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  1. http://www.sendspace.com/file/4zp7q8 This won't replace the video clack coming but its from the cellcert tonight. It's spotty at the beginning but gets better near the end.
  2. If you are able to record it and perhaps any promo coming up to it, it would be neat to hear what people are saying, what the buzz is. Once it's done I will be in touch about how to get it off your dvr. Thanks a bunch appreciate it.
  3. ausdon Do you have any way of recording this show? I'm thinking they would have pledge breaks or commentary from their own people on this show, it would be really cool to have. I believe I have even figured out how we can gather up all of this stuff that is recorded.
  4. Yippee, thank you. I will grab it when I get home, unless cindilu2 can figure it out before I get there. Just make sure your settings keep it until you delete it and barring any other unforseen problems it will be there when I get home. Thank you again.
  5. For those of you going to Knoxville there is a note on the Tennesse Theatre site for this hotel. MainStay Suites The price is $69 per room. I just called and that is the price they gave me even with four people to a room. Just thought you might like to know. I bolded the pertinent parts so it doesn't get lost.
  6. A while ago we decided that we would revamp the goldarngirl & Luckiest1 Productions site so that it would host the dvds that we have been providing and have been hosted at the CV vault. For those of you who do not have a CV key and would like to download the Windsor Timeless DVDs and inserts, they are now on the site. Please note that the only montages that are there now are the Windsor ones and the corresponding DVDs. If you have a CV key please download the DVDs from there (if they are still accessible). Please also note that this is a wimpy little site so please be patient and please use a download manager to help you out. I want to thank cindilu2 who kindly contributes the artwork, from our inserts and labels, to this webpage. She is a very talented lady and we are lucky to have her take care of this part of the 'Best of' series for us. Enjoy. goldarngirl & Luckiest1 Productions
  7. FromClaygary is a member here. Maybe she can shed some light. Caro I believe FromClaygary has a kind of pay as you go phone out of the US, you have to add money and/or use it everyonce in a while to keep your number and keep it active. I imagine she can tell you all about it at lunch tomorrow.
  8. I wrote them today.. I told them it could take up to a month for the tickets to get her. Here is the response.
  9. I'd like to know that too. Apparently it'll be for sale through the PBS site so if those of us out of the viewing area can't watch it, it'll be a while till it's vaulted... I am pretty sure since it is for sale, you will not see it vaulted.
  10. Another time. We will probably have one in the spring after the TnT tour is over.
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