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  1. Thank you, cindilu2!!! They're wonderful!!
  2. cindilu2, how did you do it?! How did you save them all large? I tried everything I knew, (granted, not saying much there - lol) but couldn't figure it out. Do you have #21 and #39? ('biggie size that, Please'....?)
  3. editing because ldyj is way faster than I am. LOL!
  4. treenuts, lovely decor! lol ...as is the new banner. It's small, but pretty.
  5. Wow! Way new and different. It will be fun to see how you all 'decorate.'
  6. Hi guys, was just reading/lurking (lol) and thought I would add that Clay used Osceola studios for ATDW as well. from the blog of the N&O music critic, David Menconi, back on July 19, 2006: I really think Osceola is the place Clay goes to when he wants to be at home and still keep working. ...and while I'm here....Merry Christmas one and all!
  7. I will miss running in here every morning to vote. Kudos ldyj for a great idea and a fun contest.
  8. The last two days have been killing me. Looks like neither one of my favorites will make it to the final two. (that's ok, you can't really have a loser in this contest. )
  9. Thanks merrieeee, but It looks like my friend found one as well. Just a suggestion, if someone has an extra ticket they can contact Aron Hall. That's how I found mine. When I didn't have much success at the boards I called The Project and he said he knew of someone who had a ticket to sell and he sent them my contact info. They got in touch with me. ...and now I get to meet ldyj and canfly and others... :ura:
  10. Just wanted to say thanks everyone for the help with my Gala ticket hunt. I got very lucky today and will now be Raleigh bound.
  11. This one was really hard. I can't imagine what the next round will be like.
  12. Thank you Fear. I will check over there, and thanks Couchie for the good wishes. If I get a ticket, this will be my first Gala.
  13. Hi guys...I'm here being needy. I was wondering if anyone knows of a wayward Gala ticket that would like a good home? I am on the hunt. Thanks.
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