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  1. Sounds that way. I think it's a little long. Probably a lot better live. Caro
  2. Yes, Quiana is out sick. I bet it was the heat in Asheville. That looked something awful in the videos today. We have had heat indexes to 105 both days, though maybe a little cooler in the mountains. Caro
  3. And it was so clear tonight! Dayum! Caper is trying to plug into the CH cellstream. Caro
  4. Bottle, that really is a great photo of Ruben. Wish I had had it for today's blog. Maybe I can slip it in with another one of Clay. Sound is awesome compared to last night! Caro
  5. Quiet1ne posted this earlier today. Is this about right? Caro
  6. Oh, what a night! With the assistance of fan recaps and photos, the new Carolina On My Mind blog presents an overview of Friday's Timeless Tour opener in Asheville, a sizzler from start to finish. Quoted in this entry are Brightstar, artz11, claynicianTB, tnmtmama, aikim, FearofH2O, jmh123, and BONILEE. Photographs are by ashtash24, Irishbookgal, farouche, Hotclay, toni7babe, and shutterbuglady. Thank you for such awesome verbal and photo recaps! The show sounds like so much fun. Thank you for your visits and comments as you download clack. Lots of people RIGHT CLICK-SAVE and leave. I really appreciate those who stop to thank the photographers and videographers who make these shows accessible to those not at the venue. While putting this entry together, I have noticed that early fan recommendations for "video musts" include "Clay Dancing" (Farouche); "Stool Banter," "Eye of the Tiger," and "Africa," (Scarlett). What would you add to the list? I haven't downloaded anything except Deborah's audio, on which you can hear all the hilarious banter between Clay and Ruben. Have a wonderful weekend, all! Caro
  7. Great show! Thoughtful planning of the playlist! No talking allowed on the bus ride to Florida though. Caro
  8. Clay's been kicked in the crotch -- he's singing higher now! Caro
  9. I sure hope Deborah is getting all of this so we can fill in the banter blanks. Caro
  10. Can't wait to hear the clack on this. CV's Oki isn't working, so this is a straight cellcert. Have we ever been spoiled!!! Caro
  11. I'm here, too. Haven't seen any M&G reports. Cellcert just started. The ET spot was great! Caro
  12. Cindy and anyone else who is blocked from seeing these interviews, I have added Sendspace downloads to the current Carolina On My Mind entry. As soon as dancermom2 puts up the ET segment, I will add that one, too. The show doesn't air here until 7 p.m., but seems like there are earlier times around the country. Thnx for stopping by, cindilu2! Happy Timeless Opening Night, all! Caro
  13. It's good to have a day off so I could put together a blog without lesson interruptions. The new Carolina On My Mind features the media promos for the Timeless Tour. I believe they preview the humorous banter and musical styles Clay and Ruben will share in 17 venues. Also included are Decca's little known "Tried & True" jukebox promotion, Fountaindawg graphics, and "firsts" grandchildren Kai and Lia are experiencing on their trip to Hawaii. They've just arrived for a six-week stay with friends of their Mom. I have a tweet under "All Friends." If anyone retweets it, the Carolina notice will go into the Clay Aiken column on Tweet Deck -- seriously! Many thnx, too, for your Carolina visits and comments which help the Internet Clay blogs compete at Google. That's my favorite, too. Hang in there, treenuts. I have been through tough times with my daughter. Hopefully, there is light at the end of the tunnel for you, too. :thbighug-1: Safe travels to all heading to concerts. Unfortunately, my money will be going towards replacement AC and heating units; but I'll be listening to the CV stream and enjoying your recaps. Have a fun week, all! Caro
  14. Here is my Facebook pitch for the new Carolina On My Mind blog. Your visits and comments are always appreciated: About the time I was ready to upload, I checked FD's photo album and she had created a "tour clock" design with Timeless at the 11th hour. Regular and wide screen versions are included. The blog also contains video promos for the tour and the PBS special. I've already been to Twitter, but you have to look under "All Friends" to retweet. No matter what I do, my tweets never go in the Clay Aiken column on Tweet Deck. Many thnx for your sweet birthday greetings for Scarlett and me here and in the previous Carolina entry. She was totally surprised by the spotlight, and your many posts made her feel 7,000 miles closer to home Where she will be on the 20th, btw! Have an awesome new week! Caro
  15. Wishing playbiller a very Happy Birthday! :04: Have a great weekend, all! Caro
  16. Many thnx for all your kind birthday remembrances here, in the current Carolina On My Mind blog dedicated to Scarlett, at the OFC, on Facebook, and even at Twitter! Have a wonderful weekend, all! Caro
  17. Oh, thank you kimiye! Those are awesome! Many thnx for your sweet comments to Scarlett in the Carolina blog, the OFC version, and at Facebook. The blog truly took her by surprise (which was way too much fun!), and I want to share with you part of her latest email: Soon it will be July 18, the "day after" where Scarlett is, and she's coming home on the 20th. Thnx again for making her day. Lord knows she makes ours with all that wonderful clack! Have a great evening, all! Caro
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