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  1. Good thoughts that your husband finds a new job ldyj. We survived losing a job three times and came through quite well. But that's how we ended up in the south.
  2. Twilight covered most of what happened at the Gala. I did enjoy hearing Clay sing "Suspicious Minds" again. He does a great job with it. Every note last night was perfection and if anything has changed for the better with his voice, he does sing with a lot of emotion. I guess age and experience does that to you. Of course Clay was as funny and snarky as usual. One I remember was when they were taking a short break, Clay said we have to take a break because Shaun has a small bladder. But then he was bragging about the Broadway shows all the musicians were in. He said Shaun was going to be in "Frozen" opening soon on Broadway. I'll continue later
  3. The preparty was not quite as crowded as lastyear but still hard.to o find a seat. Clay looked great. At brunch as we had our pcture with Clay and Diane, Clay complimented me on my tunic. I went over to Jerome to tell him how great he looked. I couldn't resist petting Harlem. So much smaller than I thought he was. Jerome said not to mess up the dog's hair and then laughed. Games this afternoon were fun and afterwards I won a basket. Heading out shortly for the GalS. Each year it seems to get better. Nick is a great addition to the team. Much more casual and fun. Sorry for the bad typing. I'm. Onl my tablet. Gala was amazing. No words. Will try to get on my desktop tomorrow.
  4. Leaving tomorrow after lunch. Only an hour and a half away. Looking forward to a short break. Hoping all goes well with dh and granddaughter since neither drives. I asked my son to help but he needs to finish a work project this weekend. Ill shop later tonight. Granddaughter has a n orchestra concert until eight which I better go to first.
  5. Have a great time merrieeee. We'll miss you at the Gala. I'll be staying with playbiller there. I'm a little frightened of leaving my husband and granddaughter alone as neither is driving. Hoping my son will help out.
  6. Something going on in NY ? I assume you"ll be at the Gala next weekend. Enjoy the great weather.
  7. I tuned in late but the woman discussing taxes seemed pretty sharp.Clay said something like she made taxes sexy and he finds himself nodding in agreement with her although he knows he really doesn't agree with her. His commentator voice gets better all the time and he really looked the part today, mature and sophisticated.
  8. Its a big problem in NC. The court threw out our redistricting which was racially discriminatory and our legislature made a few changes and voila , it's still discriminatory. We need a new method of selecting our districts, preferably an impartial method. I so agree with Clay.
  9. I'm with you Twilight. I'm happy to hear any of them. Hopefully we will hear many more. Last year's Gala was so good.
  10. I added "Let's Stay Together" by Al Green Maybe this will give Clay some new ideas for a possible album.
  11. I think he is in quick sand right now. Somebody save him before he goes under.
  12. Take care. This is scary weather. I read an article where a homeless man was interviewed. He decided to stay under the bridge because he couldn't smoke or drink in a shelter, but was still concerned about what would happen to him and his belongings. Hope everyone remains safe with a minimum of damage. Horrible situation.
  13. Stay safe merrieeee. kimiye, hope your sister stays safe too. Too much water scares me to death. I guess thats why we happily live inland. That Instagram is so funny. The good old days.
  14. So sorry twilight. Hopefully you can find an even better job with more hours. I enjoyed the eclipse sitting on my back deck with a piece of cardboard and another piece of copying paper to reflect the sun on. At the same time texting with my older son in Oregon. We sent pictures to each other. His girlfriend lives in Alaska, northern Alaska. So not sure if she saw anything .
  15. Yes twilight. I'll be going to the Gala with my sister. My friend who I've gone with for several years can't afford it this year. My husband gave me the money as a birthday gift this year. Our medical bills are through the roof this year and with my 14 year old granddaughter staying with us. Ouch! Dance camps twice this summer and now field hockey.
  16. Thanks for the pictures. If they ever have an east coast politicon, I'd so be there. I will be going to the Gala this Fall. anyone else going?