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  1. We have quite a bit of snow and of course none of our roads have been cleared. I have to take my husband to the foot doctor today but cant get ahold of anyone. They said they were delayed until 10 and his appointment is 10:45. I want to get him there as he might have an infection. We live on a hill but I can slide down it with the car and hope no one is trying to come up it. Always something. Just glad schools are closed so I don't have to drive my granddaughter this morning. In the south snow is a great fear of many. I just hate ice, so be careful merrieeee.
  2. I heard a little bit of it tonight on NPR. She sounded great but so different.
  3. Today not so bad, yesterday I walked the dog in 11 degree temperature. With a hat, gloves and scarf not awful. A few years ago we had single digits for a week and we had to cover all our shrubs which was quite an ordeal as we also had a pretty stiff wind.I filled plastic jars with water and after they had frozen they were quite good at holding the tarps down. Its strange today as we are between 2 snow bands and we have none. Raleigh and east have snow and Boone in the mts to the west have snow. NC is an interesting state weather wise.
  4. Get well ldyj. Wish I could send you some homemade chicken soup. Hope you all have a Happy New Year. I'll be in bed early as usual. Just can't stay up late any more.
  5. Thanks ldyj. So much better today. Guess I just overdid it. So much fun delivering the cookies. Many of the neighbors invited me in their homes while I was delivering their cookies. Nice Christmas tradition. Altogether about 18 bags of cookies. So despite the disarray of our family at least that part was great. Hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas. Going to church with my son at 11pm. Its been so long since I've been to church, I hope the walls don't fall in.
  6. Have a wonderful trip merrieeee. Finished 3 different cookies and wrapped gifts. But woke up with a backache. Advil finally helping. Now have to get cookies to neighbors.
  7. Hi twilight. Living a little further west in Winston-Salem, we had 2 to 4 inches and it did get cold here. There is still some snow left from Friday. I had to pick up my granddaughter from school and it took 4 times longer than usual - an hour each way. Worse yet, my husband fell on Sunday afternoon and injured his hand. X-rays don't show a break but it is so swollen, painful and discolored they think it may be a break that is hidden. I was hoping he would help wrap on Saturday and Sunday but hopefully my granddaughter and some friends will help. A wonderful CV poster has volunteered to do Mon and Tues.
  8. I had that surgery too and also waited forever. I have an autoimmune disease in my right eye so the steroid drops I take during a flareup caused my actual lense to harden. The cataract surgery took quite a bit of time as the actual lens cracked into several pieces and she had to pick them out. When i started having trouble seeing again I was a little upset but the laser fixed it right up. Having a flareup now but I started weaning off the steroids until after Christmas when i should be good to go. Don't know why she didn't offer to fix up my vision maybe because I didn't have a cataract in the other eye. Tuning into BOLD now.
  9. Happy Birthday Clay. Enjoy your last good year. From now on you'll have to lie.
  10. Nice new Heading. Unfortunately it reminds me of Christmas shopping, which I have not started yet.
  11. Good thoughts that your husband finds a new job ldyj. We survived losing a job three times and came through quite well. But that's how we ended up in the south.
  12. Twilight covered most of what happened at the Gala. I did enjoy hearing Clay sing "Suspicious Minds" again. He does a great job with it. Every note last night was perfection and if anything has changed for the better with his voice, he does sing with a lot of emotion. I guess age and experience does that to you. Of course Clay was as funny and snarky as usual. One I remember was when they were taking a short break, Clay said we have to take a break because Shaun has a small bladder. But then he was bragging about the Broadway shows all the musicians were in. He said Shaun was going to be in "Frozen" opening soon on Broadway. I'll continue later
  13. The preparty was not quite as crowded as lastyear but still hard.to o find a seat. Clay looked great. At brunch as we had our pcture with Clay and Diane, Clay complimented me on my tunic. I went over to Jerome to tell him how great he looked. I couldn't resist petting Harlem. So much smaller than I thought he was. Jerome said not to mess up the dog's hair and then laughed. Games this afternoon were fun and afterwards I won a basket. Heading out shortly for the GalS. Each year it seems to get better. Nick is a great addition to the team. Much more casual and fun. Sorry for the bad typing. I'm. Onl my tablet. Gala was amazing. No words. Will try to get on my desktop tomorrow.
  14. Leaving tomorrow after lunch. Only an hour and a half away. Looking forward to a short break. Hoping all goes well with dh and granddaughter since neither drives. I asked my son to help but he needs to finish a work project this weekend. Ill shop later tonight. Granddaughter has a n orchestra concert until eight which I better go to first.
  15. Have a great time merrieeee. We'll miss you at the Gala. I'll be staying with playbiller there. I'm a little frightened of leaving my husband and granddaughter alone as neither is driving. Hoping my son will help out.
  16. Something going on in NY ? I assume you"ll be at the Gala next weekend. Enjoy the great weather.
  17. I tuned in late but the woman discussing taxes seemed pretty sharp.Clay said something like she made taxes sexy and he finds himself nodding in agreement with her although he knows he really doesn't agree with her. His commentator voice gets better all the time and he really looked the part today, mature and sophisticated.
  18. Its a big problem in NC. The court threw out our redistricting which was racially discriminatory and our legislature made a few changes and voila , it's still discriminatory. We need a new method of selecting our districts, preferably an impartial method. I so agree with Clay.
  19. I'm with you Twilight. I'm happy to hear any of them. Hopefully we will hear many more. Last year's Gala was so good.
  20. I added "Let's Stay Together" by Al Green Maybe this will give Clay some new ideas for a possible album.