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  1. bottle... I stole this great graphic and I can't say I'm sorry cause it's really neat!!! Thanks and Happy Fourth everyone!!!!!!!! cindi... your screensaver is gorgeous! I love the blurred city in the background and the Reed in the corner and both pics of Clay are some of my faves! What a keeper that one is! I used to suffer from vertigo every time my sinuses had a problem. My chiropractor finally put me on something called Histoplex to clear the sinuses and I haven't had vertigo in months now. Good riddance and thank goodness. It wasn't fun! I loved Karate Kid and want to see it again so I can really absorb that gorgeous scenary. So, I bought something that had a coupon for a free ticket to see KK... great, right??? Except that you have to register the code online and print out the free ticket. Except that I have no printer right now. Mine quit and they are sending a replacement that shipped last Wed. I can either sneak into work and use my computer/printer there or just wait till another weekend. Isn't life full of tough decisions??? LOL eta: Caro... I am very sorry for both your losses!
  2. gbm... Happy 4th! I loved that YouTube. He done good that day! 00lsee... I totally agree. I also demand the occasional EF! keeping.... BWAH!!! Wanna borrow my magnifying glass??? It's a hands-free one. That way you could have a drool cloth in both hands. Just sayin'
  3. liney, keeping stuff like SYTYCD off YouTube is like playing whack-a-mole. If they remove one, there will be another one to replace it. 00lsee... thanks so much for finding Alex and Twitch again for me!!!!!!! I absolutely love it. I told my DD last night that it was like being a part of a true happening Wed. night. Has happened with Clay but not very often outside of that. keeping... am playing it now. Thanks! You should take it to CH. Would help the hit counter. bottle... I LOVED those tv appearances. I think I'll go watch them again! Thanks!
  4. They took the SYTYCD video of Alex and Twitch down from YouTube... dang it! Why would they care? The show is over and it might bring in more people to watch... oh, well. ldyj... so many from the '07 Xmas tour are very funny. I love his comedy when he was stuck on the stool (Long Island) and talked to the lady whose family was spread out and he ended up saying, "Clay Aiken - bringing families together." I love the ones where he warns others of the fans who will have your address, telephone number, etc. In the SRHP tour, I think West Palm Beach and Pala are the funniest. Have fun figuring out which ones you want... it's hard work, but someone has to do it! LOL
  5. Happy Birthday yesterday, Fear... cindi... I watched Alex's dance 3 times before I could turn it off. WOW!!! He was freakin' fantastic! He hasn't been my favorite, but I voted for him a couple of times just cause he did so well. For those of you who don't watch... Alex is an excellent ballet dancer who had to do Hip Hop this week... could have been a disaster. I swear I thought he did better than Twitch, who is the professional. My linkSYTYCD - Alex
  6. ldyj... you're going to be meeting me, too, if you are talking about Reno. My second fave from BBH is Scarlett's Mack the Knife. The conductor's face as he holds that note forever is great to watch. I watch Changes twice, then MTK, then TITM, then the others he does, then Quiana's show stopper. That takes me a half an hour and I love every moment of it. I imagine that, plus the songs from the View and GMA, will be my video pleasure until July 23rd. Fear... was it your birthday yesterday?
  7. A few things bothered me about that review: None but local fans were delighted? No one else was identified by race. What's that all about? I watched the clack and I didn't see "flamboyant showman" at all. I saw and heard world-class singer. Has this reviewer confused Clay with another AI runner-up? Keeping... I noticed that, too. Obviously prejudiced person writing that. First Quiana, then flamboyant. Gotta identify those blacks and gays to let people know they were there. Geesh! The review was positive, but there was absolutely no reason to use either of those two descriptors at all, IMO!
  8. Thank you, liney23. Several people comment as Anonymous but add their screen name at the bottom of the post. No password necessary. :clay: Have a wonderful week, all! Caro Caro... I just left a comment as anonymus, so if it works, I thank you for the tip! I only have You Don't Have To Say You Love Me on my itunes, so very seldom listen to it. From what I remember, I liked it, but what the heck of his don't I like???? Nuttin'
  9. I still haven't checked my email, but my package came anyway!!!! I love it all, tho that keychain fob is HEAVY! My keys were heavy enough, but I'm not taking it off. I just may start wearing one of those braces men wear around their middle in order to carry my keys... LOL I think we need some pretties... I am taking a four-day weekend next weekend and cannot wait. Two days are never enough, dang it!
  10. Caro... condolences for Josie's passing. I loved your blog. I cannot post a comment because I cannot for the life of me remember my id or password. Everything I usually use doesn't work. I tried the "forgot your password" button, so we'll see what happens next. I think he's having a stare-down with the baby. They both look resolute and determined. I think Clay's looking at the bay-bee's tiny mohawk and having a flashback to the Christmas 04 debacle. :clay: bottle... O.M.G. I had forgotten how awful that picture was. I mean, they had to look at that before they printed it/posted it, didn't they... Oh, I know... it was the eggnog! I ordered a nice orange package the very first night. Water doesn't bother me (it's the swimsuits that scare me). I think it was party time at your place last night, Chippie. PBS? Is that Package By Singerman? Package Bursts Seams? OMG we'll all be stroking Clay's Packages at once while ordering brand new Packages. I'm replete and overcome at the prospect. At least I never claimed to be virtuous, in fact, transcending virtue has always been a personal goal. I recall that he admitted to whoring himself out at the 2007 Gala, and I'm all excited about this "new level" -- Oh, the humanity! So now that the cat awesome package is out of the bag, I'm rather glad he's turned out to be such an easy .... uh, fondle. You're shameless with the sloppy seconds. Well done! That must be one crazy keyring. keeping... BWAH!!! and BWAH again!!! I had a lovely lunch with Perma today and got caught up since last we dined. She looks great and we are both looking forward to the coming tour/performances. She talked me into going to Chicago if I can still get a ticket, which I think I can. I haven't checked my personal email in the last few days, so I have no idea if I have a "package" email or not, but if I do, I'm going to burst out laughing after today's smutty back and forth (which I enjoyed muchly!!!)
  11. Speaking of packages.... In reading around on some of the boards it sounds like Clay's britches were a little too loose or baggy the night of BBH. But in most of the clack I've seen so far I am quite pleeeeased with the frontal fitting. No problemo, Clay tree... I had a thought the last night that maybe the way they draped was because he was wearing suspenders under that coat. Whatchathink since you made such a study of his pants???? LOL Err how to put this politely? I want to be alone with the large package. I want to run my mouse all over his pad and I want to fill up the tote till it caint hold n'more and slide that keyring apart and place my keys oh so lovingly on the silver prongs! So I think the answer is NO! merrieeee.... BWAH!!! Nicely done, ma'dear! I hope mine comes soon!
  12. This is her site. She's really good. http://www.dianalevine.com/v3/ Cindi... so, the fabulous pics were taken by a woman. I think women have an easier time seeing the real Clay. I wonder if he feels threatened by men that they might judge him, so he puts up more of a wall with men. That's 5 cents for the couch time. LOL keeping... thanks for the pretties!!! I love the look on his face when he's looking at that baby! I wonder if he has realized that he and his dad were both Solitaire players. I'll bet he doesn't play it around Parker, tho. Preden... congrats on being able to go to both CHicago and Raleigh! We expect good recap, by the way!!!
  13. Thread title!!! I think we crossed the border into big jesus country now. keeping... BWAH!!! Well, pool or no pool, this guy needs more of my money. keeping... I keep trying to put myself in Clay's place. The man must have been in heaven and a hot pocket! He's performing and interacting with one of his idols from theatre and then the man sits in his lap... BWAH! I'll bet that face wasn't just to be funny, but a real "I'm in heaven, pinch me" feeling for him... and funny! LOL
  14. Ok, I just looked at this page and everyone except cindilu have Popeater avatars! BWAH!!! I predict almost everyone's avie will be from there before too long... those photos are the bestest eveh!!!!!!!!
  15. ldyj... sorry bout your ankle! The Newseum is one place I did not get to. jmh... I think with all the excitement of BBH and now Popeater, the songs are getting ignored/forgotten. Maybe we should try again next week. I know I just have to keep watching TMC and MTK and reading/watching Popeater and I haven't even played the CD since BBH. Oh Gah! I sooo don't have time to do this today but I had to log in just for this one. How much do I love this guy???? Made of awesome? He's made of awesome wrapped in fabulous with a little more awesome sprinkled on top!! Thread title!!! I love love love the Popeater article/video and pictures. Enough goodies to feed the beast for days and maybe more days. keeping... while I agree that the last bit on TMC is phenomenal, I like to watch the whole thing over and over cause of the wonder of him singing that song... that one song is like a master class in vocal gymnastics. merrieeee... how did you get those pictures. When I tried to save them, I got nothing. Thanks. I have one that I want for my new avie and this old machine here at work will not work with photobucket any more. They are loading all the software on my new computer, but I'm sure it won't be here until next week sometime... then I have to learn how to use it. LOL So, I'm claiming it until I get home tonight. It's a suspenders one (wasn't every picture of him in those suspenders just soooooo gorgeous???), but a not smiling one with a crooked mouth. Ohhhh... I got it a different way than photobucket! Thru my computer. I'll change to photobucket tonight from home since this computer has a limited lifetime.
  16. merrieeee... dang it woman, you beat me to the goodiest of them all. S.W.O.O.N... he is just so scrumptious! I am now alternating between Mackie and TMC, but I repeat TMC before going back to Mackie... LOL! I hope Scarlett has TMC, her video is HD and soooo clear and beautiful... the video and the man and the voice!!!
  17. cindi... there is no help! You (and many of us) are doomed! I woke up at 2:30am and guess what I did... yup, watched BBH video. LOL Yes! He was grooving to the music as he got into it. I thought he would never end that last note. I've tried holding my breath as long as Clay holds a note and I can't do it. Fear... I hate to brag, but I can hold my breath as long as Clay on his llooonnnngggg notes. However, honesty forces me to admit that I have no breath left for the next note like Clay does, but I can do it. merrieeee... BWAH! and, so true! Can you believe how far we've come from that first sideways clip of Invisible? Awesome!
  18. That's the kind of reaction I always longed to see from Jesse to Clay's hijinks, but he was always so serious. Agree! And it all seemed so spontaneous - makes me think Clay did not sing it that way in rehearsal. The wail on the last word was just amazing. Clay really looked like he was having a blast. What blows my mind is that he could sing that song without seeming to take a breath...I don't know how the man does it and he didn't even seem winded when he was finished! Kim aikim... despite what Clay says, he always has a ball singing the faster songs... and he does them so well! Maybe fast Broadway songs are different from fast pop songs in his head. LOL I think Terrence's starting the clapping and getting the audience going fed the enthusiasm to Clay who just started playing with the song and hit it out of the park!!! And, all those words!!! The AikenRandomLyric Generator was noticeably absent! Wow! Well, it's 5:50pm and I've listened to TMC 6 times and there is 4 more hours in the evening for me. I hope Scarlett was filming and her view was slightly different... I want another view of this magic moment... oh, wait... wasn't that another song??? LOL
  19. cindi... DITTO!!! I LOVE that performance. I think everyone was flabergasted at that one! I may, just for curiousity, see how many times I watch it tonight before being able to go on to the next song. Anyone want to guess??? LOL bottle... I think he knows that Reed's privacy and the privacy of his (Reed's) family would be invaded big time if he was revealed as Clay's significant other. Neither of them are hiding it, but they are not looking to get into People mag either. TMC is stupendously awesome and when I get home it will be on re-run for sure. I was only able to watch it once here at work during lunch and now I'm counting the minutes.
  20. ldyj... I visited DC for the first time last December. I saw almost everything. What impressed me the most was the National Archives and the Indian Museum. It really hit me to see the Declaration of Independence etc. And, the Native American Museum is newish and amazing. Have fun and yes, the poor footies do get a workout. My legs were fine, it was my feet that died everyday! LOL
  21. bottle... I LOVED that tomato you found for couchie's b'day!!! Great! And, congrats on the cool shoes. My sexiest pair of shoes are wedgies. Love 'em. I think this whole promotion has been great. It just keeps a goin' on and that's great. The whole cd is very lush and when I pop it in after listening to the workshops I usually listen to, it is just so gorgeous! He done good!!!
  22. bottle... me too!!!!!!!! The one picture I have printed out and displayed at home is him at the ATDW signing in Hollywood. He was wearing his gorgeous chocolate brown suit/shirt/tie and I stared at him from 2 feet away. SLURP!!! couchie... it won't be as much fun, but it only takes 2 hours, timewise, to get back to SF from Chicago, so if you take the redeye and can function on redeye sleep, it could be done. By the way... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Crying is my fave, absolutely! I really like some other and one of those that surprised me is Hush! Everytime I play the cd I like it better. Maybe cause it's uptempo and upbeat? I noticed the other day that the uptempo songs are all the odd numbers and the quiet yum ballads are the even numbers. LOL
  23. Caro... ouch and I'm sorry!!! You got yourself out and that's the important part. Get well soon!!!!!! keeping... your post about Piggez just made my day. I hope this is the thing that finally gets people to stop paying him money to be gross! Unchained Melody... sometimes I love the swoop and sometimes I don't. But, I never skip the song, so that tells you something, huh! Suspicious Minds... I like it, but it is the one song I skip occasionally. Not because I don't like it, but because I have heard it so very often, new version or not. I want to get to the next song that I haven't heard 1,482, 207 times. I can not always post from work so didn't comment as I wanted to on What Kind of Fool. I love the song and the deep notes Clay sings. I do wish he had sung the pathos parts of it with a bit more emotion. Just me, I'm sure. Doesn't stop it from being one of my top 4 songs on the CD, tho. I'm so excited... only 6 more weeks till Reno!!!! Whooo hooo!!!!!!
  24. keeping... she's beautiful, apparently inside as well. Kewl! I babysat my son's three this weekend and the oldest was 13 in March. Also of a sudden his voice has changed and he looks so grownup, like a young man... and I just saw him 3 weeks ago. LOL couchie... the concert in Chicago is definitely not sold out and since there are no more show until August, I think you could most likely still get a ticket when your ship comes in. Just save the pledge phone number somewhere handy and you're set.
  25. KAndre... only you can make a post about the inside of your nose fun to read... LOL Glad your tv dr. may have figured out your problem. I certainly support someone's suggestion of a bling covered nose cover. BWAH!!! I can see it now! You could start a new rage! aikim... I loved this interview! Thanks for the link! I love how comfortable he is now just being himself! And, it's sexy as heck, too! I've never been had the self pity gene but not being able to pledge for the chicago concert is freaking killing me. My car broke down and so now I can't even pledge enough for the DVD. Sigh. The bad part is that in 2 month I'm getting a big ass check and could actually go do the Chicago show and spend time in Chicago, a city I've never been to. I didn't feel like this when I missed the PBS special taping but damn I'm really trying here not to pout. I don't like Mack the Knife. I know this is one of Clay's "signature" songs but I've just never liked it, from anyone. So he's now 2000 to 2, Mandy being the other one. He's made me like every other song under the sun. Today I went to my nephew's commencement. He's going to Middle School! He has spent the last 7 years at this Montessori school and it's such a wonderful school. The kid/teacher ratio this school year was 4 to 1. Can you imagine that? One teacher for every four students? He's sharp as a whip too. So now he leaves his cocoon to go to a slightly larger cocoon. LOL My sister considered public school but finally settled on a Catholic school. Public schools here suck. There was lots of tears and laughter and singing at the ceremony. And the last song of the day was I Will Be Here. It wasn't Clay's version but in my head it was and it made me very emotional. Clay really has been a soundtrack to my life since 2003. I just love that voice. And I have to say I'm realling loving the hair and him this promotional go round. He looks fabulous. couchie... it's great about your nephew! Congrats! Cross your fingers and call when you get the money. I thought I read somewhere that not all the tickets to the special sold during the pledge time so... I nominate "Clay really has been the soundtrack to my life since 2003" from couchie's post for a thread title! luckiest... congrats on Son #2 moving out. I thought Virture & Moir were utterly fantastic in the Olympics so I hope the weather lets you really enjoy your entire weekend!!! wanda... I REALLY thought long and hard about it, but I'm glad you're going. I have family in Chicago/Illinois, so it was very tempting, but I'm going to Reno and LA, so I didn't... but I'm still thinking about it. It's so tempting. Congrats!!! I listened to the TnT in the car for the first time... All I can say is it sure sounds great. Overall a very jazzy big-band flavor/sound. His voice reminds me very much of the demos. It's like he decided as a pop star he needed to sound a certain way, but for this cd he is using his natural voice, which is deeper and richer and a little smoky sounding to me. I love it! Even my 13 yr old DGS who plays Metallica on his electric guitar didn't hate it... LOL I missed the pledge breaks, so called afterwards and got some gentleman who pronouced Clay's last name wrong "atkin" and seemed puzzled that I live in California, but it's done. He said I get the DVD in 4 weeks. I didn't correct the poor guy...LOL It is fantastic that the first show was soooo successful, by all indications. I really think this year and next are really going to be great years for Clay as he moves in a new direction. And, I must say that as much as Clay has so obviously enjoyed singing fast music in his concerts that they will appear again in the future. Crossing fingers anyway.
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