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  1. Funny thing - a post I was writing over Thanksgiving which I never finished because my tablet froze up, just reappeared. I deleted it.  missed most of everything from last night as I was selling tickets at my granddaughters final dance recital at her high school and then attending the final performance. It was cute as they did the nutcracker using mosrn music for the first half and the orchestra played the actual nutcracker music for the last half. Dress rehearsals twice this week and 3  performances plus WFI for 2 days this week  and tutoring have me frassled. 

    So hopefully, I can catch up onthe periscopes and facebook performances this weekend. Glad to hear that Clay was in great voice. I haven't done my Christmas shopping yet either. Have 2 more WFI this week and one more tutoring session before Christmas. Anyhow what a great Christmas present present from Clay, no matter what his hairstyle. Which, by the way, was hanging over one eye at the casual get togetner  the day before the Gala.  His assistant told us that she did not like it that way and arguedwith him about it. Very cute.

  2. I'm worried about all the young girls in this and the next generation. My granddaughter has planned out her lifefor the next ten years. I can only hope they will come out to fruition. Being old, I can remember being told "We don't hire women. Our clients don't like working with them." when out on job interviews. I was the first woman at our large firm in NYC. The next year they hired the first African American man. Funny thing, we usually were sent out to work together. He was a terrific guy. I don't know what was said about me, but I sure hated to hear what some partners said about him. Here's hoping we don't have to relive this

    I like clean air and water . I'll get over this, I hope. Long live freedom and equality.

    Hard to believe that Clay was correct when he predicted a Trump win. :titanic:

  3. Thank you merrieeee. I was watching the debate with my husband and 13 year old granddaughter. I was not on the internet until much later. She is taking speech and debate so had to complete her assignment after it was over. We had a great discussion.Her father was a little upset that I was bringing her home at midnite on a school night.

    But it was fun reading Clay's tweets this morning. 

  4. Thanks ldyj and jmh. I am much better today but still being cautious about eating.  Mr fear had 8 knee surgeries. the last one was the second knee replacement in his left knee. He has had several series of PT sessions but he still has pain in that knee. I showed him how to sit down in the drivers seat first and then swivel his legs around but he has very long legs and can't do it. We have 2 Prius's. I almost always drive him but I was out of it that morning after being up all night. My hip is great, no pain just a little less mobility than the other leg. 

    jmh , so sorry you won't be at the Gala. I don't suppose driving back and forth in the same day is an option. I did that a few times in Raleigh, which is 100 miles from me. Charlotte is only 80 or so miles. Message me if you would consider it. You could always change in our room or lay down on the floor.

  5. I can't watch Big Brother. Ugh! :drama: 

    Another exciting day at my house. I was up all night vomiting with stomach pains so Mr Fear took off on his own in the car despite a very weak knee. Of course he fell at a medical office and they called the EMS. He is on blood thinners so he was bleeding heavily. I ran to help but he had already been bandaged and left. I met him at home and insisted he go to get stitches. He only needed 5 but with his history they gave him antibiotics too and told me to change the bandage every 3 hours or so over the weekend. We got home around 4. I could think of many more things we could do with our time. Having less than 4 hours of sleep makes me want to take a nap before I go bandage shopping.

  6. Had my hip replacement done 2 years ago this coming October. I feel so much better but I never did get back to where I was in exercising. My leg has a limited rotation but it really doesnt hurt. I definitely can't run but I can walk for longer distances. Only my feet limit my walking now. When I do the elliptical machine I get a pain in one of my knees. Hopefully that won't get worse. It's a real pain, literally, getting old.

    Hope you all feel better. :sorry:

  7. Maybe its time that congress does an investigation Into why races, religions and nationalities dont seem to get along. Any kind of violence gets me sick. Wake up America.I feel bad for the families of the policemen shot and the families of the  men shot all in a few days. Forgot to add who you love and how you feel. This is particularly important in my state, NC.

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