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  1. Thanks, ausdon. But unfortunately for me such was not the case. LOL Well, crap. I just found out Adam C. was on Kimmel tonight and there supposedly was a Clay mention. Anyone here catch it? N/M Just the usual Carolla crap.
  2. Sure, when? Remind me again when the Giant's event is too? April is looking like a FUN month so far! hee I believe it's now March 26th....or 27th....or 23rd, depending on which source you choose to believe As an aside, I tried to watch SMASH and I couldn't get through it. I'm not sure it was the writing that felt flat or what it was. For a musical, I sure didn't get much energy from it. And I have to say Kat McPhee is colorless. She does nothing at all for me. Maybe she was flat because the writing was but she has no "it" factor at all. And just as I began to actually like and get hooked on Downton Abbey it ends for the season. poop! Oh, and if this post doesn't make it through somehow I'll be sure to inform you all just how brilliant it was.
  3. Here's a new clip from next week's CApp episode. Clay, Arsenio, George and Penn picking out shoes, clothing, etc. for the models http://www.bing.com/videos/watch/video/the-celebrity-apprentice-sneak-peek-arsenios-fashion-sense/57pd4gd Great Clay quote: "I know well enough to know that I don't know enough to know" Bwah
  4. Daaaavy He was my second mad crush after John Lennon. So sad. I have watched this a few times today... Daydream Believer -
  5. Aww, great twitpic! There is so much FUN in clayworld right now. Geez, I'm already wondering what it'll be like when CApp is over? Yikes.....withdrawls foh sho
  6. I love the WRAL interview! Love his natural demenaor. He's so very adorable and quite charming. ...and edible Luckiest!
  7. Bwah! Proof that nobody reads my posts?! (look at top of page) I FLOVE the more recent, close-up one!! Made my heart pound to hear those screams and listen to his powerful vocals! Love his laugh and the kiss on the head he gave her and.....shit, I'm blathering. #iwantanotherrockintoursoondemmit
  8. Someone got video of Clay & Kelly on stage together tonight - http://www.twitvid.com/WFOLW
  9. Whitney's passing makes me both sad and angry. Such a waste! I hope her daughter has a lot of support around her! This makes me very happy!!! Thanks for thinking of me, Couchie!
  10. Try this - http://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/rob-has-a-podcast/id328076847
  11. I'm here too. I'm working a 7 day straight work week at the moment and I'm pooped! luckiest, (((hugs))) for your doggie. ldyj, hope you and DH have a blast! Just read this posted by notacanuck at CC. LOVE the "shrewd and cunning bastard" comment! heh I am really looking forward to this show
  12. BWAHAHAHA!!! Cameron tweeted Clay back - And I LOVE that Clay and Dee will duet together! Very cool!
  13. PARTNER?!?! This nosy bitch wants DETAILS demmit! ETA - Ok n/m. I see now that Adam saw a guy other than Clay's brother with him and I guess "assumed" it was his partner? How in the freaking hell do you leap to a conclusion like that?! What.a.bonehead!!
  14. I read somewhere that the pic was posted around and he probably just picked it up. Don't think he's in London. From CC - ------------------------------- artquest wrote - At The Strom Thurman Institute of Government and Public Affairs? BWAH! On the other hand, the program is offered online with live coursework and a concentration in non-profit management. Wonder if the man's thinking of going back to school? Sounds like a good deal, as long as it doesn't interfere with touring and such. LOVE my very smart bf!
  15. Love the clip! I am mesmerized by Clay's eyes and voice!
  16. Well, that kinda sucks.Not watching. Too sad about my Niners Thanks for the suggestion, luckiest! By the way is "the renter" in the film played by Max Von Sydow? If so, he was nominated for best supporting actor. If not then nevermind. I saw The Artist last week and thought it might be a little tedious or slow but I was dead WRONG! Absolutely LOVED it!! Second best film I've seen in a very long time. War Horse being the best thus far. The frenchman who stars in The Artist is really fantastic. I think he would have been a huge silent film star back in the day. He hams it up well and his a charm/charisma that comes right at you off the screen.
  17. ldyj, THANKS for the lickable art!! I just use IE. Always have without any problems like this before. sheesh ausdon, congrats on your baby's first job Oh and couchie, I'm so glad I can be of some entertainment value. I aim to please eta - (because I'm a skeeeered to write a longer post all at once) Does anyone know if CA is usually available "on demand" on cable? TIA
  18. Ok, so that worked. WTF?! Well, I guess I will be making short posts (my usual anyway. heh) and NO emoties. Just.in.case. Probably just as well. Let's just say I agree with most of what couchie above and now my stomach isn't hurting as much from all the bitching and name calling thrown his way a day or two back. ::sigh:: When I went back to edit I couldn't pull up the entire post. It cut off the first sentence entirely. Ugh! hmmm...maybe I need to use a different browser here.
  19. Been trying to post here for daaaays!! Every ding dang time I try I lose internet connection. BUT just for this board. Everywhere else is fine. I've had some long ass pissed off and sad posts and by the time I got around to cliking on "add rely".....POOF. So I'm gonna try now and I won't ope the emoties....just in case. here goes....
  20. OMG! I am in love with this twit pic!! How ADORABLE are they And Kelly's very telling response (I think she's still got a crush on our guy) Can't say I blame her. And lastly, Clay's response back -
  21. MOAM was my favorite CD. Followed by OMWH. I am partial to more pop and some rock or green eyed soul from Clay, though I did love ATDW too. It was the CD I discovered him on. But it is what it is.Above bolding is mine and borrowing because I would love for the song IYDKMBN to be included on the CD! FLOVE!! And maybe TMC (Those Magic Changes) too! Those two songs would have me buying that baby reeeal fast. Otherwise I may wait to hear it first. I admit I am not a big T'n'T fan. Though I will jump at the first chance to see him sing anything live in concert. That's really all I want from him is a tour. A chance to see and hear him live. So I guess he needs this to be successful to make that happen. Well alright then. Make it so # 1
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