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  1. Yay! I have been thinking about you. So happy you found something and I hope it is something you like too.
  2. I always said I was the person on the board that I am in real life. I am sure that is true for others too. And just like in real life, the negative voices often dominate and the squeaky wheels get the grease. I like to look at that time as training that helped me better communicate in my daily life
  3. No wonder, I have not had a reputation since High School. This is the only place I even read anymore and I do so to follow along with Clays career. My life took an interesting and unexpected turn a couple of years ago (for the better) and I no longer have the inclination to participate in the intenseness of this fandom. I am pretty sure I would have gotten to this place anyway eventually. There are just too many other things to do with my life that actually make me happy. Present company excluded of course. I like what we created here and how we became that island in the stream. I will always appreciate the time and effort of those involved in that.
  4. Wide Spread Panic would be a great name for a band. oh wait...
  5. Here's my deal....these guys want to go out in a blaze of glory....be remembered....even if it is for something horrible In 1957 Charles Starkeather went on a murder spree in Nebraska and killed 11 people and was put to death in the electric chair. Every damn year they do a retrospective of the whole thing in the Omaha paper...they go all out on the big anniversary years (the 5s & 10s) ....in 2007 not a week after that years big story ran, Robert Hawkins shoots up a mall in Omaha killing 9 and his suicide note states "... just think tho, I'm gonna be fuckin famous [sic]." ... in 2010 a band puts out a song about a kid just like him and uses his first name...perhaps you've heard it, it was a huge hit. "Due to the opening lyrics, "Robert's got a quick hand," many have speculated that the song is a reference to Robert Hawkins, perpetrator of Omaha's Westroads Mall shooting." --wikipedia Even though the band denies it, the urban legend was born here and many are convinced. He got got exactly what he wanted. He's fuckin' famous... We glorify criminals in our society both real and fake...and it isn't anything new. What is new is the access to the information and the weapons. JMHO
  6. ....and the gold medal for jumping to conclusions goes to.....
  7. Me too me too! Track & Field BABY!!!! My son's former HS teammate made the team again. Alice Schmidt. Women's 800. She came close to making it in the mile too which is a new event for her!!! And there is the amazing story of Lopez Lomong....former lost boy and the incredible Ashton Eaton and, and, and, ..... Wooohoo! GO TEAM USA!!!!
  8. whoo hoo !!!! It works !!! We must have all tried the same thing and gotten the same message...
  9. I just don't see that he looks all that different in that picture...just taken at an odd angle edited .... it's angle not angel an odd angel
  10. Seriously didn't know he wasn't already dead. Thought he died several years ago. Shows how much attention I pay....
  11. not to mention I hardly think that qualifies as "losing his temper" & "lashing out" My opinion....the namecallingbossybitch fans have driven lots of other fans away and off the boards.
  12. & the same people who would write off Hillary (for staying with Bill) would still manage to find a way to rationalize support for Newt Gingrich.
  13. As my mgr at work always says... Don't be surprised by predictable things....
  14. I hope the fans realize that the shows understand how information gets shared. Amazing Race often has eliminated teams run later legs just to throw the spoilers off. So I wouldn't be counting chickens just yet
  15. I think that remains to be seen (or heard) There is no reason to think it's not a ballad just like there is no real reason to think he's going to be on Celebrity Apprentice. Or whatever else the fandom has conjured up out of whole cloth...
  16. Oh good lord yes, coincidence. After all these years you'd think I wouldn't be surprised by this.
  17. I go out of my way not to read reviews of something I plan to read or see. I don't need or want someone else's baggage in my head. I'll be the judge of things for me, thankyouverymuch.
  18. Well there is romance I won't deny that. One major one per story. Each book builds on the past book but tells a different characters story. Her Vampires are "good" but in a different way then the Twilight vampires. There are also lots of bad vampires & warlocks & other demonic things to save humanity from and also some humor. I don't think I could ever read Anne Rice's books. They seem too dark. I read Salem's Lot (Steven King) in HS and it scarred me for life. --- Anyone ever seen the BBC Series Survivors (remake not the older one)? I'm just getting started but it seems good.
  19. I loved Linda Lael Miller's Vampire series Forever and the night For all eternity Time with out end Tonight and always She was sort of ahead of the curve. After Anne Rice, before Twilight and Buffy. She also had a few interesting time travel books but then went on to write mostly cowboy romance. Shame. Wish someone would discover them and turn them into movies. Valerian could be the best vampire character ever. I always pictured Julius Carry in the role. Sadly too late for that. But that type. Yeah. --- Couchie I laugh because I've done that before. And vice versa.
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