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  1. Loved the cellcert from this concert. Clay was in great voice, the CH cellcerter was enthusuastic and the crowd was fantastic. I wish every concert could be this good.

    I am, maybe needlessly, concerned about how he is really going full out with his voice. The concerts I am attending are just before Christmas and selfishly I want his voice to be just as great as it is now. Meanwhile I am very happy to be able to hear him almost on a daily basis. :D

  2. Here is my review of Greenville, which I will post on the CH. This concert is what dreams are made of.

    WOW! WOW!

    Clay was on fire last night in addition to being very chatty.

    First off we met at the Hyatt in Greenville for the preconcert party. Calliek, savagal and all the others who put this party together: Great job! Excellent company, very good food, terrific prizes made for a really good time. Shine in nc, a very enthusiastic fan, explained her wonderful photos and the special paper she uses.

    Afterwards Playbiller and I walked to the venue with trekkietoo, a very, very sweet fan. It was hot and humid, but at least no rain this year. We couldn’t get to our seats until 7:30 so, although air conditioned, we were packed in and hot in the lobby. When they finally let us in our seats were great, 12Th row center. Thanks calliek for arranging the tickets. I probably would have been in the third balcony if I had bought my own tickets.

    This is a great venue. The sound was so much better than at Toms River. When Clay appeared, we all jumped to our feet and a loud roar came from the crowd. This was the audience to die for, at least as far as I know. Clay asked us to stand for the fast songs so we were up and down during the show. It allowed us to burn off the calories from our meal. He acknowledged his mom was in the audience. It definitely did not impede his dancing; I’ll bet she was really proud. Jamie Foster was also introduced. We noticed her bopping to the music. She is a very real looking person.

    His voice seemed a little tentative at first. By the end of the concert he was in the best voice I think I have ever heard. He was probably pacing himself and anticipating the difficult songs ahead. When he totally let his voice out, it was so unbelievable: soaring, flexible and sounding effortless. By the time we got to the 00’s, his voice left me breathless. Just you seems to have been transformed into a rocking ballad, almost heavy metal like, with loud drums, soaring guitars and Clay’s powerful voice. Back For More did not appear to change. I have a feeling Clay is spending a lot of time really thinking and working on this next cd.

    There was so much more dancing than at the first concert, with more complicated moves. Now that he knows we love it and are not laughing at him, he is really exhibiting his inner rhythm while moving to the music. During the “ Great Balls of Fire” medley he got down on his hands and knees and sang to the female keyboardist, who had a big grin on her face.

    The ensemble appears to be in sync with each other and having a great time knowing they are pleasing a great number of people. Clay praises each and every person for their great work.

    I am so proud to be a Clay Aiken fan.

  3. I agree couchtomato about fans not being too involved in BAF. Thats where the problems started (internet problems not BAF problems). It is amazing to me how much information fans have.

    I don't understand why the BAF is not allowed to make mistakes. Almost everyday I throw food out that I forgot to use, say something dumb, forget to do something that I meant to do, pay a bill late. So an organization which may be spread thin and uses volunteers to keep costs down, can, IMO, make mistakes too.

    My sister and I are going to GMA, thats one more than last year. I have a digital video camera I could bring, does anyone know if they are allowed?

  4. Do we have to be nice to Ms. Walls too? :rolleyes:

    The gossip item on MSNBC was just that. It made absolutely no sense at all. I don't think this was from WRAL. Some of the numbers were different. It appears to me that she was fed this information and printed as she received it without checking out any of the numbers. I think she mentioned $150,000 in salaries. The audit report shows $112,284

    She showed that only $345,000 was distributed. This number does not include the $155,750 spent for Project Gonzo nor does it include the costs of the 2 galas $189,891. So when reporting the amount distributed she includes the income from the galas but does not deduct the related expenses.

    Almost half of the travel related to Project Gonzo. Which makes sense due to training and observations of other camps.

    I did a calculation in the den of the Clackhouse and by deducting the income and expenses of the galas the resulting distribution of revenues to programs was more like 78% than the 35% or so they reported.

    Sorry for the numbers talk. I really dislike the unjust manipulation of them.

  5. Ansamcw, I thoought your analysis was great. I especially liked the following:

    Let Clay Fans be Clay Fans...One thing this pin craze has emphasized to me is how varied, how unique each group of Clay fans are. We will get all kinds of reaction to things that Clay will do. There will be people that will get hurt by things he said, and there will be others who will just shrug and think...so what else is new. All our reactions are as real as Clay's reaction to us...our opinions on his opinions are as valid as his. So I have decided not to get upset by people's reactions anymore. They are what they are..We have no control on what other fans feel in the same way we have not control over what Clay feels and do.

    I don't get upset at others post either. Sometimes I do wish they would go away.

    We know more about Clay than the public ever will. I think of him as being strong, determined, willful and very funny. His public image, particularly right after AI, seemed to be weak, vain and not in control. Although some critics were able to see the personality that we see during his concerts, it hasn't seemed to have helped with younger people. I am not sure how he can be sold to the twenty somethings but I can see him appealing to older males, if he could be heard for the different and classic voice that he has.

    I have two sons in their thirties. We have all loved music and there was not a minute in the day that we did not have the radio or stereo on. Their musical tastes run to a lot of older artists: Frank Sinatra, Elvis or quirkier artists: Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen, Bob Wills. Clay is not on their radar as he is lumped in with current pop artists and they are not interested.

    My point, I think, is that Clay can benefit by seperating himself from the current crop of pop artists by accentuating his difference from them. That can be in attitude, style of clothing and selection of songs. Looks like attitude is in the works. But if he had some songs on his cd that were written by unexpected song writers written specifically with Clay in mind. For example Neil Young or anyone else not usually seen in his genre.

  6. Hey I'm FearofH2O. I am a member of the Clackhouse and CV. At CV I'm Lakelady. I don't have a blog at OCAFC and have never posted there. Why? I am a really slow typist with a massive amount of errors. I NEED spellcheck.

    My name came from my most recent almost drowning events at the lake property we have. I can hardly put my toes in the water without hyperventilating. I hope to seek help for this. Not to mention the oether things I need help for: pin buying, CA concerts attended, lack of house cleaning.

    I watched AI1, sorry, but I liked Guarini and Tamyra for a while. But didn't really care who won. Never followed what happened to them. Decided I had had too much of reality shows and after watching the first episode of AI2, swore I would not watch again. One day flipping channels I saw Clay singing on the wild card show. I could not believe what I was hearing: a voice like none other that I had ever heard. After that I was hooked watching it to the end. My sister insisted I go to the AI2 concert and arranged tickets for me and someone to go with. Loved Clay and hated the rest of the show. But after that I was hooked on the voice and here I am two years later. ;)