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  1. That trailer is seriously silly - I bet Clay had a lot of fun doing that. I agree with ninna721 - I really like Clay's hair in that pic, too. Good colour on him and the cut seems about right.
  2. I thought he was eating healthier! Water, water, water, Clay! Add a little lemon and it's so good for you.
  3. merrieeee - glad you're home safe and sound and that you had a wonderful trip. The banner is really sharp! Thanks for the pretty!
  4. A very happy Independence Day to our American friends here! ldyjocelyn - love that pic - my kind of humour as well. Leroy - that sounds like a yummy supper. Ours was a big smoothie with lots of fruit and veggies - I'm stuffed!
  5. Twilight - what a gorgeous pic you took. Glad you've had fun. I've never heard of an escape room before. Merrieeee - Beautiful photo. Sounds like a wonderful vacation.
  6. I haven't listened to the WUWT show yet, but am interested in hearing the letter he sent. Sometimes Clay gets into problems because he isn't really about confrontation - so he told Kim that the tour sounded like a good idea because he figured it wouldn't happen anyway. Kim tried to force things to go her way by announcing the tour as if it were a done deal, and it was in a national publication IIRC, so not insignificant. If she still won't talk to him, it's her loss - she was wrong then and is wrong now. Last I saw her was on a youtube video doing something to do with cooking. It wasn't very good. I agree that Clay's a good writer. For all that Allison had a big hand in LTS, his voice comes through loud and clear, and I don't mean just in the audio version. I hope this next book is more from his mind because it's interesting to read how he thinks. I also agree that his confidence is higher now since he's penned pieces for Huffington as well as his own blog when he put more time into that.
  7. merrieeee - so glad you're having a wonderful time. I'm another who misses the singing and so I really look forward to any Diamond songs that are shared. The politics isn't my thing, so I kind of just wait out the next bit of entertainment type thing that he does. Regardless of my level of fandom now, I still hope for health and happiness for Clay.
  8. ldyjocelyn - thanks for sharing the Harlem video. He's a very well-behaved dog. I love dogs, and cats for that matter, but when they are not well trained, they are not as pleasant to be around.
  9. ldyjocelyn - sounds like you had a great time at the concert. Hope you enjoy your week off! I have to agree with soulsista4clay - even though I don't post much, this seems to be my home board since CAT closed down. I've been at CV since it started (my membership number is 2!) and CB since 2003, but the bigger boards don't really work for me at this point in time. If all Clay breaks loose, then all bets are off! But for now, FCA is a good place to be.
  10. What a hoot about Clay being in Sharknado! If he's willing to do these cameos, I'm hoping he'd be willing to accept other entertainment type gigs, at least from time to time. Very nice pics of him on Bold.
  11. ldyjocelyn - have a great time in Nashville! I've only ever driven through there, but even that was interesting because it's such a famous city.
  12. Cute pics from Bold. Clay sure enjoys seeing B-way shows - wish they'd invite him to be IN them!!!! I agree about AI manufacturing drama. At the time, no one knew how manufactured it all was, so it seemed new and interesting. The bad auditions and Simon's cutting comments were so different that they drew people in to see the real talent. And those talented people weren't on their second or third chances in the music business - they were real unknowns. That didn't last long on AI - it became about professionals with lots of orchestration and sets and lighting plus increasingly famous judges who were on there to plug their own tours and projects. The contestants weren't important anymore, and no one cared who won - very much like The Voice now.
  13. The Periscope was lovely. To be totally honest here, his live singing is better than a couple of his Diamond recordings. I know he has taken those very seriously, but the live singing was just so simple and beautiful. The pics from Bold are great also. He looked so good, and Carrie's comment is great to read.
  14. I haven't watched Bold yet, but appreciate the comments, RIFAN. As to Clay looking scruffy - I don't think so. We've seen him scruffy, and this wasn't anywhere near close - I thought he looked very good.