FCA! In between having Uverse installed, I uploaded a new Carolina blog before temporarily "being off the air." The new Carolina On My Mind features NJU stories from the Tried & True Tour (thnx to psparky, chasandpeg, cindilu2, emerson), the high def video of "Crying" (Scarlett), a graphic by AmazingCA, as well as a litany of unexpected bonuses with music lessons and photo updates of Kai and Lia during my iPhone's initial month. One of the apps my students have put to good use is a metronome. Yesterday I learned from a violin dad that he also uses it while working on his golf swing. Thnx for all the handsome photos, bottlecap! Have an awesome day, all! Caro
  8. Wednesday evening I uploaded a new Carolina On My Mind that spotlights the complete Mesa T&T Concert in high def, more NJU stories, and the National Inclusion Project's 'Dancing Like the Stars' fundraiser. Hope you enjoy! Thnx for your visits and blog comments, which help in the Google scheme of things. :clay: Have an awesome rest of the week, FCA! Caro
  9. The new Carolina On My Mind blog features the first of a three-part series on Not.Just.Us fan experiences during the Tried & True Tour. In this edition, cindilu2 recounts the story of Petra, a new fan in Germany. Graphics by cindilu2 and claystruck, videos by Scarlett and farouche complete this portion. March Madness and the Tar Heels have nabbed a new conquest, and Sunday's Carolina-Washington game is replayed through text messages, as well as conventional links. I think you will enjoy both segments, even if you aren't into basketball. :giggle: for all who need one. Have a great week, FCA! Caro
  10. St. Patrick's Day graphic from 2009 by AmazingCA. Happy St. Patrick's Day, FCA! This above is a graphic from the new Carolina On My Mind blog that features ymarie's special tour essay, a lovely montage by molino79 of farouche's photos/video. The St. Patrick's Day edition also contains traditions and blessings special to this day, as well as a link for UNICEF donations for Japan. Since uploading the blog prior to afternoon lessons, molino79 has sent me a Sendspace for anyone who wants to download the montage. Grandson Kai is 3.5 years old today. Definitely a St. Pat's Day blessing! As always, thank you for your support of the blogs -- retweets, FB posts, and visits/comments at the site which help them maintain a Google presence. Have an awesome evening, all! St. Pat's Day signature by ABM
  11. The new Carolina blog rewinds the San Francisco finale with recaps (SueReu, Copingincali, susandavis, Artquest), photos (nickiwiki), and five videos by Scarlett. I credited Sue with the headline, which came from her concert description: Clay Aiken Frisco Finale 'Fan-Flippin-Tastic'!. As always, thank you for your visits, comments, retweets, etc. I thought this was especially funny in that California is three hours behind the East Coast. Many thnx for the amazing clack and recaps that were posted after bottle's little nudge! WOOHOO for "last days," Couchie! Lots of special thoughts and prayers for Japan and all with friends/relatives involved. Have an awesome week, FCA! Caro
  12. The new Carolina On My Mind will give you a brief glimpse into the "Aiken Fog" that enveloped Grand Prairie concert goers Tuesday night. One example occurred on the drive back to the motel for Royalle, deemer, and Scarlett following their post-concert bus line. The three had quite a two-day adventure in Big-D! The blog entry also includes photos (hosaa, Invisible926, Joanne Moody), recap excerpts (jclay, EmeraldEyes, topcat, merrieeee) , and 3+ videos from Scarlett with possibly more coming tonight. Thank you for supporting the Clay blogs with your comments/visits, tweets/retweets, links, etc., all of which help in the Google scheme of things. You are welcome to share your concert experience in the comments. On to Mesa, AZ! Safe travels to all headed in that direction! Have a great week, FCA! Caro
  13. The new Carolina On My Mind blog recaps Greenville, which sounds like it was definitely one for the books, with the outstanding review, fan recaps (Brightstar, always and forever, 2old4Clay, luckiest1, terter4aiken), videos (Scarlett), and photos (Brightstar, kareneh claythleena). Hope to add photo album links as they become available. Thank you for your blog comments/visits, tweets/retweets, Facebook/message board posts, links, etc., all of which help with Google and other search engines. Thnx for the bonus reports, too, luckiest1! Wish I could tell you the number of people I saw searching for "Clay Aiken AND Scarlett" on the Feedjit live feed yesterday. Word definitely gets around. For any newcomers, I linked the 2007 "Clay takes his own clack" incident with Scarlett. This is part of CA fandom lore! My daughter is today opening Leapster 2 for Kai and Lia from Grandma Caro. I can't wait to see photos/video and hear the reports. Lia's carrying case arrived earlier than the games, and she has been calling it her backpack. Have an awesome day, all! On to Westbury! See you at the cellcert! Caro
  14. The recaps and clack rewinds of the concerts have been wonderful. Even with the clack shutdown last night, we were able to share in the Charlotte concert. My students started coming before I could post about this blog, but I so appreciate all who contributed. Today's Carolina On My Mind blog covers Clay's Tried & True hometown concert in Charlotte, NC, with Scarlett's videos/screen caps, the marquee photo (chel4clay), and fan recaps (luckiest1, Brightstar, ncgran4clay, and chel). Thank you for your comments, tweets, etc. We appreciate your help in getting the Clay blogs past some of the grime at Google! On to Greenville, SC, and, hopefully, a clack-filled evening! Caro
  15. That is just too funny, cindilu2! I am sending this story to Sally. ETA: cindilu, I read your post to Sally, and she said, "Ah ha ... When Harry Met Sally!" luckiest1, headed back up to read your recap. Many thnx to all for sharing! Caro
  16. The new Carolina On My Mind blog rewinds the Cleveland Concert with fan recaps, photos by cindilu2, and 4 (about to be 5) videos by Scarlett. She is currently uploading SM and did one screen cap this morning that I could not leave out. There is a download link for her video/audio files in the Pittsburgh and the Cleveland blogs. As she uploads, you can get new material by refreshing the link(s). Thank you for supporting the blogs with your comments/visits, retweets, FB posts, etc. It's a good thing tomorrow is "off" because my teaching schedule will probably put the brakes on these one-a-day entries. :smile: Happy Birthday, Desertrose! Have a wonderful time in Westbury, concert goers! Have an awesome week, all! Caro
  17. An interesting aside in writing the new Carolina On My Mind blog was the search by several of us -- Scarlett, Canfly, Hope, and I -- to determine the bass player's name. I finally tweeted Quiana, and she replied with his name. Clay talks so fast that none of us could catch it. He is Del Atkins, in case you need to know. I sent Scarlett a text (novice that I am on this new iPhone) that it takes a village, and she wrote back ... "A nation!" So true! The Carolina blog features four videos by Scarlett and Canfly as well as the handsome lead photo by cameocat. Thnx to the social networking phenom Ms Parler, all band members are listed. Special thank you to all who promote the blogs with your comments/visits, tweets, Facebook posts, links, etc., all of which help in the Google scheme of things. Have a great time -- luckiest1, cindilu2, bottlecap, and all others heading to Cleveland! All the best to Mr. Fear! The knee is next on my list of stuff to fix. Have an awesome weekend, FCA! Caro
  18. LOL, I told her she should just get set up her "Radio Shack" in a corner of the bus so she can render/upload and not have to worry about meeting planes at all hours. She could hook into the musicians' computer network! Today's Carolina blog has the interviews connected with Pittsburgh and Cleveland PLUS the WSN videos from Knoxville. Am adding the Greenville interview to the rotation. Maybe I can get a corner, too! Safe travels to all you folks headed to Cleveland! Show time ... SOON!!! Caro
  19. Been away ever since I posted the Atlanta Carolina blog. Thank you to those who came by and helped in the hit/comment/retweet department. Sally, whom I quoted in the blog, this afternoon edited her son out of his M&G picture with Clay so that I could run Singer Man. I have seen the original, and her son had his arm draped around Clay's shoulder. It's amazing what she can do. Here is just Clay, which is in an expandable version in the blog: Clay at an Atlanta M&G. Thnx for all the great recaps and clack! A wonderful cellcert tonight! Caro
  20. I'm running again ... with a cane, LOL! The new Carolina On My Mind blog recaps Clay's Atlanta concert with reflections by four fans and photos that link to Robb Cohen's slide show. There are also links/previews RE tonight's show in the Bijou Theatre. Scarlett is en route to Knoxville where she will upload Atlanta clack, but I included "Unchained Melody" (Houston) for your entertainment. Thank you for your assistance with the Google scheme via your comments, retweets, FB posts, etc. Happy Birthday to luckiest1! Have an awesome day, all! Caro
  21. Exciting times! Hope you get find a reasonable Charlotte-Raleigh solution, luckiest1! Tuesday's Carolina blog: Clay Aiken Concert a Smash Hit in Houston features two of Scarlett's videos, fan recaps, the photo slide show, etc. As always, your visits/comments help in the Google/Internet scheme. The blog entry literally went "live" a few minutes before I ran out the door to teach music lessons at the academy. Too bad there's no concert to recap today because Wednesday I have no students. Guess I'll enjoy my mid-week "mini." Btw, the Carolina blog has received visits from two more countires bringing the total to 165. The latest are Botswana (Africa) and the Northern Mariana Islands (halfway between Hawaii and the Philippines). Thnx for all the updates. Y'all have a great day! Caro
  22. Love A Thousand Different Ways Graphic by ABeautifulMind, photos by Scrpkym This is the lead graphic in the Carolina On My Mind Valentine blog, a rewind of the Aiken-Kimmel fun in 2005 and 2007. The montage by Yollie950, a special fan no longer with us, replays parts of the Valentine's Day escapades. Other visual art (Sally, cindilu2, AmazingCA, SmartyPantsSuz) is also featured. I had planned to feature Scarlett's Sarasota video of Unchained Melody, but it was not uploaded until later. I see Aikim plugged it above. All you Houston peeps have fun tonight at the special Tried & True Valentine Concert! Thnx for helping the blogs survive the sea that is Google. (That's probably too nice a word, LOL!) Have a wonderful day, FCA! My signature by ABM is finally in tune with the calendar!
  23. Happy Valentine's Eve, FCA! Sarasota photo by Irishbookgal. This is the lead photo of seven double clickables in the new Carolina On My Mind blog: Sarasota Concert Proves 'Clackapalooza.' In addition to three NJU stories, I just added last night's version of F***** U ("Forget U" as PG-13 Clay announced) uploaded by Scarlett in the Tampa airport. Definitely hot off the press!!! Thnx for your support -- comments, tweets/retweets, FB posts, links, etc.! Love the Post-Gazette Podcast. :clay: Have an awesome week, all! Signature by Linda/ABM
  24. It's pretty hard to cheer for the Carolina Tar Heels and write about the consummate performer Clay Aiken at the same time. I finally ended up taping the game. There is a new Carolina On My Mind blog about the Orlando concert that includes two of Scarlett's videos (WSN and Solitaire), a photo slide show (dc4clay, gerwhisp, irishbookgal, claytonsmyccf), the Orlando set list, and recaps by concert goers. Hope you enjoy! Thank you for your blog visits/comments, tweets/retweets, Facebook posts, etc., all of which help the Clay blogs compete at Google and other Internet sites. merrieeee, so glad you survived your M&G to tell us about it! I downloaded Deborah's Orlando audio in case the cellcert doesn't work tonight. Hopefully, it will and we will hear Sarasota! Have a great weekend, all! Caro
  25. The new Carolina On My Mind blog features some of the week's exceptional interviews leading into the Tried & True Tour, LCV's "Can't Take My Eyes Off You" montage with Sendspace download, new and old graphics (AmazingCA, Fountaindawg), ecstatic Meet & Greet reactions, and The Way We Make a Difference. For the M&G posts, I quoted fan posts from three boards, including luckiest1. Almost all will be having their first ever M&G. Congratulations to all winning a M&G! Thank you for your blog visits and comments, which help us compete on Google and other Internet sites. Your retweets and FB posts are also greatly appreciated. Clay is such a classy man! Safe travels to those heading to New York City and/or on tour with Clay next week! Happy Weekend, all! Caro
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