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  1. Couchie, was just able to get back here after the Christmastime furor and saw your note....thank you so much!! I think we can still do lots with Clay memorabilia. Let me know....
  2. Looking forward to the list as well, would love to have some things for the NIP.
  3. Hi! Many of you might not remember me, but I know some will, and of course some I know well *waves at LadyJ and luckiest and Fear* Couchie, your "Clay Memorabilia" post message brought me out of oblivion...when you get it together, I would likely love to take some of those things for the NIP if possible. To keep it short and sweet: 1. Don't really think Clay is saying "goodbye"....or, at least, not forever...I'm in much the same car as Fear. 2. Not really celebrating Christmas this year....I have about 20 hrs off from my job total and we will likely go out for dinner someplace if the weather cooperates; we are doing no Christmas shopping this year as we are hoping to take a family vacation in February instead, somewhere warm. Costa Rica? Nicaragua? Keep your fingers crossed it actually happens. 3. I am reaching the end of my rope at work and Christmas week better end fast before I go postal on someone. 4. So good to peek in on everyone! Love the spirit here.... 5. Thank God for Ogunquit!! Merry Christmas, y'all!!
  4. Has Karen voted her two? Re the first gift...weird...I didn't have to, it just said I could use it to vote...and I did! You know how there are those 'not even for Clay' lines in the sand everybody has? Well Facebook is Karen's, lol. Nothing on this earth will convince her to join Facebook (even under a fake name). Well poop. Anyone not used a gift vote to cast their second BAF vote? cindilu2 has one!!
  5. Has Karen voted her two? Re the first gift...weird...I didn't have to, it just said I could use it to vote...and I did!
  6. Caro :thbighug-1: Cindy, have you used YOUR gift votes?...and gifted two to other people to vote? No need to pester anymore...if you can do it this way (see above). Bet you and luckiest1 or crimsonice could "trade" votes.
  7. Fear, there's no way you CAN lose it...."Fear" not It will be there when the person you gifted it to, signs onto Chase. ....and on that note.....I'm begging. :clay: Please, please, PLEASE....if you haven't spent the four minutes or so that it takes if you have a Facebook account to: 1. Vote your vote for the Bubel Aiken Foundation. 2. Vote your other 19 so that you can "gift" to two someone elses, a vote for BAF... PLEASE VOTE....we are about to LOSE $20,000!! Here are the instuctions: 1. Go to Chase Community Giving"LIKE" Chase at the top of the page. 2. At the right of the page, click on "Vote for this Charity". 3. Make arrangements with someone WHO HAS NOT ALREADY VOTED TWICE *beforehand*.... 4. Then click on Leaderboard (in blue at the top of Chase's page) 5. Click on My Area...if you are in the US, put in your zipcode and you will get a list of charities in your area....vote for what you like that doesn't have many votes (less than 100). If you are in Canada....try 27605 (Raleigh) or 60614 (Chicago)...or the US folks here could suggest some I'm sure. 6. Vote for 4 more charities in this way.....you will get a "Gift vote" that can be used BY YOU to vote AGAIN for BAF. It will pop up, just click on it. 7. Vote for 15 more charities....this popup vote is the one you will have to SEND to the person you've pre-selected....make sure it is someone that will really use it. 8. If you have a family member that is also on FB, you can trade votes. PLEASE VOTE!! We are at #193 currently....and we MUST be in the Top 200 to win. The contest ends at midnight EST tomorrow.
  8. Sorry to interrupt, but I did want to bring this over here as well, from Aron Hall at the National Inclusion Project: A BIG component of this is to SHARE with your friends and family that are also on Facebook! Please vote!....and thanks!! :thbighug-1:
  9. UPDATE NUMBER THREE ON WINDSOR PREPARTY Clayitagain at the CB has been (somewhat) successful in obtaining a location for our preparty; the Market Buffet right at Caesar's Windsor has suggested that if we can be there right at 4:00 PM, there should be no problem with room for our entire group. The invitation and information is HERE. You may need to click on "I'm not Lori" above the response box. If you are planning on attending, your response for a headcount would be greatly appreciated. Looking forward to seeing everyone! ONE MORE (GOOD NEWS!) UPDATE! The Market Buffet has accepted a reservation for us!! Apparently there are several Claygroups that wanted to do this....and one Ruben fangroup! So....our reservation is for the CLAYNADIANS This should be a great time! Regardless of the reservation group...I'm sure we'll likely be able to mix and mingle...
  10. PRECONCERT PARTY UPDATE Great minds think alike! And I know you know the corollary to that Apparently there is more than one party being planned tentatively for Windsor....and I know we'd all love to be together, not in separate locations....so I will NOT be proceeding further with plans for a preparty. Please check with the Clayboard for further information on preparty plans for Windsor... I apologize, I am NOT a member there, so I don't have a link. If someone is and could bring it over, that would be awesome. Thanks to everyone for their enthusiasm!
  11. All! I would apologize for being away for so long, but I already know you really don't care! Sorry to interrupt, but I just wanted to mention that we are considering doing a pre-party for the Windsor Timeless concert...and I need a show of hands please, for those that are attending and would be interested. If so, please post in the thread HERE TIA! See you all there!
  12. Me too!! We are considering putting together a pre-party for the Windsor concert...could I have a show of hands as to who might be interested? Please post in this thread, if so.... TIA!! See everyone there!
  13. Hey, all! I'm often here but as FCA no longer likes to sign me in I'm frequently "Invisible". But just had to comment on the Star article...EEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! And the OFC picture....EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! And the fact that, indeed, someone seems to CARE about Clay and the new CD this time other than us! EEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!! Can't WAIT for the CD, the special, the tour, and Clay conquering the world. It's about damn time!
  14. Karma and Fear, see you there! Karma, I think we're back-to-back with you. I'm looking forward to this small (by all reports) venue. Me too!! My best wishes for a quick and complete recovery to ((Reed)), and most especially to ((Clay))! I have the strongest suspicion it was MUCH harder on him than on Reed. Terrifying, probably thinking it was a stroke. But I'm glad Reed was in Raleigh at the time...I can't imagine how bad it would have been for Clay to "hear" about it and not be there. I understand the prognosis is very good these days for Bell's Palsy sufferers.
  15. Will be there hopefully...if I can get tickets! Otherwise, I guess I'll be looking longingly through the gate.
  16. I suspect you'll love this new blog on The Conclayve Digg it if you can, please! It helps to spread the word...
  17. Me too!! Although, I suspect that perhaps he's always wanted to be more involved, but either didn't have the time (in the post-2003 days) or the experience, or the backing to do so previously. I really, really hope he's going to take the EP credit for this one. Me too. Kim, just a question....why aren't the concerts listed in your countdown? Just curious....even though they haven't been officially blessed by Clay, I think having tickets sold for at least one makes it a pretty good probable!
  18. Completely off-topic..... Best Buddies International and The Tommy Foundation are two friends and partners, as some of you know, of the National Inclusion Project. They are each in the running for an award through the Pepsi Refresh program (in two different categories, so they don't impact one another). It's coming down to the wire now for this contest.......could we get some votes for each of them? When you register, you get 10 votes per day..it only takes a few seconds, and it is free to vote. I've been registered for this for some time, and I've NEVER received spam of any kind from them. THIS LINK will take you to the Tommy Foundation...you can reach Best Buddies International by just keying it into the search box at the top right of the page once you've voted. For those of you on Facebook, you can vote through FB too. If you are on Facebook, "publishing" your voting would really, really help as well. As the National Inclusion Project will be part of the Pepsi Refresh program in the near future, helping these two now will help US gain votes for the future....and they're great organizations! THANKS!!
  19. Besides what she wrote above, she reported the email as spam. I hate this part of the Internet. A different kettle of fish, I think, Caro...her email was hacked. What we were talking about was a virus which comes (or mine did) IN an email. The email was from my son, but had no subject line...not that unusual for him. It contained simply a link, and I knew as soon as I looked at it WITHOUT clicking on the link that it was a virus. I deleted it immediately, but still "caught" the virus simply by opening the email. Malwarebytes did clear it up for me.
  20. Yikes, this is the first "days off" I've had since getting back from the concert, and I'm soooooo far behind! And then I lost every one of my oh-so-erudite comments on your posts over the last few days when I hit the wrong reply. So consider yourself responded to in SUCH an intelligent manner! Not going to Reno, although I'd love to. Am going to the Chautauqua, Hampton NY, Verona three-fer (and more if added in between) :twinklewhore: I can drive it easily AND have time to sightsee, in a state or two I've never been in before, in between. My recap of Raleigh: I kind of liked it. That's about all I remember. Full Aiken fog. Oh!! Forgot!! Definitely a virus in those emails with a link. I opened one from my son but did of course NOT click on the link. Got the virus anyway. Malwarebytes cleaned it up.
  21. Just copying over from the main thread..... Thanks so much to all the attendees at our Post-Gah breakfast at Tyrnanog! We raised $409 for the National Inclusion Project from the raffle! I will ensure that is topped up to $425 and sent to them in the next few days. Thanks everyone who attended, for your generosity!
  22. Thanks so much to all the attendees at our Post-Gah breakfast at Tyrnanog! We raised $409 for the National Inclusion Project from the raffle! I will ensure that is topped up to $425 and sent to them in the next few days. Thanks everyone who attended, for your generosity! :twinklewhore:
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