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  1. Hello all-haven't been here for awhile but seeing the always terrific couchtomatoe and meeting the wonderful ldyj for the first time at the gala-I just had to stop by and say "hey!"
  2. Happiest of Birthdays, keepingfaith!!! Did you do your check at Walmart for tnt stock yesterday?
  3. keepingfaith I got all kinds of goosebumps reading your post. Yes he is stalking you and your sister-it is the only explanation. What a special last week and this week the two of you have had. I wonder if he went back stage before the end of ths show....hmm.....I am imagining him in all his handsomeness. sigh. it makes me happy that he was greeting people.
  4. Thank YOU, Cagney. I read the words Brazil 66 and immediately saw Sergio Mendes and heard Mas Que Nada in my head! I never had any Jack Jones records. He was in that group with Andy Williams, Perry Como and Robert Goulet that my mother liked -- the "Wives and Lovers" stuff. Maybe Jack had a version, but "Can't Get Used to Loving You" was a big hit for Andy Williams. About that time I was preferring Sam Cooke's "Another Saturday Night" and The Tymes "So Much In Love" and The Ronettes "Be My Baby." It was also about the time I started buying Peter, Paul and Mary records, Joe & Eddie, The Ch
  5. Thank you keeping faith for posting the link to Just One Look. I lived in Ruben's 60's as well. I don't think any decade can touch the 60's for the richness and variety of music. I loved it all from the Beatles to Brazil 66. My tastes were so eclectic-my album collection ranged from the Anita Kerr singers to Steppenwolf. From the little snippet we got of the 60's in Timeless, the music sung by Ruben resonated with me more than Clay's. But I did love that he sang Going Out of My Head. Now he just has to sing Sing I Fell For You. I had an interesting musical epiphany while listening to a radio s
  6. Wow, I hate to interrupt all the fondling, double entendres, and all but wanted to thank cindilu for bringing over some of my favorite pics. Gotta run to present to a parent open house for students coming to my university in the fall. I have this sinking feeling I am suppowed to have prepared something, Many of these parents have been to at least one if not two open houses with their sons and daughters and have seen me both times. i think I will focus on what I would want to know if I were these parents. Maybe a top ten list starting with Will my child have a job when they are finished? Off t
  7. Cindilu2Could you snag 25 and 40 and 43 for me? I would like to make one of thme an avi.Thanks so much in advance! I have been absent for a week or so and have been very remiss in doing my song thoughts. I have some good excuses-week long professional conference and the unexpected death of the former chairpeson of my department. But I still feel like I have an overdue paper to finish. I haven't had much time to read back and I really want to see people's impressions. Have we had an embarrassment of riches or what in the past week?! I haven't been able to catch up but I will admit to watching
  8. I realize I am way behind with song of the day and at least want to do Misty. When i first heard the rendition through the facebook link, it hit me that this was a different kind of song than i am used to hearing from Clay. It doesn't build to a crescendo or even a mini crescendo-it has the same kind of pacing and dynamics pretty straight through. I like it for this song very much and if I ever have the guts to call in a request for Sleepy Hollow (a Sunday morning program of eclectic mix of music on alternative music station) this would be the song i would choose. I think Clay soun
  9. I cannot wait for the Siriusly Sinatra. I am signing up for the free 30 day trial for Sirius. Warning, you need to supply your credit card information but you can cancel at anytime-must remind myself of that. Actually, I wouldn't mind the subscription but I listen mainly in my car and I don't have the equipment. Here is the link if anyone is interested. I wanted to say something elese about the Chelsea Lately appearance which I loved. When he was talking about him and Ruben and how he (Clay ) is organized but Ruben is like "hey dog, we'll get it when w
  10. Loved, just loved Clay's appearance on Chelsea Handler's show last night. I thought the treatment was kind of sweet-from the intro with her sidekick (don't know how to spell his name) to the final hug which seemed almost intimate in a gentle you-might-play-for-the-other-team-but-I-still-think-you-are-really-groovy kind of way. But more on that later. I have an overdue assignment and I am losing points by the minute. What Kind of Fool Am I I have loved this song for ever and probably have been most attached to the version by Sammy Davis Jr. I haven't heard his rendition for years so I searched
  11. I wanted to post my thoughts about CTMEOY before reading anyone elses...then i will go back and comment. When I heard that he sang this at the GIF, I had two thoughts, I never liked that song very much but wow, he sings it really well. I have never been that fond of the Four Seasons. I thought they sounded like cats and I really didnt like groups that sounded like cats to me including the Lettermen, later the Bee Gees, etc. Big exception- the Beach Boys. But I digress… I think this is a terrific song to start the album and for him to use to promote the album. I thought he hit it out of the p
  12. I listened to all the above mentioned current singers in college (68-72) but we also listened quite a bit to Sammy Davis Jr. We loved his music from Golden Boy. I was thrilled when Clay covered one of the songs that Sammy sang so well. Loved the smirk! I really enjoyed the performances on the Early Show and his music was featured quite a bit throughout the show. Although I thought that his best singing performance this week was CTMEOY on GMA, he really brought a little more swagger to the song this morning. I love seeing his live performances evolve. I always do listen to albums in order, at
  13. I'm so with you. I don't know why people expect bad reviews. I don't--and I haven't noticed most of the slights. Critics are just people with an opinion, so they don't affect me much one way or another, but I think it's becoming cool to like Clay. He's still around after all these years, and that alone is enough to convince people he's not a flash in the pan. I feel incredibly positive about Clay's career. I get frustrated when I read "finally, someone has listened to the album" when good reviews are given. Although there were examples where it seemed obvious the reviewer had not listened
  14. Hi guys. I received the deluxe cd from Amazon on Saturday morning. I wrote the following thoughts about the cd on Sunday and posted on clayversity. If anyone cares to have a preview (really very general). If you wish to read,you can highlight the following. I received the album yesterday and luxuriated in its beauty as I was driving to and from an out of town wedding. I wanted to comment just briefly about it overall but look forward to discussing it track by track. I tried to resist listening too much to the snippets but wasn't totally successful. When listening to the album in its entirity,
  15. keepingfaithI hear you about Paul McCartney. I was 13, he was 21. My first love. And it was serious. I collected the Beatles pics that came with bubble gum and I was the dealer for these items at St. Joseph's elementary school where I was an 8th grader. I had a stack of those cards about 5 inches thick. I was the page editor of our school newspaper in high school and my fantasy was that I would be called to interview him and well, he would become as smitten with me as I was with him. Eight years difference didn't seem so bad when I became, say 17. The irony of it all was that I believe he met
  16. Thanks Kim! Now that I know that Alex Christensen produced Right Said Fred, I'm looking forward to hearing Clay sing, "I'm too sexy for my shirt" -- 'cause God knows he is! It's clear Billboard likes this CD better than anything that came before, and YAY for terms such as "authoritative," "relaxed vibe," and "summons a swagger he never previously displayed." In addition to those choice words and phrases, may I throw in the word "exudes" which precedes the "relaxed vibe" description? The word "exudes" suggests something that you just can't hold back- is its own force-I love that the reviewer
  17. tree... nothing personal, but I HATE that article! Why, you ask... cause the idiot just HAD to put in that gay descriptor in there. Idjit!!! Without that, I, too, think it is a positive article. There was just no need to put that in there. Sigh! Isn't that kinda the point of Greg In Hollywood though? It's called Greg in Hollywood-News about Gay Celebrities. Like that he seems excited by/enamored of the idea of the cd anyway. I'll take it. I was just going to post that. I took the "openly gay" comment to be positive and to call attention to someone in the gay community that has something to c
  18. That is very sweet of you to say FearofH20. I love the listening parties and was just thinking about when we might do one on OFC. I guess there is something to recommend doing it when it is still fresh. I will certainly be there whenever.
  19. I have been spending way too much time with the snippets. Clay sounds superb and the orchestration is terrific. I know Vince Gill will be featured in Moon River, not sure we are hearing that yet in the snippets, but I swear I heer a Vince Gill type guitar in "Can't Take My Eyes Off You". I like it. Also when I first heard Crying (wow, is that snippet amazing) I got just a hint of a Chris Isaak vibe-but still uniquely Clay. What thrills me so much about Crying is how successful the harmony sounds. I have often wished that Clay would be called on to duet with other artists-it really works here.
  20. bottle... you are my new bestest friend in the whole wide world! O.M.G. I put that picture on my desktop so fast, I think Clay is still dizzy! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Every time I watch that clip, I get this huge grin on my face. I even called my friend and guided her to youtube to watch it with me. What fun this is. Things is a gittin' hot! By the way, after watching it several times, I found the spot where he reminds me of Parker. It's right at the beginning of BMUB. Could me/probably is just me, but I get a kick out of it anyway. Happy Mother's Day! About 41 minutes left here in E
  21. FearofH20 Good luck this week. I have grown to really dislike my dentist visits. I was so annoyed by the comments on the examiner site that I posted some comments this morning. And now with the International Media promo out there, expect more critism. They did make some factual errors but in all a very positive piece that hopefully will have PBS stations rushing to order. I have to trust that IM is the business of selling their products. Here is what I wrote on CV about the IM promo.
  22. FeatH20, I read the comments on the website. Wow-some of the critism, calling the pics "unprofessional", badly photoshopped, etc...I don't know, they just seem rude. I love, love, love that Clay went this edgy route, the work of Soyez is more like art and I love the feeling I get looking at the pics. I love the second one, which actually was used in the clay and ruben ad for one of the venues, not sure which one. But I enjoy all of them.
  23. High fives all around! I think it's visually intoxicating. CLAY is visually intoxicating. Why do I feel I need a drink? It has to be 5 PM somewhere. akim, I think this is what bothers me about some of the comments. The collaboration between Clay and Decca seems to be at such a high level that I trust that they are using all at their disposal to choose artwork, music, etc. that their considerable experience and access to experts tells them is the way to go to promote and build Clay's career. I remember way back when, many fans were politicing for The Wayto be the next single when I believe
  24. I cannot tell you how much a pleasure it was to check in here to an angst=-free zone about the album cover. I can appreciate that some may not like it. What is hard to read are those posts that suggest that the poster believes she is the arbiter of all things commercial about the impact of album cover on sales and appeal to the general public. In my humble opinion some are too hung up on "there are soooooo many more handsome pics of Clay." Sure there are, but that is not the point of fashioning the album cover, I don't think. Here is what I wrote at the OFC: So excited about the tour!!!! duck
  25. I am catching up and just read your post bottlecap. There is a radio show every Saturday evening on (they stream) out of Philly that is hosted by Jerry Blavat, the Geeter with a Heater, I think was the phrase used to describe him back when he was a dj in the 60's. He plays songs from the 50's and 60's during his hour (6 PM EST) and I have had fun imagining some of the songs that might be on the album. Two songs I would enjoy hearing "Since I Fell for You" Larry Welch (?) I think, and the Flamingo's "I Only Have Eyes For You." Both gorgeous songs that Clay would kill on I think. I have