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  1. I hope Burr can do as good a job as Senator Sam did. 

    Richard Burr is from the same town in NC that I live in. At one time he was very bipartisan and worked closely with our, at that time, Democratic senator. Tea-party Republicans started picketing outside his office because they didn't like their cooperation. And to be fair a lot of Democrats didn't appreciate her working with him. So I guess that's why we are in such a state of grid lock. 

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  2. That's today. Hope I remember. I'm going to the Gala. Should I start another Gala thread? No one replied last year. It's easy for me to get there as I only live 80 or so miles from Charlotte. The room was only about $120. with three of us sharing for 2 nights and food wasn't very much as they had a Starbucks and other cafes nearby. It was a great time so if any of you are considering going, Do it! 

    Not sure what I'll do if my husband isn't doing better by then, but there is always an answer.

  3. Tillis is OK. Appears that reports were exaggerated. I can see both sides: feeling bad that he collapsed so feeling bad for him and his family and on the other hand commenting negatively because he voted to deny health care to so many other families. Hopefully an occurrence like this can make him think about his vote and how it would hurt so many people if it is voted in. Surely even he must have a heart. 

  4. Had a volunteer breakfast this morning with my sweet 6 year old student. Bought her some beginning reader books and one by Eric Carle, her favorite author. This was our last day together. :crying1:This afternoon getting a committee together to plan for our progressive dinner next month. My poor husband has to wait for lunch. 

    Can't listen to Clay until the download as i don't have sirius but he sure looks good for so early in the morning. 

    I thought I looked good this morning but when i got home I found a spot of Pasta sauce from Mothers' day on my shirt. At least kids don't mind that.

  5. I thought BOLD was very interesting today. I loved the two interpretations of how some people of color can get out of the poverty cycle. Unfortunately there was not enough time to explain how they would work. Clay asked an amazing and fascinating question at the very end. I won't spoil it for those of you who listened or watched. Anyway another great show from Carrie and Clay!

  6. Great reading your posts. Nice article about Quiana. Glad to hear she is getting more work. She looks great in that photo. Hopefully we will get to see her later this year at the Gala. I'll be there even if I have to hire a service to help my husband as I had to do one year when Clay was on tour. 

    I do enjoy watching BOLD on Fridays. Fortunately most Fridays I'm pretty free. Clay has a way of making the guests open up and feel comfortable when answering his questions or comments. I love that he and Carrie can work so well together and appear to really like each other.

  7. Hi guys. Welcome back old timers and welcome new ones. Love the new banner. 

    We are supporting a puppy who came with the granddaughter, part chihuahua and part terrier. At least we can carry her.

    My husband's ankle is healing well but now he has a few spine fractures and problems with nerves in his back. The doctors haven't okayed him to walk but even if they did he couldn't because of the pain in his back. I'm about ready to run away from home. :crying1: Good news is we are all healthy otherwise.

  8. That was enjoyable. I enjoyed the parts I saw. I'll have to rewatch it. 

    My husbands ankle is doing well although he is on his 5th cast. Now due to all the keeping weight off his leg, he is having really bad back pains and spasms. Doing an MRI tomorrow and then hopefully can start PT, if the pain subsides. 

    Did my last day of volunteering until the Fall. Yeah for the summer off. 

  9. Well I'm okay. My husband had the metal fixater removed last month and now is in his fourth cast. They finally allowed him to put weight on his ankle but still can't walk. Hopefully Monday they will give him good news. 

    Granddaughter is still living with us but is spending this weekend on vacation with parents. 

    I just finished my 13th year as a tax volunteer and running the site. Not sure what next year will hold as I am totally exhausted this year. Have my sons returns to finish up too. Hopefully I'll have some time after this to relax and see friends.

    Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and don't eat too many jelly beans like I probably will, :P

  10. Still here but can't keep up with the Clay shows. With a 14 year old in the house and DH with a broken ankle which has an external fixator on it, I barely have time to read.  I rarely get sick but this is my 3rd cold this season. Why does my granddaughter keep bringing them home?

    Anyway my purpose in this was to thank you all for helping me keep up. Looks like you are doing great recuperating ldyj. 

  11. Glad to hear you are doing well ldyj. I agree about sleeping on your back. They finally let me sleep on my good hip with a pillow between my knees. 

    I thought we were done with surgeries in April until yesterday when my husband slipped in the bathroom and broke his ankle. So I guess he is finally done with knees and now will start working on his ankles. Not sure when surgery will be but it will happen according to ortho doc.