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    Clay Aiken, Anthony Fedorov, and Harry Potter.. I have more thats just all im going to say right now.
  1. I just wanted to tell everyone about a travel Horror story i had. This is a Clay Aiken concert that i went to a couple years ago. enjoy.. i sure did not. lol My friend and I her mom and her moms boyfriend all planned on going to the Clay Concert which would be held in Detorit, Michigan. I think ok thats only about 30 mins to a half hour away(from my house, i live in Michigan in Monroe if you know where that is) anyway we stayed at My friends house becuase thats who was taking us(she lives in Toledo, Ohio). The day of the concert we decied to leave a couple hours early. We jump on the express way. Me being a HUGE Clay Aiken fan did not notice we were going the wrong way. (i was not paying any attention i doing something that had to do with clay) When i finally did notice that we were going the wrong way We were 3 hours out of our way.. Yes 3 hours. We went to Dayton instend of Detorit. i know they both start with a D but come on one is in Ohio and One is in Michigan. anyway i tell my friends mom that we were going the wrong way. she does not believe me. So i call up my dad to tell my firends mom. We finally turn around. You think oh not to bad only 3 hours out of our way and we started really early so we would make it to the concert in time. WRONG. :o We are going along and we finally get to Detorit. Well if anyone has ever driven to detorit they know that By the canada bridge it gets quite confusing. Lets just say we ended up on our way over to Cananda. Right all good we were still right on time. so we would make it. Wrong. again. we finally get over to the Hotel we would be staying at and we check in. they tell us that we cant stay there because my mom was the one to pay for it with her credit card and she forgot to send something. So i had to call my mom for her to fax something over. All is fine with that because she faxed over the right info(or so we think) anyway we head over to the Concert which was being held at Jo Louis. We are now a half hour to an hour late. guess what we missed almost all of clay's songs by then We did get to listen to 4 or 5 of them which i am thankful for. It was the Kelly/Clay concert. After the concert we go back to the hotel and sleep. when we wake up about 9 ish.. we find out we cant leave till my mom faxes something else over so we end up leaving about 12- 1 in the afternoon. we get home and i'm a wreak because of all this.
  2. The Aiken Fog. Yup had that at the last concert i went to.. I remember bits and pieces of the actucal concert but i had to go look for video and stuff to remember it all.
  3. I'm going to be really random like i am anywhere else and say.. Umm.. Right. well i guess thats all i really wanted to say besides i never know what to write in these threads lol I'm going to sit down with some and watch Clay on my dvd that i have of him..
  4. Lonely-By me.. Why does everything always happen to me? I try to do everything right and just. Everyone sees me as a little girl, not knowing what to do in life. If I could show them my Opinions They would know that I am not.. what they think, but a grown woman Ready to live her life and not show fear I go through the motions of everyday Waiting for something to happen Just trying to live my life the way I want Not looking for trouble, But life happens Everyday I sit here waiting for something more Nothing ever works for me, I can't do this anymore Looking and waiting for the time to be right. Waiting for eternity for him to come and find me. Just hoping that I won't be alone anymore I can't deal with this life, the loneliness is hurting Longer and longer I wait loosing any hope that I had I cry out and hope in the end I won't feel like this.
  5. Ok so i have not gotten around to writing a poem about Clay yet.. I hope this will hold everyone over until i can get one done.. Hopefully within the next few weeks... Its called: Storms of my life.. The hammering on my window is caused by the rain. Why does this storm have to be so thunderous? It’s louder then the thumping of my heart, Louder then the tears that plummet from my eyes. He broke my heart into a million pieces, Just because he wanted someone else. He told me he loved me and I believed him, But he left me and went after her. I want to caution her, but she probably won’t listen, Because I am his ex girlfriend and she won’t talk to me. Everytime I see her she reminds me of myself, Because I fell for his lies on more then one occasion. It’s been 4 months and I’m done crying over him. Done with this hurt he put me through! Over everything that he has ever said to me. Just want to go back to a time when my heart was complete. Please help me to stop thinking of him everyday, And dreaming of him every night. Because when that happens you know you can move on Move on and not worry about crying for him anymore.
  6. Yup you got it in a nutshell...and thats the right solution too. Unfortunately...the problem is..there are groups with agendas that is not connected to clay at all...but about who has the power in the they don;t really care how it hurts Clay that they fight. Its really very sad. That's so sad.. I dont understand how someone could hurt him.. He's such a sweet and loveable guy. from what i have seen he would do anything for his fan's or really anybody..
  7. Ok so wait.. People are fighting on the OFC? Thats not supporting Clay.. just making him look bad. They should have enough respect for Clay to not fight on it.. Take it to email or something
  8. Hmm..must of stepped into somthing dirty.. lol What is OFC? i have no clue.. i never really got into these types of things. i'm only on this one and a couple of other forums..
  9. Ahh eveyone is so helpful. Thats awsome!!! and have quick replies. lol My fave clay pics!!! I have tons more.. but this is just 3 of them
  10. Wow.. I'm so confused.. what are we talking about in here.. haha and im not even new to the whole fandom forums either.. is this thread just a bunch of random clay talk.. Hey i will go for that.. I love Clay, hes been my idol ever since he first walked out on that stage.. anyway please help a confused fan.. lol
  11. Hey everyone. I'm new on this site..Not a new clay fan. been that since he first walked out on that stage in season 2.. anyway just thought i would post here first..