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  1. I think he is in quick sand right now. Somebody save him before he goes under.
  2. Take care. This is scary weather. I read an article where a homeless man was interviewed. He decided to stay under the bridge because he couldn't smoke or drink in a shelter, but was still concerned about what would happen to him and his belongings. Hope everyone remains safe with a minimum of damage. Horrible situation.
  3. Stay safe merrieeee. kimiye, hope your sister stays safe too. Too much water scares me to death. I guess thats why we happily live inland. That Instagram is so funny. The good old days.
  4. So sorry twilight. Hopefully you can find an even better job with more hours. I enjoyed the eclipse sitting on my back deck with a piece of cardboard and another piece of copying paper to reflect the sun on. At the same time texting with my older son in Oregon. We sent pictures to each other. His girlfriend lives in Alaska, northern Alaska. So not sure if she saw anything .
  5. Yes twilight. I'll be going to the Gala with my sister. My friend who I've gone with for several years can't afford it this year. My husband gave me the money as a birthday gift this year. Our medical bills are through the roof this year and with my 14 year old granddaughter staying with us. Ouch! Dance camps twice this summer and now field hockey.
  6. Thanks for the pictures. If they ever have an east coast politicon, I'd so be there. I will be going to the Gala this Fall. anyone else going?
  7. Happy Fourth all! Took husband for a scan this morning but rest of day is free to cook and clean.
  8. I couldn't watch it on my tablet yesterday and my desktop isn't available until afternoon. Sounds like it was an interesting show.
  9. Good luck Merrieeee. Have a wonderful trip. I hope the storm goes away too. I'm in charge of a block party on Sunday and hoping the weather will be great.
  10. I hope Burr can do as good a job as Senator Sam did. Richard Burr is from the same town in NC that I live in. At one time he was very bipartisan and worked closely with our, at that time, Democratic senator. Tea-party Republicans started picketing outside his office because they didn't like their cooperation. And to be fair a lot of Democrats didn't appreciate her working with him. So I guess that's why we are in such a state of grid lock.
  11. That's today. Hope I remember. I'm going to the Gala. Should I start another Gala thread? No one replied last year. It's easy for me to get there as I only live 80 or so miles from Charlotte. The room was only about $120. with three of us sharing for 2 nights and food wasn't very much as they had a Starbucks and other cafes nearby. It was a great time so if any of you are considering going, Do it! Not sure what I'll do if my husband isn't doing better by then, but there is always an answer.
  12. Glad to have you here soulsista. I watched the entire "Sandy Wexler" movie on Netflix just to see Clay's part. Guess Ill do the same with "Sharkanado". I thought I read somewhere that it is in August.
  13. I have no interest in Kathy Griffin and would not even have known about her stunt if it wasn't for the internet particularly FB. it's a strange world where the smallest thing appears to get blown up around the world. I guess I just miss the days when things were not so in your face and you actually had to search in magazines or watch on TV.
  14. Tillis is OK. Appears that reports were exaggerated. I can see both sides: feeling bad that he collapsed so feeling bad for him and his family and on the other hand commenting negatively because he voted to deny health care to so many other families. Hopefully an occurrence like this can make him think about his vote and how it would hurt so many people if it is voted in. Surely even he must have a heart.
  15. Had a volunteer breakfast this morning with my sweet 6 year old student. Bought her some beginning reader books and one by Eric Carle, her favorite author. This was our last day together. This afternoon getting a committee together to plan for our progressive dinner next month. My poor husband has to wait for lunch. Can't listen to Clay until the download as i don't have sirius but he sure looks good for so early in the morning. I thought I looked good this morning but when i got home I found a spot of Pasta sauce from Mothers' day on my shirt. At least kids don't mind that.
  16. I thought BOLD was very interesting today. I loved the two interpretations of how some people of color can get out of the poverty cycle. Unfortunately there was not enough time to explain how they would work. Clay asked an amazing and fascinating question at the very end. I won't spoil it for those of you who listened or watched. Anyway another great show from Carrie and Clay!