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  1. Technically, it's "Good Morning" on the East Coast, LOL! This is an expanded version of my Facebook post about today's Carolina On My Mind blog entry: Since the game, I have added Sendspace audio/Canadian video downloads and the CBC video on YouTube. Thnx for all the screen caps posted here. I think I'll add the Getty link, too. to all who need one. Have a great week, FCA! Caro
  2. The new Carolina On My Mind blog celebrates the 8th anniversary of "Take" with montages (hosaa, Aspiegirl), graphics (AmazingCA, Fountaintdawg, cindilu2, A Beautiful Mind, CLAYPERFECT), as well as posts by several fans RE the first time they heard Clay's voice on AI2. I hope all who saw Clay's "Take" audition on 1/28/03 will include your memories in the blog comments. I didn't see the telecast, but this entry shares the reflections of 10 fans who did. All the best to Mr. Fear. Enjoy your month off! All the best to those hoping for a M&G! Have an awesome weekend, FCA! Caro
  3. In the new Carolina On My Mind blog, Clay talks tour, hockey (national anthem at NHL All-Star Game), American Idol, and charities. The National Inclusion Project's $50k Pepsi grant win is official! AmazingCA outdid herself with two handsome graphics using Scarlett's screen caps from the preceding blog entry. Hope you enjoy. Have a great day, all! Caro
  4. According Scarlett's countdown widget in the Carolina sidebar, we are 19 days and 8 hours until the opening curtain of the T&T Tour! Thank you to those who have visited the new Carolna On My Mind blog at Blogspot and at the OFC. As you know, comments help blog entries with Google placement. If you haven't seen the opening widget's slide show of T&T LIVE caps, you are in for a treat. Put on the CD and just enjoy Scarlett's collection of caps. This is a mailbag entry, and several fan remarks are quoted. Thnx again for supporting the blogs, which in turn support Clay. Have an awesome day, FCA! Caro
  5. Carolina On My Mind celebrated MLK Day today while I taught make-up lessons at the academy. Included in the entry is the "Grace of God" montage created by SueReu for UNICEF's Haitian drive last January. The link is still active. I'm no photographer, but I believe you've explained this perfectly, bottle. Thnx for sharing! All the best with your surgery, KAndre. Ditto to your last paragraph! Have a great week, all! Caro
  6. Wishing Grandma Aikim lots of quality time with your new grandson! Here's the skinny on the new Carolina On My Mind blog. Hope you'll drop by: A countdown widget to Clay's Tried & True Miami opener is in the sidebar, and there's plenty of entertainment in this entry -- two montages by LovesClaysVoice (DWTS Season 11/Unchained Melody, Prince William and Kate/Something About Us) new graphics by AmazingCA, a widgetbox of Scarlett's videos of the complete LA Timeless Tour Concert, a reminder that today is the deadline to order the 2011 CA Calendar, and the story of a Christmas clock chiming away in my studio. Special thnx to LCV, who also provided Sendspace links for the montages; AmazingCA, and Scarlett for sharing their talents. Thank you for supporting the Clay blogs. Your visits/comments help us maintain a decent Google presence. Hope you enjoy! DITTO to your post, luckiest1! All the best to Mr. Fear on his knee surgery and your office staff! I think I'll extend my "cabin fever" a few more days. I think this also was from one of your posts, Fear. WORD! Have a great weekend, all! Caro
  7. The new Carolina On My Mind blog features Clay's signature "Unchained Melody" version throughout with videos, graphics, and fan posts. There is also a T&T tour video promo with the dates/venues linked. The four fan posts include personal/NJU reactions and experiences. All are good, but jtgranny's description of the older couple planning to celebrate Valentine's evening at Clay's Houston concert is a classic. "Unchained Melody" is "their song," and they love the new version! Voting and working through my movie cache on this snow/ice day. The sun is out; so, hopefully, it will be our last for a while. ausdon, I have seen video of the floods and am sending lots of prayers/good thoughts to Australia. The extent of the flooding is unbelievable. Congratulations, Grandma Aikim! Hope grandson, mother, and the whole family are doing well! Pix are welcome! I'm working on it. Hopefully, Team Clay is, too! **waves** Scarlett, great to see you dropping by from time to time. Have a great week, all! Caro
  8. Sorry I'm so late wishing everyone a Happy 2011, but I'm at least early for the next 364 days. The above banner is from the new Carolina On My Mind blog where it links to a Jacquie Lawson greeting card featuring Auld Lang Syne. The first entry of 2011 also incorporates the awesome, though unofficial, news about the National Inclusion Project's successful Pepsi campaign ending at midnight, EZ Net Radio which helped us make it through the drive's last two days, a New Year's graphic by AmazingCA, and SueReu's wonderful montage recapping Clay Aiken/2010. There's also a slide show of New Year celebrations from around the globe. Hope you enjoy the blog and the card! Thank you for all your support of the Internet Clay blogs. I understand from Sue's comment there is currently an error on the JL site. I hope they fix if soon because "Auld Lang Syne" on bagpipes is a special treat. It's hard to believe we aren't spending the evening voting and updating widgets. Thank you for everyone's support of the alliances and the partners. Great having Scarlett back in the FCA thread! After late night and early morning widget updates, we may be on the verge of getting our lives back. Have a very special New Year's Weekend, all!
  9. This is really awesome! I have actually heard "Unchained Melody," "Misty," "Something About Us," and many more. I missed "The Real Me" when I had to restart my computer. The link and info RE our UM requests are the lead for the current Carolina On My Mind blogs. Besides the UM section (with video from "The View"), the blog also features a deadline reminder for the 2011 calendars by rosaratana, a -- final -- post RE the Pepsi Refresh grant campaign, and, for those who have followed my grandchildren Kai and Lia, nine photos from Christmas. Except for the red hair, Lia, 1, is looking more and more like her great-grandmother Mama Mac. She and my late mother also share a favorite TV show -- the Food Channel. I, for one, am most impressed with her hand-over-hand piano technique. If you have extra votes, we are promoting Ella's Hope and CDLK5, both of which have been partners with the NIP for four months. CDLK5 (which seems to be stuck at #11) is not an alliance, but very worthy. You can link to both charities with the top widget in the Carolina sidebar. Belated birthay greetings to treenuts! Happy New Year's Eve, FCA!
  10. Merry Christmas Weekend, FCA! The scene outside my window is not quite as idyllic as this one, but almost! Definitely favors the one Fear posted. Sally capped the final frame of a "White Christmas" Jacquie Lawson e-card, which I'd like to share with you here: Season's Greetings! I hope to see photos/videos of the grandchildren from Texas today. Kai has a brand new firetruck, and Lia received a new doll from her grandmother. I have been checking my mailbox and Facebook all morning. :clay: The Carolina blog features Scarlett's video of MCWL with awesome audio (Denver, 2005) which she uploaded to YouTube on Christmas Day, holiday graphics (AmazingCA, Cotton, Lindylo), and a different Jacquie Lawson holiday card for the Clay Nation. Enjoy! The grandmother of three of my students sent me a Cornish game hen on Christmas Eve. That was part of my Christmas dinner because I didn't dare drive to my sister's house. Got in lots of NIP Pepsi votes though. Sis's grandchildren from Wilmington are having a blast in our snow, a first for them. to all who need one. Have a wonderful holiday weekend, FCA! Caro
  11. I have stopped by often, waved, and moved on without posting as we try to make December the NIP's month! Today I thought I'd tell Fear [after the fact] that I used her WFI quote in the new Carolina blog. The new Carolina On My Mind blog features three montages from memorable Clay Aiken performances: "Four Years of Don't Save It All for Christmas Day" (SueReu), "Papa's Beautiful Star" (hosaa), and the "2003 Walt Disney Christmas Day Parade." Also included are new and old seasonal graphics by AmazingCA and cindilu2, as well as updates on the Inclusion Project's campaign for a $50k Pepsi grant. The "50 Barbie dolls" reference belongs to Scarlett. :clay: Special thnx to all who support the Internet Clay blogs with visits, comments, tweets, FB mentions, etc., this week and all year long! Safe travels to those headed to holiday destinations. Have a wonderful evening, all! Caro
  12. Hope everyone is having a wonderful week. All of our schools are closed today due to sleet/freezing rain. Tuesday's Holiday Piano Class occurred just under the wire. Right now, I'm not sure if the Violin Class will be playing Christmas music this afternoon or in January! For members voting for the NIP alliances and partners in the Pepsi Refresh Challenge, both Widget 1 (NIP, Groups A-E) and Widget 2 (NIP, Groups A-E) have been updated. The vertical Widget 1 also includes the "next best" reciprocal charities in Groups F and G. Among other blogs/sites, widget 1 is located in the Carolina sidebar, and Widget 2 is located at the top of CV and CH pages. Download, print, and distribute the above Pepsi flier for more NIP votes. To download, use these PDF links: Holiday Color and Holiday B/W. In addition, here is the PDF link for the full-page informative flier you may want to use at Wrapping for Inclusion stations. These links (plus other Inclusion Project holiday fundraisers including WFI, Christmas wreaths, Christie Cookies, Good Search/Good Shop, etc.) are in the 12/6 Carolina blog: Clay Aiken Fans Vote, Wrap for Inclusion. Queenmama247, whom I have quoted several times during this drive, regularly takes fliers to various community locations -- bank, library, beauty shop, etc. She even passed some out to her surgical crew when she went into the hospital last week. Here's hoping December is the month for the National Inclusion Project! Congratulations on your "A," Aikim, and soon-to-be "grandma" status! Be safe, FCA, and enjoy the holiday season!
  13. Below are the voting alliances that arrived in this morning's NIP email: Before Scarlett left for work, no alliances had been announced; so that page of the Voting Widget is basically congratulatory messages to the November winners, etc. However, we do have some faithful partners in Groups A-G, and you can vote for them. Much of this was completed during the "in between" time, so there some charities that aren't competing in December in Groups D, F, and G by virtue of not making the "top 100" or for winning. If you run into one of these, select another group/charity, vote, and leave a message that the NIP is supporting them. Thank you to those who stopped by the Carolina On My Mind "birthday blog." It may be old news, but the graphics are worth your visit/comment. Here's to December being the month for the NIP! Caro
  14. It's been quite a day in the Pepsi Refresh trenches. I did receive a reply from Aron, which is quoted below. I wrote back to please check on the rule and that we know not to vote for Hannah's Hope. I, unfortunately, used HH's comment as an example. Apparently, there are some rogue voters in the AHC, Spoede, and SWOOP camps. I told him I have never seen Butterfly Kisses (#9 in the $50k category) in any comment on a US page, and I frequently check boards when I vote. Butterfly must be getting lots of Canadian votes, as well as those of our alliances, which is why the group has been insurmountable for us. Meanwhile, several members have studied the Pepsi rules; and there is some pretty convincing evidence that Canadians are supposed to vote in Canada and US citizens in the US. SWOOP left a rather pointed comment in the NIP thread, which Royalle asked me to answer: I went onto SWOOP's site and replied: For every one like that, there are countless voters thanking the NIP for supporting their charity as they send back the reciprocal votes. I really wish this could happen for the Inclusion Project in November. Maybe we should just pass the hat and collect $50k. :clay: Caro
  15. Hello, FCA! We need a HUGE push to break through the Progressive barrier in the Pepsi Refresh $50k category, and we may have found it through reciprocal voting with the Canadians. US citizens can legally vote in the current Canadian Pepsi Refresh. Canadians obviously can. WE HAVE THREE DAYS TO MAKE THE MOST OF THIS! For days, I have been noticing Canadian charities in Royalle's reports. This morning I looked at Butterfly Kisses, the only non-Progressive charity in the $50k bracket ahead of us. Butterfly is legal; but, unfortunately, some of our alliances (AHC, Spoede) and a semi-alliance (SWOOP) are supporting this group trying to get more votes. There were also several Canadian charities in their comments. Sooooooo, we started investigating. Canadians, US citizens (and other non-Canadians) can vote in the Canada's Pepsi competition. First, register your account with them. With this account, you cannot vote for the "National Inclusion Project"; but we are going for RECIPROCAL VOTES. As of now, I can give you four charities that have been voting for the "National Inclusion Project" regularly. We will have others later today. Four are in the new CANADA group in the vertical Widget 1 in the Carolina on My Mind blog sidebar and at the widget's home base. Here is the Canadian Leader Board if you locate other possibilities today. After the morning updates, Scarlett is out sight-seeing, but she will add six more tonight or earlier if she is near a computer. Please post names of those that look like good partners. We don't have much time, but the Inclusion Project has an excellent reputation for reciprocal voting. Please use every account you can register, and leave a comment wherever you vote. This is mine: I just looked at another charity on the Canadian board. Here is a comment from Hannah's Hope: Can someone please take this post to the Clayboard, Clack House, and any other board working on this project? Many thnx! Have a great day, FCA! Let's go out and get these reciprocal votes so Nov. 30 will be a birthday celebration to remember! :04: Caro
  16. Thanksgiving Day Greetings, FCA! Wishing you and yours a very special Thanksgiving Day! May your dinner table be set to the New World Symphony (or Clay Aiken, if you prefer) and just as effortlessly as this greeting card: Glorious Thanksgiving Day! There are links to four greeting cards at the end of the current Carolina blog. I hope you can enjoy them sometime today. I sent the jazzy one to my piano students, the fiddle tune to my violinists, and others to friends and family. Hope you can prop up your feet and catch them all sometime today! One of my former violin students (now in college) just caught me in FB chat, and I had her to text in an Inclusion Project vote as we were typing. She promised to continue through the 30th. Thanksgiving Group Text Here's a project for anyone getting hungry and bugging the cook. Below are clickables of three Inclusion Project fliers. Appoint a helper to print/cut enough for your guests so you can hold a Thanksgiving group text. Be sure to keep the cell phones turned on so you can hear the chorus of Pepsi replies. This is from Scarlett's FB post: The clickable flier selections below are by Scarlett, 1 and 2, and Magical Music, 3. Many thnx to the artists. Now let's put them to good use this weekend: Double Clickable/Printable Text Fliers The fliers are great for holiday weekend meals, football halftimes, Black Friday shopping, etc. Use your imagination, and be sure to post your successes! The NIP Voting Widget was updated this morning according to the latest reports. Thank you for the votes that helped the Inclusion Project land in the 11th position. We need to be in the Top 10 for the Pepsi grant money, so don't let up during the holidays. In fact, recruit more daily votes from your guests. We can do this! What an awesome birthday gift for Clay the grant will be on 11/30! As of 9 p.m. Thanksgiving Eve, these were the vote counts: Love all the seasonal art around the boards today! Have a very special Thanksgiving Weekend, FCA!
  17. Make plans for group texts at holiday meals, football game halftimes, etc.! We must keep the momentum going. Read the comments on the NIP Pepsi Page. There are lots of charities working with us to get the Inclusion Project to the promised land! Happy Day, all! Caro
  18. The new Carolina on My Mind blog covers all three verses of "Merry Thanksgivoween" with Clay Aiken montages (All Is Well, MDYK) from Christmases past, Thanksgiving NIP voting techniques, and grandchildren Kai and Lia "trick or treating." Featured artists include SueReu, Claysidney, AmazingCA, and A Beautiful Mind. Use the handy NIP Voting Widget in the Carolina sidebar or its linked home base. The Inclusion Project moved to #11 this morning! Happy Thanksgiving Eve, FCA!
  19. The National Inclusion Project has moved from 15 - 12 this weekend! Please vote with all your available accounts. Go to the NIP Voting Widget and click through the links of the alliances and partners who have helped put us where we are. The best reciprocal voters are in Groups A, B, and C. There's more info in the bottom half of the Carolina. Scroll down and read about the success one person -- queenmama247 -- has had printing the PDF NIP flier and passing it out around town. Thank you for the blog comment, cindilu2! Remarks are few this entry, but spend your time voting. Three months at this is long enough -- and wouldn't the $50k grant make a wonderful birthday gift for Clay!?!?! Even our partners are cheering for us, which you can read in the comments on the NIP Pepsi page. Just 11 days to go! Have a great weekend! Caro
  20. The new Carolina On My Mind blog features Clay's advocacy for anti-bullying/safe schools legislation in a Congressional hearing Thursday, as well as the final 12 days of the National Inclusion Project's drive to secure a $50k Pepsi grant. Four "Washington" graphics are by Fountaindawg. I have been so busy with the Pepsi Refresh blogs that I haven't posted about the past 2-3 entries. Scarlett, definitely a lady of many talents, created an NIP Voting Widget that you can use from the Carolina sidebar for the Inclusion Project, the alliances, and partners with whom we have formed reciprocal relationships over the past three months. The widget is updated nightly from the day's reports. Your blog comments/visits are always welcome and help tremendously with Google placement. Awesome news for you, ausdon! You can plan CD release parties and all kinds of get-togethers! Have an awesome weekend, FCA! Caro
  21. Honoring All Who Served The Carolina On My Mind blog's Veterans Day entry overviews official commemorations around the world, recalls the history of Armistice and Veterans Days, and closes with Clay's 2004 Capitol 4th performance of "God Bless the USA." Looks as if I'm in the middle of a "Spamalot" party! WOOHOO! Have a great evening, all! Caro
  22. It took me a day to get to FCA and mention there is a new Carolina On My Mind blog entry: Clay Aiken Winter Tour 'Trending Topic' with Fans. Videos are by dlh7777 are featured. Fountaindawg's awesome Chicago graphic is at the top with regular/widescreen clickables, too. The other topic is Pepsi Refresh, complete with the latest list of top charity voters, Scarlett's smartphone app, the updated voting widget, etc. Since I am clueless about smartphone technology and terminology, Scarlett had to write the segment about the app. One thing she has had to remind everyone is that you have to sign into Pepsi with a different ID from the one already registered at the site. We took Rett Syndrome Clinic off the voting widget's alliance list, but many of us are still voting for them because they are still a very strong partner, sending us votes from their supporters as well as Hale Middle School. Thank you for your blog visits and especially your comments. I realize everyone is busy, but whatever you do helps an Internet Clay blog in the Google line-up. Monday is my longest day. Looking forward to the rest of the week! Hope yours is great! Caro
  23. Scarlett has created a widget of apps for voting with your smart phone. See if this works with your set-up: Vote NIP w/ Smart Phone. This includes the NIP plus some alliances and a few of our top voting partners. The list may change. Thnx for the trial, and please post your feedback here! Caro
  24. Happy TGIF, FCA! The new Carolina on My Mind blog of Clay Aiken montages mirroring life's trials, tragedies, and triumphs leads with LCV's "Grace of God" paired with the October Chilean miners' rescue. Others featured are by Aspiegirl and SueReu. The Inclusion Project is taking aim for a November $50k Pepsi Refresh grant with a widget, some very active voting partners, smart phone apps, etc. Even my 8th grade violin student is participating, having set her cell phone alarm so she votes at the same time each day! Still, we need everyone utilizing all accounts possible. This is OUR MONTH, so let's make it happen! Thank you for your blog visits/comments and your support of the NIP! Have an awesome weekend, alll! Caro
  25. Thank you for your daily commercial, bottle! I hope every eligible voter is working to give Clay and the Inclusion Project a $50k grant to celebrate on Nov. 30. In addition to the alliances (now up to seven), we have several charities partnering with us with reciprocal voting. Many that we helped win in September and October are working to make the Pepsi grant happen for the NIP in November. The current Carolina On My Mind blog includes a segment about this. You can vote straight from Scarlett's NIP widget in the Carolina sidebar. In addition to the NIP alliances, there are six groups of reciprocating partners. Voting from the widget, which is frequently linked on Facebook, is speedy. Text numbers are also provided for each charity. US citizen or not, if you have a blog or website, you can obtain the codes to post on your site so others can use it. Scarlett updates the widget nightly according to the charities reciprocating with us. I hope we can pull this off in November. IMO, December is way too busy for everyone. Besides, it would make a great birthday present for our Singer Man! The 2011 CA Calendar, which has already earned $656 for the NIP in Gala auctions, is again in the blog. You can order desk and/or wall calendars from rosaratana. Thnx for your blog comments/visits. Have an awesome day, FCA! Caro
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