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  1. LOL, justclay12, I read your post with the NIP in mind, then realized you were talking about the national elections. Many of us would so like to finish the Pepsi voting in November. With your three-way voting, use the NIP Widget, which Scarlett has just updated. Included are the NIP Alliance list of three charities PLUS 5 groups (A, B, C, D, E) of partners with whom we have established reciprocal voting. Choose one or two, depending on the number of accounts you have. Use the widget, either in the Carolina On My Mind sidebar or on Facebook (she's going to post a link shortly), and help us not have to go into December. That is such a busy month! SueReu and royalle on the CAF board keep up with votes going out and coming in. The charities may change accordingly. Be sure to leave a message like the one below so the charity will reciprocate. I vote three ways, and it only takes a few minutes: Tuesday voting is important, too! Caro
  2. Happy Halloween, FCA! Graphic by Linda/ABM from Carolina Halloween blog. Love your Halloween Pepsi commercial, bottle! :clay: Thank you to all who have visited the Carolina blog where there are many more Halloween/Clay graphics. If your flash is up to date, enjoy a little Jacquie Lawson Midnight Madness here. For me, this worked great on Chrome; but I had to update for Mozilla. Enjoy! Have an awesome Halloween, all! Caro
  3. Happy Halloween Weekend, FCA! The new Carolina blog -- Halloween 'Possesses' Clay Aiken Fan Sites -- is loaded with ghosts, goblins, graphics, Halloween history and traditions, NC ghost stories, as well as the National Inclusion Project's final push for votes and a $50k Pepsi Refresh grant. Featured graphics are by AmazingCA, Linda (ABM), Claystruck, Ashes, Clayquebec1, and Fountaindawg. I see a lot of right-clicking in the "live feed." Hope you drop by, enjoy, and leave the graphic artists a note in the comments. Sending Mr. Fear good vibes for his knees. I know how he feels. I am off to start my Pepsi voting. Hope everyone is having an awesome Saturday! Caro
  4. Students sure do put a dent in my day, but the new Carolina On My Mind blog -- Clay Aiken, Fans Champion Charities for Halloween -- is up with segments about the 60th anniversary of Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF and the National Inclusion Project's $50k campaign. Featured Halloween graphics are by Fountaindawg, and ABeautifulMind sent me the siggy, which I have been using all week. Your comments/support/visits are very much appreciated. I tweeted the blog and, as always, need a retweet. You will find the blog with Clay's name under "All Friends" on the Tweet Deck. Many thnx! I think I'll go back and insert one of the many Pepsi pix I have copied from bottle daily. I have two more rounds of votes to do. I'm hoping for a Halloween Miracle for the NIP! Have a great evening, all!
  5. After sending emails to my entire contact list, I think I finally found the wording I should have used in a much more concise Facebook post that includes the National Inclusion Project link: Please do this with your mailing lists. Like other retirees, I wish I were still teaching because I would have access to faculties, special ed teachers, etc. Hopefully, I have struck a chord with musicians, music teachers, current and former students/parents, etc. There is a possibility that the parents of the young violinist in the current Carolina entry will forward the email to a database of furniture buyers. Thank you to those who have visited the Carolina blog. Since a global interest in Clay is the lead, I went back in and listed the countries I know that have commented -- Indonesia, Kenya, Canada, US. It would be great to hear from some of the others represented, as well as the non-Clay fans who accidentally find themselves at a CA blog. Yesterday someone arrived at the Carolina doorstep searching for "Sonny James Nashville." This pulled up the first Carolina blog I ever posted: Real Rebels of Country, Pop. Sonny is a "good guy" just like Clay, and they have a lot of similarities, both being the farthest thing from everyone's idea of a rebel. Mr. Caro played drums for Sonny when we lived in Nashville. If you look at the link, he's the one with the cowboy hat. What out-of-the-box ideas are you employing for the Pepsi Challenge? Are there any sympathetic websites we have missed? We need to come up with huge blocks of new voters in the remaining FIVE DAYS. to cindilu2! Hope your day is very special! Have an awesome day, all! Off to vote and beat the bushes! Caro
  6. The Clay Aiken fan base is definitely global as visitors from 158 countries have logged into the Carolina On My Mind blog since 12/07. Featured are the 18 newest, unusual searches resulting in a Carolina stopover, my youngest violin student's first paying gig (at the Furniture Market no less!), and three Gala videos to inspire a final NIP voting push to win the Pepsi Refresh $50k grant. A handsome graphic by Fountaindawg with three PermaSwooned photos leads the entry. Thank you for your blog visits/comments/support of the Internet Clay blogs, all of which help with Google placement. Have a wonderful day, FCA! Caro
  7. I just sent out a massive mailing with the fliers attached to family, friends, associates, music students/parents, checked the spelling up one side and down the other, but switched two numbers in Pepsi. A P.S. CORRECTION went out within seconds! Caro
  8. Thank you, cindilu2! Btw, Scarlett posted in the Carolina comments that she is taking fliers to the zoo near her church. Let's keep thinking outside the box and win the $50k for the Inclusion Project in October! Caro
  9. Hope everyone is already into an awesome weekend! Fear, I'm so glad. I hope a lot of people do the same. Y'all would laugh at my attempts to convert PDF to JPEG so I could crop the flier. I definitely need to study the PDF format. Last night when I finally uploaded the blog to the OFC, I added this question, which is now in the Carolina entry: QUESTION: What actions would you take if you knew the NIP would move into the top 10 only if you were responsible for 100 votes today? Would you explain the mission and programs of the National Inclusion Project? How would you round up 100 votes? I certainly hope we don't have to do this another month. I'm about out of ways to write about Pepsi Refresh. I'm going to send another round of emails to family, friends, student parents using one of the fliers (NIP or Halloween). Don't know if y'all read the previous entry, but one of my eighth grade piano students taught me how to text on my ancient cellphone. He was definitely the "teacher" that day, and we are scheduling a makeup for his piano lesson. Thank you for visiting and especially commenting in the Carolina blog. We are currently having a time with Google, which has been plugging older entries (10/9 and 10/11) of CANN and the Carolina site all week. Your hits and comments do help! :clap: Beautiful montage, cindilu2! The visuals are amazing. I can't get enough of BSN, and I love that you edited out the tiny crack. Have a special Saturday, all! Caro
  10. The entire Carolina On My Mind blog -- Clay Aiken Fans Rally New Votes for Inclusion Project -- is dedicated to the NIP/Pepsi Refresh and includes MagicalMusic's group text bingo function, Aikenite's classroom voting, the Daily Dragon post, and various ideas/fliers Aron Hall has sent us in recent emailings. I also included a paragraph about TruthRules/Clayzessed with a link to her remembrance page. Perhaps the Canadians have friends/relatives in the US who would vote for you daily. We are still hanging around #13 and need to get to the safe side of 10. Many thnx for your visits/comments, which help the Internet Clay blogs compete on Google. Have a wonderful weekend rounding up new voters, FCA! Caro
  11. The new Carolina On My Mind blog is about Clay's advocacy for inclusion, UNICEF, and gay rights, all in the past five days. Tuesday one of my 8th grade piano students (one of the composers I featured this summer) gave his teacher a lesson in texting; and I text-voted for the first time on my ancient cell phone then and there. The story is in the blog. My avatar at Facebook went purple to commemorate today's Human Rights Campaign. Thank you for your blog visits/comments/tweets/etc. Have a great rest of the week, all! Caro
  12. Thank you so much for the recaps and the BSN mp3, cindilu2! (How did you "doctor" that tiny crack?) Also, I appreciate your comment in the Carolina blog's Gala entry. Today I added lovethatguy's moving reflections on the song as the mother of a special needs son. Thnx to all your for sharing your photos, videos, recaps from Chicago and Raleigh! Have a great week, FCA! Caro
  13. The new Carolina On My Mind blog opens with Scarlett's video of Clay singing "Both Sides Now." Within the Gala overview are highlights, photos by Irishbookgal, audio/video Sendspace downloads (ficus, canfly, farouche), as well as another pep rally for the NIP's campaign for a $50k Pepsi grant. Thank you for your blog visits/comments, tweets/retweets (mine is always under "All Friends" instead of "Clay Aiken" on Tweet Deck if you will retweet me), Facebook posts, links, etc., all of which help us spread the word via Google and other search engines. I'm sick I misspelled Debra Leisey's name the first go-round. It's correct in the blog, but Facebook picked up the original version. I still need to vote. Don't forget -- all four lists (alliances and the ABC partners) are in the voting widget in the Carolina sidebar. Back to beating the bushes for new, committed voters and for making sure every account is being used!!! We need to do some of those bolded ideas! Have a wonderful, productive week! Caro
  14. The new Carolina On My Mind blog replays Clay's fabulous Chicago Concert through fan recaps (wandacleo, ncwannabe, sugrbugr, thesmlpkg) and visuals (Cotton, toni7babe, Shamrock, Snix, farouche, dc4clay, Fountaindawg). There are also blurbs about the Gala and a reminder to keep those Pepsi Refresh votes coming in daily for the National Inclusion Project. Thank you for your blog comments/visits, FB posts, tweets/retweets, links, etc., all of which help the Internet Clay blogs on Google. I have to [a] eat lunch and get my NIP votes in. Thnx so much for your support! I'm off to take care of "a" and "b." Y'all have fun in Raleigh! Have a great weekend, all! Caro
  15. Awesome recap, Wandacleo! You captured what I think I heard on the cellcert, which was flat out amazing with the iPhone at CV. Thnx for filling in the blanks on the "unexpected"! About 10 minutes before my first student, I posted a new Carolina On My Mind about the fact that the Chicago Concert fell on the seventh anniversary of MOAM. The reflections of Oct. 13-14, 2003, are from a 2007 blog; but there are some great stories from the original CD release parties, appearances, etc. I know the blog was retweeted a couple of times. Happy MOAM Anniversary, and on to the Winter Tour with the Chicago preview concert! Safe travels to those heading to Raleigh! The weather down here is fine. Caro
  16. The Carolina blog and the OFC version are updated with the latest NIP partner charities. I notice that Scarlett updated the voting widget at 2 a.m., so she didn't know about the Hatch's House of Hope - Blind Cat switch. Maybe she will be able to change that once she lands in Chicago. Does this mean that all the Canadians coming to the US can get in some votes for the NIP this weekend? Happy Birthday to Chardonnay, claywithme, and AmazingCA! ACA is not an FCA member, but I am remembering her today for all the handsome CA graphics she has created for the Clay Nation, many of which have decorated the Carolina blog since 2006. Safe and happy travels to all heading to Chicago and Raleigh this weekend! Looking forward to your reports! Have a wonderful week, all! Caro
  17. CA fans are in for a jam-packed weekend with the 10/14 Chicago Concert and the 10/16 National Inclusion Project Champions Gala in Raleigh. Videos/bios of the outstanding champions, Pepsi Refresh voting links, art by AmazingCA, a montage by SueReu, and a Kai story complete the new Carolina On My Mind entry. Thnx to Scarlett, the Carolina sidebar, as well as her Saints, Legends and Goddesses blog, contain a new Pepsi Refresh NIP voting widget. All the NIP alliances plus three partner lists are included, and you can vote straight from the widget! You can obtain the widget's embed codes for FB and several sites here. Have an awesome new week, FCA! Caro
  18. Good Saturday Morning, FCA! After being #7 for eight days, it is discouraging to see that the National Inclusion Project has slipped back to #8. I was so hoping we were headed in the forward direction. Below are suggestions (from a variety of boards) that ran in the 10/2 Carolina blog. Hopefully, they will give members ideas for weekend voting. Also, if you have some to add, please copy this post and include them. THIS IS THE MONTH!!! 1. Ask everyone who visits, stops by your desk, etc., to text in a phone vote. You can even do it for them. (queenmama247) 2. Having a birthday party, work, school, or family gathering? Group text the NIP number -- 102308 to 73774 (Pepsi) -- together. (queenmama247) UPDATE: At Saturday's birthday party, queenmama247 had 12 people text together for the NIP, four of whom added the Pepsi Challenge so they can text daily. In addition, she enlisted three people at church and will probably have more after today's doctor and hairdresser visits. 3. Offer to bake a cake for those in your office, circle, etc., if everyone will text votes for the National Inclusion Project. (ncgran4clay) 4. If someone doesn't know how to text, do it for them. (ncgran4clay) 5. On vacation? No problem, according to Beanblossom, currently at a knitting retreat where she has everyone texting daily NIP votes. 6. International fans, send the voting/texting information to eligible friends in the US so they can vote daily for you. If you own a US-based cellphone, you can text votes yourself. (FromClaygary) 7. Learn from September's very successful winner -- RETT Syndrome, #1 in last month's $250k category after failing to achieve the charity's goal in August. * Facebook and Twitter: Constant reminders by individuals and organizations for "friends" to vote all three ways: text, Facebook, at the Pepsi site. * Blog after blog by individuals and celebrities on MySpace, LiveJournal, Blogspot with the request to "take a second and send a text vote to Pepsi for RETT Syndrome." The Carolina blog appears multiple times because voting info for RETT, an NIP alliance in September, was listed in several entries. * Daily voting reminder on a high school home page. Three girls in the community have the disease. * Voting reminders from related organizations such as Carobell, a North Carolina-based non-profit providing care for developmentally disabled individuals. * Celebrity, radio/TV station websites urging fans to vote. See WKRQ-FM in Cincinnati. * Similar blog posts a voting reminders from a young man whose cousin has RETT Syndrome. What are your ideas for enlisting more NIP voters? We should be hanging around #1 or #2, not the other end of the Top 10. Btw, we have a new blogger on the block. Scarlett posted her first entry at Saints, Legends and Goddesses this week. The first entry features Cookie and the Claymobile that will be auctioned at next weekend's Gala. It's a great read, and the blog layout is gorgeous! Welcome and kudos to Scarlett! :clap: Have an awesome weekend, all! Caro
  19. The new Carolina On My Mind blog is about bullying and includes Clay's Dr. Phil appearance, as well as segments from the wonderful research Ashes posted about six weeks before her death, Aspiegirl's On My Way Here montage, links for NIP/Pepsi and the BOTW "contest." I see a place to add a gif from bottle's seemingly endless supply of Pepsi images. Thank you for your attention to this important topic. I was up very late helping a new blogger. You are going to be pleasantly surprised with all that is coming with this department. What an awesome comment from RatCo in the Pepsi Refresh Challenge! I have a "BIG-O" high school reunion next year. For a couple of months, the organizers have been sending "guess who" emails with clues about a featured class member. (That's how I located and wrote about a California artist, Erin of The Painted Garden in September.) Btw, she is texting for the NIP daily. Until the late 1960's, New Hanover High School was the largest in the state due to the county being NC's smallest. Since then, more high schools have been built in Wilmington; but we had a huge graduating class. On Monday, I will be the featured member with lots of links to the Carolina blog (i.e., that's where the clues are.) I was the editor of the school newspaper, and hints should be easy. The person who contacted me asked if there was a time Clay would have something special going on. I told her if we could get huge numbers of classmates to text for the NIP during October, that would be awesome. Hopefully, the foundation will experience a "rush" the first of next week! WORD and WORD!!! I love the guy in the shades and sandals gazing at the pair sitting next to him. for all who need one. Again, thank you for your support of the Carolina blog. Google found the entry overnight, but I am just now posting about it here. As usual, I need a retweet (see mine under "All Friends"). Thnx! :clay: Have a great day, all! Caro
  20. Liney, I hope you have had a wonderful birthday. Maybe we should just declare this "birthday week" and partay ... :04: The NIP voting alliances have changed, so pay close attention as you click through the list. The Carolina/OFC blogs have now been updated with the latest lists. #7 - WOOHOO for our new standing! Have a great week! Caro
  21. Hello, FCA! Sorry I'm so late with the birthday greeting, Keepingfaith, but I hope you have had a wonderful celebration! Keepingfaith I have been out trying to drum up text votes from family, friends, music students/parents, etc. I sent an email earlier today to just about everyone in my list except Clay fans. Hope it helps! This.Is.The.Month!!! I can tell on the "live feed" at the Carolina blog that some people vote straight from the links in the current entry. I thought it was cool that a RETT Syndrome supporter (also mother of a child with the disease) left this comment: We certainly helped RETT win $250k in September. It's nice to know they are still paying back. kareneh, I love the Lancaster photos and can't wait to see Hammerstein! :clap: Have a great week, all! Caro
  22. The new Carolina On My Mind blog includes all the voting links (alliance and "rogue"), as well as ideas fans have posted RE enlisting new supporters. I outlined several of the tactics I learned from the RETT Syndrome link and plan to add strategies shared in the remarks. Thank you for your blog comments/hits, retweets, FB posts, etc. I have already tweeted the blog, which, of course, is under "All Friends" on the deck. Thnx for your help! Is there a link for info on the Chicago concert? Have fun at the luncheon! I completed my alliance voting right after the blog was uploaded. This.Is.The.Month!!! Off to finish my other list! Have a wonderful weekend, all! Caro
  23. Happy Weekend to all! FromClaygary is a member here. Maybe she can shed some light. :)Caro I believe FromClaygary has a kind of pay as you go phone out of the US, you have to add money and/or use it every once in a while to keep your number and keep it active. I imagine she can tell you all about it at lunch tomorrow.goldarngirl, I wonder if you have to purchase the phone in the US. That would be awesome if we had some Canadian voters texting. Somebody, make a run for the border and stock up on phones to pass around at the luncheon! There are a couple of charities in the alliance group, as well as the extra (SueReu calls them "rogue") lists that are not participating in October. I'm working on a blog that will have links/text numbers for all the current charities. Have a great day, all! Caro
  24. FromClaygary is a member here. Maybe she can shed some light. Caro
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