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  1. Hi, I've seen reference, but was "glossing" over thinking it was Sparkle. Can you tell me a little about this and why it's working for you? We had a family wedding in Dec and I just saw photos! Ack! Moonface! I have got to stop eating everything in sight and stop baking for fun!
  2. Thank you for putting this together. It's been such a nice start to the day each day - especially since it's been so quiet on the Clayfront! (or back, for that matter!) :04:
  3. Cruel! Cruel! Cruel! Like asking me to tell you my favorite child. That's why I have only ONE child!! hee
  4. NOoooooo! I don't want either one of these to get kicked off the island!!!!
  5. Oh, Crap! What a choice? I lurve them both! But what a lovely way to start the day!
  6. Well, Crap! Profile of lusciousness? or Bearded Wonder? I saw the Beard Reveal at the Gala that year and it was MAGNIFICENT and SHOCKING in the best possible way. There were Jaws all over the Floor that night!! So - I guess I'm owned by THE MAN WITH THE BEARD and I'll vote #2.
  7. Exactly what I was going to post! I can't choose!! Can't I just have BOTH??!!! I wanna vote twice!
  8. Scuse me, but #2 . . . guh profile open mouth closed eyes #$%^&*()*&^%$#%^&*(&^%
  9. Oh, my! This is difficult. #2 - I love how relaxed and comfortable he is. And you can just see the wheels turning in that beautiful head - he's cracking on somebody good. I love love love the laughing cellist behind him! #1 - yeah. Those eyes. He is so intense. The relaxed open mouth. But knowing the back story colors my thinking. He's HOT, not just HAWT. The Invisible outdooor-intheheat-wearing multi layers for some unGodly reason. Calling Sherry up onstage. But - which one?? I may have to come back later after I've tossed a coin. ETA: Okay. I threw my hat in the #2 ring!
  10. This is so hard! I love the look of - curious amusement (?) - in the first one. I love the look of devious HAWTNESS in the second one. Besides, I was THERE! What to do? What to do? Guess I'll vote with - - - I was THERE!
  11. Oh, Hell! No contest for me. I didn't even have to scroll past the eyes to know that would be the one! After scrolling to give the other guy a chance - nope. #1 is still #1! ETA: I got out my nosehair trimmer. *g*
  12. Oh, Hell. No contest for me! Bearded Wonder. Humanitarian. Giving attention to a child. #2 hands down!
  13. That's just CROO-ELL! Love his eyes in the SD one. But I had to go with smoldering HAWT singing DeccaDude. WHat a chamillion he is!
  14. Yep! That's me. It's the Joy in his face as much as the cute little boy! But I still . . .
  15. Ahhh! My emotions voted in this one! I was there! He was so damned FEISTY! And SEXY! And CUTE!! But I loved that beard, too!!
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