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  1. What's that old saying in this fandom, you're never alone. For the first time in my life, I downloaded the audio and shut it down after a couple of songs. Maybe it would have been different if I had been there, who knows, as I downloaded the videos today and felt differently about the songs when I could see him singing them. If he gets support for covers and it is a hugely successful, I will swallow my disappointment as I want success for him. He deserves it and, unfortunately, he doesn't have the power right now to be making demands.
  2. Wow, Permaswooned, impressive and very fast. I like how you broke it down and let people know how little it takes to make a difference. And the individual shots of the kids. Well laid out and colorful, easy to read and understand, very nice. I have a tendency to be more serious and a little on the morose side. I did want to post a couple of pictures I found because I was touched by them and wanted to share. Displaced Somalia children looking for water Children going to school Just because I think she's beautiful I wish I had more time to help because Clay's charities are near and dear to my heart. Let me know if I can do anything.
  3. Suggestion, either for a front page or a slide show with photos with the words Outrage (or you could either do some wordles as what there is to be outraged about) ( I won't post the photos, but I found some photos of malnourished Somali children, some displaced children around 3-4 years old carrying large plastic containers searching for water.. with links on the photos to either donate or learn more) Action (again wordle with what donations are going for, what buys what) Photo of a couple of boys drinking water, children waiting for food, immunizations..again with links to learn more or donate Hope Found some great photos of some beautiful Somali children, going to school, looking happy The best campaigns I've seen individualize the children, their names, their story, and once they have someone engaged the story moves on and show how large the problem is. IMO, people do not connect to a lot of fact and figures and are overwhelmed if the problem is so enormous that they feel their contribution won't make a difference. It doesn't seem possible to know their names or stories but there are some great photos of Somali children looking directly in the camera. I remember how many people were moved by the photo of the green eyed Afghan girl many years ago that I think was on Time magazine and it caught a lot of people's attention and moved a lot of people to help. Just some suggestions
  4. There are two clips that I'd love to download if I knew where to find them -- the one referenced above when he humped the girl, and the other is when some guy is onstage singing Invisible and cracked Clay up when he did the shirt tug. Anyone? Bueller? KAndre? Here's the one with Matt And the one in Charlotte
  5. I need to go find it then. I just went out and found the Easter Bonnet DVD in my mailbox, I'm so excited.
  6. It's Lorenzo Jovanotti an Italian singer claytonic, thanks for the links. I watched Britain's got talent u-tubes till 1 am. Love the Signature team. I thought their first audition was hysterical. As for the Austrian comment, we immigrated to Australia when I was in high school my friends were all concerned because as one of them put it "Isn't that right next door to Russia?" LOL. Australia is on the map now, but back then a lot of people didn't know it existed. keepingfaith the Wings over America tour would have been amazing. I did finally get to see the Back in the US tour and saw Paul in concert for the first time after 40 years of being a fan. His concert was phenomenal. He didn't disappoint, he sang 40 songs and he was very engaging. A DVD would be great, I do have the CD of this concert and I would highly recommend it.
  7. LOVE LOVE LOVE FALLING. IMO this song has the potential to be a HUGE radio hit, much more so than Ashes. It is a great song to blast while driving. It reminds me somewhat of Chris Issac's, Wicked Game and I don't mean in tempo but in the echoey, other worldly sound to it.
  8. Speaking of the album, did I see a post on here about having a discussion on each song one by one? I'd be interested if you do and would it be on the main thread? As many times as I've played the album, I still don't recognize what is playing sometimes and feel caught off guard with having a visceral reaction and then being really surprised at what song it is. Sacrificial Love is one that catches me by surprise.
  9. I'm surprised that the tabloids are being more civilized (well that word is a stretch for anything to do with tabloids) about this than they have been to him in the past. I wonder if they're playing nice in hopes of getting exclusive first baby pics. I know how distasteful that is, but all celebrities are doing it and the parents are more in control of the situation then having a bunch of ruthless stalkarazzi hanging from the trees for first baby pics. They may be being advised to keep mum about everything and sell the exclusive once the baby is born in August.. a nice fund set aside for baby's college. I heard the bid for Angelina's first baby pics is $15 million. Again, IIT. I cannot even begin to imagine how bizarre a celebrities life must be so I won't judge.
  10. First post .Seems to me youshould get all the facts before the name calling. Eric Robert is Julia Roberts brother. Maybe he is a B lister, but seems to be a good person, do you know anything about him? I think you are all in denial. You all act like Clay owes you something. Some of your emotional reactions are totally OTT. If you take such offense to criticism of Clay. you shouldn't be hypocritical and speak badly of someone you know nothing about. OMG, I'm such a huge Eric Roberts fan. I saw someone calling him a B lister today and my jaw dropped as that may be the only place they will give him work, but he is so talented and has had to pay for his mistakes forever. His story in some sense reminds me some of Clay's. Eric was the prodigy, he was the actor on a rocket to the stars. I've loved him since I saw him in Raggedy Man. Star 80, people hated him after that movie because his character was so sleazy and they couldn't differentiate the character from the actor. He was.that.good. Nominated for Academy Award and such a buzz item right after, then so many poor choices, such a bright career down the tubes, then booze and brawls, his face busted up, his life a mess (not that I equate that part to Clay, but that is how Eric handled his slippery slope). I'm thrilled for him that he has been able to maintain a career and wish the industry would eventually forgive him which IMO they haven't really and just won't give him the break he dserves. I'm so proud he has turned his life around and was happy to see how well he and his wife spoke of Clay and Jaymes. I don't know why people are so quick to jump on him when after all these years we've seen how stories are spun and quotes are not really what they appear.
  11. So Clayzor doesn't think Jaymes is good enough for Clay and then other posters come on and say Clay isn't good enough for Jaymes. And somehow that's not insulting? Why, because she's a Foster, because she's a record producer, because she's an older woman? Trying to regulate how someone feels and how someone expresses themselves is not being an open minded board where different opinions are welcomed. What difference should it make to any of you how another poster feels or thinks about a situation? She's as entitled to think what she wants about this situation as you are.
  12. Apology accepted and no hard feelings toward you OOlsee. I was not trying to target you specifically. Thank you KAndre for acknowledging that this does happen in real life. I may not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but I know a bit about human kind. No way do I think that people should exclude people, who may not be their peers, but in general it is the way of life. I will agree with you that "Clay is not perfect" used to not be the prevailing attitude on this board. Or at least it wasn't when I joined here. Members here could keep a toe in reality. They could see the good and the bad in things. Smart woman who didn't think Clay was our savior. No pod people. No conspiracies, You could post you didn't care for something and not be tarrred and feathered. It just seems to have changed for some reason. My problem? Yes, but you know people have feelings, and I am no exception. I've brought friends to this board who I feel I have lost. It saddens me. I thought I had made friends on this board. Apparently not. The cold shoulder on this board is so transparent you can cut it with a knife and I just find it sad. The only time I get any acknowledgement from anyone on here anymore is when I say something they don't like. Never mind all the wonderful stuff I might have been posting. Never mind I am as much a fan as anyone else on here. It has become like vultures waiting for me to say something negative so they can come out and feast. That's all I have to say on the matter. Clayzor, I'm not a regular member of this board but just wanted to publicly state that you're the only reason I come here-just to see what you have to say. IMO, you are the most interesting poster on this board. I remember the first trip we took together and it seemed like the only thing we seemed to agree on was that Clay was hot and had a beautiful voice. And we talked and discussed the entire 8 hour trip and did not once get angry or upset with each other. These people just don't know you and how colorful and funny you are. Keep your chin up. I posted on this board for months and I can so relate to the cold shoulder, the few times I was acknowledged, with the exception of you, was when I said something they didn't like. And then I'm reading on here the other night and someone says basically the same thing I did and hardly a peep from anyone and yet I got dogpiled on for saying the same thing, so I guess a lot of it is who you are, not what you say.
  13. There is no such thing as credible news anymore. When you have Newsweek and Time quoting the likes of Perez and TMZ as a legitimate news source, then you know the world has gone to hell.
  14. Also the rush for a Mother's Day release - subliminal message?? Insider says a Foster rep is confirming it and that the new mom is glowing and then goes on to say that her and Clay have been good friends for years.
  15. BWAH! Why does this not surprise me. :glare: Dating the new American Idol winner? Think there might be any camera time involved with that gig? Ah, Cooksy's got his first Fameho groupie... They grow up so fast. Can a bad break-up and a trip to rehab followed by a cathartic CD full of broken-heart songs be far behind? I like David Cook, but ..... KimberMEEEE?? Poor guy. I kind of wish I didn't know this bit of info. And it comes from his appearance on Regis & KellMEEEE? I'm not rattled by all of the people who have made jokes about Clay. Most of it is written by other people anyway. But the one person who totally disgusts me as a human being is Kelly Ripa. I don't care if she's a good mother and a dog lover, I can't stand the sight or sound of the woman. In the time it takes for my brain to recognize her face or voice, I am either clicking the channel, or I'm out of the room. That much emotion about a TV person is unusual for me, but I can't tolerate two seconds of her. Or Howard Stern. And those two are friends. I feel the need to wash my hands after typing their names. I'm glad I got that off my chest. :humor00239: Trust me, kf, I would have never knowingly tuned in to watch Regis and Kelly. I can't stand her either, she makes my blood boil. . It was on the channel when I turned it on and they were asking him who he was dating. What was funny is he said her name and then started to describe who she was as if no one would remember her. He said she was originally from Texas and had moved to LA to do some TV work and then he mentioned she had been an AI contestant years ago.
  16. WOW, just WOW. I read on one of the videos that he wrote this for his brother who died of cancer in 2006. His Songbird video is good, too.
  17. I totally lost any interest in the new AI winner, not that I ever had any but I was going to go out and look up some of his performances. He was just on Regis and Kelly and said he was dating Kimberly Caldwell. I miss Clay!!!!!
  18. Clayzor, had a great time at your place..your car and the sound system in it are AWESOME...I felt like a teenager again. Great company and I don't think we stopped laughing the whole time :F_05BL17blowkiss: One Republic is talented and I like their music. I'm going to be checking out some of their songs on itunes for sure. Thought is was funny how no one was paying any attention to the concert though, they were texting, talking, walking around and Ryan Tedder pulled a James Taylor, sang Apologize, their big hit at about 3/4 through the show. After the song people started leaving, I looked around and all the rows behind us (which were quite a few) were totally empty. It was weird. Saw a lot of Dick Clark bus tours. Bobby Rydell, Bobby Vinton, Paul and Paula, Paul Anka. Have seen the Supremes, Chubby Checker, Dave Clark Five, Herman's Hermits, Jerry Lee Lewis, Beachboys, Jan and Dean, Peter, Paul and Mary, Conway Twitty, Frankie Avalon. I saw Cat Stevens when I got older, I thought his concert was awesome, so maybe he changed it up by then. Saw the Rolling Stones in 1966 in Australia, Bee Gees, Easybeats, Eagles, Inxs before Michael Hutchinson died, James Taylor, Doobie Brothers, Waylon Jennings, Michael Martin Murphy, Bob Sieger, George Strait, Elvis before he died. Saw Paul McCartney recently and I have seen Blue October from Houston 2 times. I love them My favorite concert is still Clay's JBT at Interlochen. His concerts are the most exciting and entertaining out of all of them. As for the other conversation going on here, in a word......unconditional. I meant it when I posted it on the OFC and I still mean it. I rarely come on the boards anymore, but just wanted to drop in and say HELLO to everyone. :F_05BL17blowkiss:
  19. How cool is that!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a great concert!!!!!!
  20. My sympathies to you and everyone without electricity because this week has been very stressful without it, heat and water. We were told we might not have electricity for 2 weeks so I spent 6 days trying to find a generator, purchase it, and get someone to help me lift it out of the car, read the instructions by flashlight and then seconds before I cranked it up, my electricity came back on. I'm not complaining though, it was just bizarre how it happened right before I pulled the cord. And I hope they continue to do so. I see I've missed a lot of drama this past week but I read a few threads and some people seemed to be getting annoyed that the M&Gs aren't talking. I'm proud of them for keeping it to themselves and I hope they continue to do so. playbiller This has been a problem from the beginning of this fandom. Too many fans following others and being loyal without questioning. And those that spoke up when we saw the danger or harm that could befall the fandom were villified. It's still happening and it's scary how easily people are taken in by these demagogues. {{{{claygasm and dad}}}} May you find peace, comfort, laughter and love with each other during this time.
  21. Oh, yum, I'm so glad you posed the cherry ball recipe. I have a simple recipe, am not much of a cook although I love buying cookbooks, especially the ones put out by people in the community. Anyway, I hesitate to post because it is so simple, but this is great if you need something easy to take to a party. The recipe makes two large cheese balls, so adjust accordingly. 2 lbs cream cheese 3 pkgs Carl Budding pastrami chopped in small pieces 1 bunch green onions, chopped Pecans, finely chopped for rolling cheese balls in Mix first 3 ingredients together shape into 2 balls, roll in chopped pecans. Wrap in Saran Wrap and refrigerate until ready to serve. It is best made a day or two ahead of time.
  22. I was just going to post this, but you beat me to it! He sings this like a lullaby...just beautiful! Kim That is a perfect description. Another thing about it that I can't quit watching is how he's Clay Aiken on the last note and then when the lights fade young Clayton Grissom appears. Made me all teary eyed.
  23. He looked gorgeous in News Brunswick. Thank you Clay for bringing the sexy back. xxx4clay's NB WTOW is a must see. Towards the end he is looking into her camera while singing tenderly...he never ceases to amaze me how he keeps getting better on something that is already sublime.
  24. I just saw that Clayzor. Have you talked to your family? {{{Omahans}}}
  25. I don't understand it either, it's neverending. There is some serious obsession going on. Question, if you gift the album does it go to their email and they have to have itunes to play it?