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  1. all this cigarette smoking and clean sheets and who's your daddy stuff dragged me RIGHT IN.......I love good porn! Clay can do it like NOONE, it seems! Gee, that gala sounded wonderful. If only, if only. I love CA and am a little skeered about seeing what may be Clay's dark side..who knows? But I will watch anyway. I know most of you guys are saying "who IS this person here giving her two cents?" Well, I am Penny, I mainly lurk here. I have been a fan since AII and have seen just about evey tour except the one with Ruben and the winter one a year ago. i really enjoy reading all your stuff, especially KAndre's stuff..wish i could put words together lke y'all! Anyway, Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, etc. to everybody! Here's hoping the coming year is good for all of us!
  2. cagney 1950, I was in LOVE with Jack Jones!! I agree, it was the "Clay-ness" of his voice that I loved and re-found in Clay. I had all his albums, and saw him at a nightclub for my 16th birthday in 1966.
  3. I tell you, I wish I could trade places with Casey....
  4. What an absolutely fantastic interview! I am so freaking PROUD of him at this moment!!
  5. all I can say about Clay's looks at the moment is... gaah
  6. if it's okay I'm using the newest picture of Clay as my avie if no one minds...seriously, I hope that this is okay--if any one objects let me know!! After all, I saw it here...
  7. [cindilu2, I am a QaF fan as well!! I watched it back on Showtime when it first came out--Brian and Justin were wonderful characters--and the music was so HOT!!
  8. hey-lookie me--I have an avatar!! Thanks guys for the help!!
  9. don't know how to do this. can I get some detailed help? I would appreciate it! Posting an avatar, that is.
  10. can anybody help me with an avatar? I want a cute photo of Clay in glasses..and help me put it here? I'm clueless!! Thanks!
  11. whoa--NPH has a good singing voice!! I'm IMPRESSED!! I liked the line about the fact that the Tonys couldn't get any gayer--heh heh!
  12. about SYTYCD-- isn't Nigel Lythgoe gay as well? Or is it just that he's British and prissy? I think he's a scuzzball, straight or whatever. I think he's smarmy.
  13. funny thing is I kinda like that hair on him... shoot me...
  14. I don't think he looks too pleased...although he might just be bored waiting... but CUUUUTTTE!!!
  15. where in the OFC are his latest answers? In the message board? Chat?
  16. oh.my.God!!!! I would DIE and GO TO HEAVEN if Clay would do Phantom of the Opera!! See, I floved it-- I love Michael Crawford!! and I think I'd lose it to hear Clay sing "Music Of The Night". I guess I'm in the minority here...as a Phantom Phan...
  17. referring to the thing I sent about Clay and Ellen resembling each other, I ONLY MEANT that that's ridiculous, maybe the blonde hair for the minute he was blond, but the laugh was a scoffing laugh, like rolling my eyes and laughing...I guess that's hard to convey in a text...I don't think it was mean, I just sent it because I thought, "RIIIIIIGHT!!"Yeah, sure!! I hope noone got pissed off that I sent it. Man, one sure needs to be careful what one says. I forget this. Can I still play here?
  18. wanna laugh? look at #37 here... Visit My Website
  19. I think he's going to say whatever he's hinting at NEXT WEEK, don't ask me why...I just have a hunch. Maybe I'm crazy.
  20. we just had Hamburger Helper lasagna... are we heathens because we didn't have a ham? we love it!!! all the flavors of HH! know what? don't care!! it's FOOD!! Happy Easter, FCA!!
  21. since when was hair color an indicator?? he's had so many different looks--
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