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  1. jojoct video of Tampa -- Taking Pills. Clay telling the story of Q and A asking him if he had taken his medicine. Pala -- telling bride to be that he stripped during the last tour.
  2. lindylo


    DCAT 07
  3. My dream is that he takes Tyra to his high school reuinion. I just want to say that, although I mainly lurk, I really enjoying coming to this board and reading all the interesting and thoughtful discussions. It is so refreshing.
  4. Karen it was so much fun to meet you in California and without your transportation help I might still be stranded in Indio. I bet they don't have next day delivery by UPS in Azerbaijan. Sounds like a great adventure.
  5. Just wanted to say hi. I have been a member here for a couple of years but have never visited the message board until yesterday and it is so much fun. I see so many familiar names. Here is one of my few good pictures from Indio. Need I say "rivet".
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