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  1. ldyj... I'm with you. I will also say that the transparent sweater over the purple flowered shirt is FUGLY to the max. LOL He is indeed sometimes sartorially challenged and I love him anyway. LOL shortyjill... I'm very glad to hear that the funeral was protester free. On top of all the repair stuff I'm having done on the house, last night the garbage disposal quit working. Urrgh! A 7' by 12' storage space is $108/month. Another Urrgh! Sigh! I will live thru this, I will live thru this... of course, it might be in a coma, but what the hey! LOL
  2. bottle... I loved this description of your trip. Thank you for sharing it. shortyjil... I hope the funeral goes without incident. Those people are nuts and publicity hounds. I'd like to be there when they meet their maker, when it is made clear how unloving their actions were. Geesh! I did nothing but pack this weekend and am about 2/3rds done with the movers coming next Monday. Ack! I could manage if it wasn't for having to get the house ready for me to move into on top of the packing to move. The cleaners are coming one more time tomorrow and the carpet is coming on Thursday. I am buying a gate to at least keep the dogs out of the living room and have had an idea of how to keep the cat problem to a minimum. Cross your fingers for me. I still have to find a storage space and figure out how to tell the movers what goes where. This is just so much fun... NOT! Oh, well... I'll survive and should be pretty settled by Christmas. Maybe I'll even put up the tree... maybe!
  3. bottle... this is one of the bestest stage door pics I have seen. Geesh, he has a gorgeous profile! And, thanks for the Spamalot pictures. Brought back memories, that's for sure. That was a very good year!!!
  4. shortyjill... I'm very sorry you lost even a distant friend. Since Clay showed us the children and women of Afganistan and their quest to learn, I have supported that country becoming a safe place to live and grow for all, but just wish it wasn't so costly in terms of lives. Couchie... I went from Microsoft XP to 2007 in June and still haven't figured out how to do some of the stuff I used to do without even thinking about it. Soooo frustrating, since this was supposed to be an improvement... right! Pssssffft!
  5. Hey, everyone... Loved the smile wave and the wave that knocked them out... BWAH!!! Got the house cleaned... took the poor couple 7 hours of work and they didn't do the windows... hehe. Got a painter coming on Monday, when he's done, got the carpet guy coming. Any of you cat/dog people know how to get animals to quit doing their business in a certain part of the living room? I would like to give 4 of the 8 cats to a shelter, but I think my daughter would kill me and bury the body in cat litter. We'll see how they adjust after I move in and they get used to the new furniture arrangement, etc. Found a moving company that will pack for me whatever I don't have done by moving day... the 22nd. That takes a big load off my mind. I will survive this month... I will... I hope. LOL
  6. calurker... we had one of those streets when they kids were growing up. I always bought 10 lbs of the candy you buy by the pound and always had to turn off the lights when it ran out. It was fun, but exhausting! Fear... that Banker kid sounds like a cool kid. I have clearners coming tomorrow and a handyman/painter lined up for after that. Now I have to find a moving company. Packed 15 boxes of books this weekend, only one more needed, then I have to pack the two bookcases that have tapes and notes from the classes I've taken over the last 20 years. I may need a stay in a convalesant hospital when this is over... LOL
  7. Fear... I'm so sorry about the problems Mr.Fear is having. So many people think joint replacement solves all problems, but it doesn't always. My DD had a hip replacement 16 years ago and it never took the way some people much older's did. She still lives on Tylenol and has to be very careful what she does. I hope they find a solution soon. In the meantime, braces do sound like the best solution for now. Couchie... what kind of laptop are you going to get? I'm thinking of getting a rebuilt Dell, as they are so much cheaper than new. I have pumpkin pies to make today, as tomorrow is my middle DD's birthday and every year since she was 3 yrs old, I have made her pumpkin's pies for her b'day. I have the cutest picture of her at 3 looking at her pie with Happy Birthday written in whipped cream. I no longer do that part... LOL I have to start packing now... I am giving the apartment landlord 30 days notice Monday and want to schedule the move for the 20th. OMG, I'm scaring myself. Sigh! Any volunteers to help???? LOL Just send vibes to make everyday have 30 hours in it instead of 24 and I might make it.
  8. cindi... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Thanks to whoever posted their experience with a new virus that says your hard drive is full and needs defragged. It happened to my work computer today and as soon as I saw the defragger screen I called IT and they are working on it. What a bear! The IT guy said he had printed out the fix and it is 15 pages long. UGH!!! So, I will repeat... if you get a pop-up from the bottom of your screen that says you have a problem with your hard drive, don't touch it... get thyself to a malware and run it or take it to a computer expert and get it wiped from your computer. Nasty!!!
  9. aikim... CONGRATS!!! on your A. Now to remember all of it until the final... that was always my problem. LOL I was talking on the phone with a person from Ohio and he said there had been a lot of tornadoes in Illinois last night. I vividly remember having a tornado whirl through our town when I was in high school. It blew in the windows in my classroom and I got some glass cuts on my face. We were then all herded down to the basement. I was scared of high winds for YEARS afterward. Out here in sunny Southern California, we have high winds called Santa Anas. They can get up to 60-70 mph in our area and I get real nervous still. Earthquakes happen quickly and get your adrenalin going until they are over, but high winds go for hours and are actually more nerve wracking. IMO I watched the Dutch auction from the Gala last night. That was fun and it worked real good. I'll bet that happens every year now. If they had set it up so that the online fandom could have joined, it probably would have been even more. Fear... I would work from home on Monday... lol Good luck dodging! cindi... thanks for the BSN montage. Fantastic work, woman! I can't play .avi on my computer so I did not download, but will watch on YouTube muchly! I LOVED the BMUB from the Gala. Best I have ever heard him sing it and I do love that song!
  10. bottle... REALLY, really nice pictures!!! I always do a double ummmmmm ummmmmm when I see one of Perma's pictures. That woman can shoot!!!
  11. cindi... thanks so much for that mp3 without the crack in his voice. I wince everytime I hear it. I know I shouldn't as 99.9% of the song is breathtakingly beautiful, but that messes with my mood for a few seconds every time, so thanks for doing that. Thank you so much for the recaps and the BSN mp3, cindilu2! (How did you "doctor" that tiny crack?) Also, I appreciate your comment in the Carolina blog's Gala entry. Today I added lovethatguy's moving reflections on the song as the mother of a special needs son. Thnx to all your for sharing your photos, videos, recaps from Chicago and Raleigh! Have a great week, FCA! Caro Caro... I LOVED that letter from the mom of the camper. It really reflects why the NIP is such a worthy cause. Clay is such an extraordinary man in so many ways! With 4 guests on tonight, it doesn't sound like Clay will get much time, but it sure is worth speaking out about. I was bullied as a child, once at age 6 by a teacher that really impacted the rest of my life. It is the only way the kids/people doing the bullying can feel "better than" or powerful in any way. It's just deplorable that so many children's lives are made so miserable by these sad, weak bulliers.
  12. Fear... what do you mean "35 camps are phasing out"? Does that mean they aren't having them anymore or that they don't need NIP's training anymore? cindi... thank you soooo much for the pics of Mike Bubel's artwork. Pretty dang good, I'd say. It sure has been a clackful few days and I know it's not over yet. Ain't that great!
  13. bottle... I'm so glad you got your tongue picture... LOL And, may I say, I never get tired of seeing your avie, so post away! aikim... thanks for those lyrics. They certainly are touching. luckiest... congrats on winning a couple of items... I think! LOL That "support a kid for $250" auction was a fabulous idea. Even I could do that... in fact, I just might in honor of a new song!
  14. 00lsee... May I say I totally agree with you. GAH!!! Saw a bit of the live show last night. Couldn't see worth a darn, but his voice was sublime. Double GAH!!!
  15. KAndre... I grew up in Illinois and fall is my favorite season. I love have to put on a heavy sweater and walking in the dry colored leaves. I HATE summer and the humidity, so fall is great. Winter=snow, spring=rain, summer=hot and humid... fall = gorgeous!!! Just me. Have a blast and wink at Clay for me! I am praying that there is no shortage of clack for this concert. Clay might even ask not to video since it is the first of the PBS follow-up concerts and why would people spend the money if they can see it on youtube??? Crossing fingers!!!
  16. gloch... depends on the list! BWAH! I love the Tyra picture! I am not able to go to Chicago. Work. Does anyone live near there that would like to have my ticket just for shipping costs????
  17. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/10/02/demint-gays-unmarried-pregnant-women-teachers_n_748131.htmlI'm shocked that such as this caliber of human being serves in the United States Senate. What kind of police squad does he want empower to enforce his particularly sick brand of immorality on the world? On a lighter note, spent time listening to music today -- on the radio -- don't know what I'd do without Pacifica radio. Saturday is music during the day and it is some of the best and most eclectic, always enjoyable and entertaining, and rarely anything I've ever heard before. Anyway, one of the songs I heard today was a kind of folk/bluegrass tune that was a toe-tapper and the lyrics went something like this: What the world needs now Is another folk singer Like I need a hole in my head What the world needs now Is another Frank Sinatra So that I can get you into bed To be honest, I don't think the world needs another Frank Sinatra. The world never needs another anybody, in my opinion, because there's one enough of everybody, but it may be in dire need of a sexy, romantic singer with a beautiful voice and a hot delivery. I think I know just the man ..... And for something completely different, I bought the biggest, most delicious, perfect in every way, honey crisp apples today. $1.49 a lb. and worth every penny. I'm eating one now -- with peanut butter smeared all over the slices and they are downright decadent. keeping... HAPPY BIRTHDAY yesterday!!! :bdayparty2: These pics made my b'day verra verra special... I'm still fanning myself here! LOL I love the card, too! 2004: IT Tour (4); JNT #1 (2) 2005: JBT (1) JNT the Play (2) 2006: Jimmy Kimmel & ATDW CD Signing (1) 2007: Capital One Holiday on Ice (1) 2008: SRHP Tour (4) 2009: OMWH Kimmel 2010: Timeless Tour (2) I saw one other Kimmel: the "he hit me with his cane" one That's 18 total I think. Thanks for the Happy Birthdays!!! I'm working like a fiend today, but had a nice b'day weekend. Well, back to it!
  18. bottle... sawry yous sick!!! But, thanks for the purdy!!! aikim... check your pm's, please! I tried to send you a message. Ack...I worked all weekend and I don't want to be here now, but we have stuff due this week and I have to do it, so.... Ok, end of pity party... I'm very glad to have a job I enjoy... when I don't have to do it 85 hr/week. LOL
  19. 00lsee... is that an inside joke, cause I missed it, too... LOL Couchie...I have an unused MP3 player if you want it (still in package) He said he hasn't sung that song since he recorded it and doesn't intend to. I no longer think it has anything to do with the song being suggestive. When he commented about the production of it, made me wonder if he didn't like the producer. Isn't this one he went to London to record? Anyway, it almost felt personal, like it was about more than the song. As if he didn't want people associated with it, whether songwriters, producer, arranger, whoever, to get anything more from it. That was my instinctive take -- that cutting this song out was a big FU to somebody. keeping... I've always felt he had some negative association with that song, but it's not like him to hold a grudge, so who the heck knows. I'm glad you survived that bite!!! Maybe a sneaky spider??? Thanks for the pics and the recap of that interview. I'm going to have to buy it when it become available, so keep us posted, please!
  20. I don't drink coffee either, shorty. I LOVE their iced chai tea latte and get it too often! I watched the Windsor Revival ending again last night and died laughing. Go to 7:30 on Scarlett's video if you don't want to watch the whole thing. Ruben did pretty well ad-libbing on that and of course Clay's quick wit was front and center and his laughing at what happened just makes you join in. My fave after any Footloose!
  21. kareneh... those Hampton Beach pics are great. Thanks! aikim... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Will everyone please send vibes that the next meeting for this BIG proposal my company is bidding on (they said the week of the 11th) is either Mon, Oct 11 or Tues, Oct 12, cause if it is the 13th or 14th, I won't be able to go to Chicago and Perma found a great hotel only half a mile from the venue. I wanna gooooooooooo!!!! Thanks!
  22. keeping... I's agree widya, woman. Gandalf is the bestest! luckiest... did you get a ticket? I may have to try to sell mine. keeping... I agree that he doesn't have to be in a relationship with that guy on the walk with him at all. Devin may or may not still be in the picture. We'll know when he shows us. I just love how happy and confident he is now and whatever is causing that, I want more of it for him... period!
  23. To turn it around and hear Elton John say, Ladies & Gentlemen, Mr. Clay Aiken ... that would be the best! I think Clay has been saving that song for something. In my opinion it is his ultimate signature song -- the one that made me fall for him on Idol, and again on the Idol 5 Finale, when he branded me for life. He branded me for life. THREAD TITLE????? Couchie... welcome back! Missed your dulcet tones around here! I agree with you about Angelina. She stole Jennifer Anniston's hubbie and is now very popular! Franny got a great reveiw on her latest album in People, so, yes, she'll be fine if this woman doesn't get all her money in court... LOL Dumb, dumb, dumb to get involved with a married man in a state where one can get sued for it and all sentiment will be with the wife. ldyj... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! aikim... so cool you get to see grandbaby inside and outside his mommy! LOL Caro... Kai is so cute mowing the lawn. Little kids love to imitate adults... then some of them grow up and try to imitate kids. LOL
  24. keeping... this is just sooooo ulta-kewl!!! Congrats to your sis! Ok, still watching Timeless when possible. Biloxi jeans were every bit as N.I.C.E. as the Reno ones. Just sayin' It would be fab if Clay and Elton got together. If Elton ever heard Clay sing DLTSGDOM, he'd jump at the chance... at least in my dreams he would. LOL
  25. {{{{Kareneh}}}} Your dog has been your companion thru so many moves and I'm really sorry he's sick. Sending healing vibes his way>>> bottle... different stokes... I love the sloppy bottoms of his jeans. Don't know why, just do. I think the relaxed look makes it seem like he's someone I could talk to, while the gorgeous suited look (which I also do love)makes him seem a bit more remote...maybe?
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