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  1. Done! Let me just say I am very envious of everyone planning on attending the Gala this year. Aside from the obvious which is hours spent in a room with Clay visiting, eating, looking gorgeous, breathing the same air and speaking with eloquence about his most heart felt passion, you will also get to hear him sing LIVE. Something the rest of us most likely will not get to do for the remainder of the year (I'm guessing). Fingers crossed for the Giants to win today and avoid a sweep by the Phillies. Since I'm not physically in attendance I'm thinking they have a better than 50/50 chance of that. I hope! ETA -
  2. Ok, that is one of the most pathetic things I've heard of just to garner a little extra revenue for the city. And I would have been one of those unfortunate souls if not for the kindness of strangers (TM Blanch Dubois) and warning me before I walked away. Hey Couchie, please don't forget to send me Aqua Man and some other tasty treats. k?
  3. Couchie, you weren't the only mess this morning....that darn BART station was a freaking nightmare! Surprised me. Thank god my car was still there and in tact when I returned! whew Poor Giants. le sigh But tomorrow's another day. As for "the crazy" we discussed some of today, I am still shaking my head trying to wrap my mind around some of the stuff you told me. Speaking of Clay... Why yes, yes I most definitly have need
  4. Hey everyone. Loooong week for me. I missed the chat but I'm glad there were so many who turned out for it. I hope that was encouraging for him and maybe he'll do another s**n. heh...I crack myself up. Couchie, give me a call! I've sent you a PM and tried calling you but your Phone just keeps redirecting me to an automated system. I need to know what's happening tomorrow.....soon. thx As for that Poll? I think it's purely something to give the OFC fans to do. I still wish he would do the Amazing Race though
  5. Aint he purdy God, I so badly want this man to be made an offer he can't refuse. Something BIG. A professional role that will showcase his assets , talents and tie him up ( ) in such a way for a long long time, that he won't be able to stick to any agenda of quitting in 2....5....10 years to go back to teaching! Please god make it so!!!!! *goes in search of virgin to offer for sacrafice*
  6. That says it all! Happy belated Birthday, gbmifan Welcome back, merrieeee! I really hope those dropdeaddelicious photos of Clay turn up somewhere publc in some important way. I seem to have this need for the rest of the world to see him as I do that's all I got
  7. Hello FCA! Just checking in to see if there's been discussion yet on the DDD episode. I guess it hasn't aired on the east coast yet? I don't know why but I am very nervous for him. I'll probably have to wait until it has aired, there has been some discussion and then I'll watch it. heh Why yes I'm crazy....why do you ask :04: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Permaswooned!!!!
  8. That's good to hear. A definite timeframe. But have they started taking questions for him at OFC yet?
  9. Congrats to Sean and Ben! Had a nice weekend visiting friends up in the foothills. Early fireworks show and lots of driving. I'm very tired from a "relaxing" weekend. LOL Oh and just in case anyone needed reminding....
  10. Just wanted to drop this off and then I'm off to p/u din-din for mom and I. From CV - Somehow I get a little thinkin' about Clay and nuts.....heh Caro, I'm glad to see you are doing well!! To all who need them. OAN...my poor GIANTS Ok, gotta run.....
  11. Whew! Finally got my puter back, all fixed with a new hard drive and running so quietly! *hugs pc* Happy Birthday, Couchie! EEEEEEEEEE Giants & A's game tomorrow! Looking forward to it!!!! Happy Father's Day, Clay
  12. Sad day, my pc has died! Im now on my Nook which is problematic to say the least, to type on, but here goes... Peets low fat mocha is my drink of choice. Fav song selections - MOAM- ISY MCWL- WAYDNYE ATDW- 3way tie: RHW, HYCA, LNM OMWH - WIDTL & TRM TnT- SM & IOMB Ok, that wore me out
  13. OMG this efffing rain is THE PITS! When will summer come???? All I can say, couchie, is if it's still like this when go to the ballgame in a few weeks I'm gonna Hey,when is the FoD thingy suppose to happen? Did Tori never respond? this post brought to you by the ever questioning "?"
  14. Nope, you're not the only one. Unfortunatley when I got home mom informed me she had thawed ground sirloin and wanted meatloaf but she didn't feel up to making it... so guess who is cooking dinner? It is baking in the oven as I type this and then the scallop potatoes go in. I'm hungry but my feet, legs and back are killing me from being on them all day and now this! UGH Oh well, the weather has been so crappy I guess working didn't bother me so much. LOL
  15. FCA I'm with you on the weather here, couchie! It freaking sucks!! Happy Memorial Day weekend, all!
  16. I liked it. It answered several of the "constant" questions belaboring the boards of late. All I know is that I've missed him and this was a GINORMOUS "Clay fix" for me! He is fucking gorgeous! Looks relaxed, happy and so damn handsome! Loved hearing him laugh. And talktalktalktalktalk. Teh boy sho can talk! I'm going to be rewatching this for sometime to come. Did I mention he looks gorgeous Special thanks go to the camera person for their fine zoom-in shots of that mouth! Oh my, they seemed a bit shakey/nervous when doing this but it was so much like a fan video
  17. So I wonder if Clay gave the bride away? Either way.....Lucky woman!
  18. Thanks for the goodies, aikim & caro! Wish he would come out to play with us. But in the meantime - workworkwork, baseball (what the hell is goin' on with Brian Wilson?!?) and I absolutley LOVED the season finale of The Mentalist!!
  19. EEEEEEE I'm just so damn proud of this organization! http://www.huffingtonpost.com/joe-mirabella/san-francisco-giants-make_b_863082.html
  20. BWAH kf!! I absolutley LOVE the orignal Beatles stuff. I have been a fan of John's post-Beatle music; have seen Ringo live a number of times and find him very cute and funny but have not found much about post-Beatles Maca that I really love. Wish I did since he is actually still touring and recording. *sigh* You can say that again! There's only so much animal pukage and feces one board can cover before is begins to smell Ausdon, hope you feel better soon
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