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  1. Hello all!! I'm cpnina, known also as Penny, I'm a 57 year old lady from Maryland. I post mainly at LBFCA, sometimes at Claymaniacs, sometimes the OFC. Clay had me from Wildcard Night. I'm married but we have separate lives so I am free to do what I want in Claydom as long as I can afford it! Lately money's TIGHT because of dental bills--YUK--but I am planning on seeing Himself in Spamalot next year, and I've seen him somewhere every tour he's done so far except this one.. Nice to meet y'all!!
  2. hello there everybody!! I'm cpnina, board name, Penny otherwise. I live in Maryland and am 56 chronologically but 17 or 18 fangirly-wise!! I am feeling almost exactly like I used to over George Harrison of The Beatles. I have been a fan since the show. I have been to just about every tour except JNT '01 and the AI2 tour. We here where I live have been blessed in that Clay's been near enough for me to see him so much. There isn't anything about Clay I find fault with except that he isn't reading this over my shoulder-- otherwise he's PEREFCT!! Looking forward to getting to know you guys!