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  1. What a fitting thread title "Oh,yeah, he really is that good." We knew it all along, didn't we? He can sing anything, but these songs really showcase that tremendous voice.
  2. I probably look a little silly sitting here at my laptop grinning from ear to ear. WOW just seems to be all I can verbalize right now.
  3. I haven't posted in ages, but I still check in to see what's going on. I'm looking forward to Clay's new cd. I just pre-ordered it from Itunes, the last time I used Itunes was for On My Way Here. I had to update my password and CC info. Hopefully I'll be listening along tonight with some of you.
  4. luckiest, I'm here everyday, but I mostly just lurk now. I have started to rate OCOCE, several times. I think the problem I have had with it, is the applause at the beginning, since it was the first song of the show, and the way it ends since it is part of a medley, but I'll try to get back to it. And besides, Couchie and KAndre don't like the song that much, , well, you wanted excuses didn't you.
  5. I don't honestly remember and I never noticed it when I watched the Larry King interview, but is it possible that one is from the final competition night and the other was from the finale?
  6. I agree with Jenna in the above quotes, I don't think he will quit singing love songs and I especially hope he doesn't because I don't think anyone can sing them better. Couchie, I read that opinion about the not cool skit, I couldn't quite connect the dots on that one.
  7. I don't think this is the reason, I would be more inclined to believe that there was a song he liked better that didn't make the album and "Touch" was used instead. I would like to add one of Wanda's famous disclalimers since I really know nothing about which I speak. I do have a tendency to believe, that not wanting to misrepresent himself may have had a lot to do with how he chose to portray the message in his music videos.
  8. I agree that the blog was perfect. There have been a couple of times that I've gotten choked up over the years, but like Cotton, I don't cry. Sometimes I've wondered if there is something wrong with me. With this blog I felt a couple big tears running down my cheek. Over the years I have been so surprised at Clay's ability to put things into proper perspective, he is a very smart man.
  9. WooHoo page one I just can't hear or even read lines from this song without thinking of when he added it to the set list of the NAT, and didn't sing the line, " you're the one I want to talk to in bed". Remember the pages and pages of posts because fans who were upset because they though he'd left it out intentionally? Ah, those were the days!!!
  10. My dream for Clay, is that he start to get the respect he deserves for what ever he chooses to do. Too many critics, djs, talk show hosts, late night comics have been so focused on the sexuality issue that they have never been able to see past that. This man is one amazing talent and maybe people can put their biases aside and start to see that, and realize that's what the story should have always been about.
  11. I had a little chuckle when Clay answered the question about if there was anyone special in his life. He deflected it the way he always did. When, in the past, the question was about a possible special woman. The only one he had in his life was his dog....When the question was about a man, the answer was about the little man who was screaming to be fed, or something like that.
  12. luckiest, I love the picture you chose from the SD shots for you avi, It shows his strong square jaw.
  13. Claytonic, I think the rings were just part of the look for the role out of ATDW, I think if they had had a lot of signifigance he would have replaced them after they were auctioned off at the Gala JMO I honestly can't quote very many lines from the bible, but merrieee the one you mentioned has run through my head a lot the past few days and "let he who is without sin cast the first stones"
  14. Thanks to those who answered my question. I was thinking that was the case, but when I would read one of those posts filled with animosity and then see it worded I would cringe, but I was hoping it was just a few of them who were going around and showing support for each other. Last weekend I started working again on rating my song from the CITH tour, I didn't get too far, I guess I probably listened to 12 versions of OCOCE. I can't think of a single other singer that I could listen to sing the same song over and over particularly a Christmas song when it's 85% outside. That's pretty much
  15. I have a question for those of you who have spent more time than me over at the OFC, (for me that was pratically none, until a day or two after this story broke) Do you have a feel for what number or percentage of the fans over there are posting these OTT diatribes? Lord, is the 2 weeks almost over? It seems like forever. Anyway, I read for an hour or 2, 2 or 3 different times, and it was so hard to tell. I never started at the beginning of the thread, many times I would just go over after annabear would post a link to one of Jaymes' posts. Some of the nastiest posts seemed to get quote
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