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  1. I just read a post at CV that said a fan ran into Jerome in Reno, Ruben and Clay are traveling separately, Jerome had no clue that Ruben had a flight problem.
  2. I've been a member here but usually lurk. I was wondering if there are any pre-parties going on for any of the concerts that are left. I can't find anything anywhere. Thanks.
  3. Just wanted to stop by and say thanks for arranging another wonderful get together. Great news about the money raised too!
  4. I would like to meet up in the lobby, as I don't remember how to walk there. We are also staying over Saturday night, so perhaps those of us that are left can find a dinner place. It seems like all we do is eat!
  5. Please add me for this and also ToldForThis...I really enjoyed the brunch we had here the Gala weekend. thanks for doing this again, Lori.
  6. Just wanted to stop in and tell you once again, thanks for all the work that was done for the brunch, we really enjoyed it, Lori.
  7. Please add an additional person coming with me. I have found a member of Clayversity as a travel buddy traveling with me by car from Indiana, ....artz11... who would like to come to brunch with us. Thanks..I know you are getting crowded....I appreciate all the work this takes to put together, great job FromCalgary.
  8. Thanks FromCalgary, for all the hard work on arranging this breakfast. If I get a ticket, I will be there for sure. I am expecting at this point in time to drive from Indiana to Raleigh, therefore I will have a car available for those who might need a ride to the restaurant.
  9. I would like to be included, as last year I sat in the lobby and had a Starbucks coffee and some cookies.