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  1. twilight, you might want to check on the PART bus service. Its reasonably priced and does long distance routes across the state or maybe someone at the NIP is heading that way and can offer a ride. I live in Winston, so I am closer to Charlotte than Raleigh. I plan on attending and have it on my calendar so I don't plan anything else. I usually have to arrange for someone to check in on my husband, walk the dog and get them both meals. :P

  2. We just had some ice. A lot of power outages and lots of detours because of trees down. I didn't run into any ice on the roads but then again I don't usually go out at night in bad weather. In the morning afterward, Monday there was still a lot of ice up in the trees. After that 12 to 14 inch snow we had earlier I think we had enough snow for the rest of the year. School was out for a week that time.

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  3. Wow! Thanks for the videos. It is pouring down snow here in NC. Newspaper said 12 inches so far. About twice as much as we normally get in a snowfall. I am enjoying having some time to myself since I can't go out in this weather. Takes several days before the streets are plowed. Our development has private streets so we have already been plowed once, not that you could tell several hours later.

    Got a steroid shot in my knee and can walk again so I am thinking of going out to NYC after Christmas. Start wrapping for the NIP on Friday and three more days after that so before Christmas is almost impossible to do. But after may be doable. . :chacha::thinkinggirl:

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  4. Didn't have any idea about a cd release party, although there was one in my town.Drove to Target before work to get a copy of MOAM. I was not on any boards then although I think there was an AI board that I looked at periodically.After the Independance Tour in our town I went to Krispie Kreme where Clay was signing autographs. We also had our pictures taken in front of the store in groups as there were many people waiting in line. Still have the autographed copy of MOAM but the photo has long disappeared off my computer. I still have the hard drive and some time when I actually have a quiet life, I'll spend some time looking for it.

  5. How did playbiller and I miss the eHP? 

    Great show. Laughed so hard at Clay, comedian extraordinaire. He was a little hoarse after the auctions so kept drinking water. The auctioneer and Clay were so funny too. They added stuff to auction until Clay got the amount he wanted. Nothing for me to bid on as they no longer do the baskets or small items. Even the send a child to camp has a $300. limit. Just glad that they were able to get to where they needed to be.

    While he performed His cousin brought out a new bottle of water. He took a taste and said "whats in here?essential oils I suppose" and made a face. Later his assistant brought him some tea and honey which really seemed to help his voice and he finished strong. Singer great, band great.

    The Gala started at 8 and lasted until 11:30 and the audience was still disappointed that it ended. So funny when Ethel danced with Clay, Ben and Shaun during Purple Rain. 

    Congratulations to Twilight who got a founders award. Another to Dancermom of CV. Both very deserving recipients. Loved your speech Twilight.

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  6. On 9/13/2018 at 12:44 PM, ldyjocelyn said:

    Fear, how is the weather for you?  Are you in an area that could have trouble?

    Not too bad. We lost power for 3 hours today and it has been raining and a little windy. We are pretty far from the coast so it hasn't even made it out this far yet. Funny thing is that cancelled school on Thursday and Friday and we barely had a drop of rain on Friday. My husband was so desperate for some media that he sat there at an old crank radio turning that knob for about an hour just to hear a little talk radio (NPR). All is well now.