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  1. Very wise words, and I get that feeling as well. Show business is the type of place that chews people up and spits them out at a very rapid pace. I'm thankful that Clay has been able to navigate through the highs and lows and is still here. IMO it's because of his charm and talent, and I love it. Bolded part. Love this, but I'll also say that I'm willing to share him with anyone who may not know him... Off to an all day off-site meeting. I didn't get my chance to do yesterday's song of the day, and I may not get to today's as well! Anyway, song of the day is: Misty Hey, can I nominate the bolded above for a thread title???? I like it! I finally listened to the loonnggg Larry Flick radio interview last night. It was great and I learned a lot about Clay and about his journey. I got a kick out of hearing him use gayism's that I'm sure he censors much of the time. I have a feeling that his second week will be decent, since he has been doing a lot of interviews and more and more people are going to be interested in the cd because of them. He's really shown his personality.
  2. cagney... thank you so much for posting that Sammy Davis Jr. version of What Kind of Fool Am I. Wow... I always remember his version as being dynamite, but had forgotten how good he was in it. Talk about facial contortions... LOL I love Clay's too, tho. Clay's is a bit quieter, which for me, means I'm thinking and feeling more about the words than with Sammy's. Fear... may I DITTO your review of Make Believe! I was surprised at the clapping, but since I'm doing it myself, I can't complain...LOL I thought Clay was gorgeous on CNN and great on Chealsey Lately. Both are going to be watched more than once. I wish Clack Unlimited had put all the radio interviews in one directory. I heard that Indy was really good and cannot find it... or maybe that was Detroit. Somewhere in that neck of the woods, anyway. I love that the NW casino (Aug 3) is sold out. May many more follow (since I have my tickets already).
  3. Can't Take My Eyes Off You: Love it as the first song, as well. The bass playing first really gets me into the right anticipation for his voice, which is smoky and suave in the first part. The chorus gets me moving and finger-snapping. Then it's capped off with a nice long note... I love long notes by Clay. N.I.C.E. jmh... I love your review! 00lsee... Congrats!!! on your graduate! wanda... BWAH!!! Things they are a changin' for dang sure! I love it and say bring it on!!! Your post makes me very happy, preden. Welcome to the world of wishing your summer away for Clay! I've heard some disturbing things at my church lately, like it was wrong for me to accept homosexuality and that I'm in the wrong as much as they are and I was glad to hear clay talk about coming out and how his family reacted, just love the guy just the way he is! In fact I just love homosexuals and heterosexuals alike. I'm a people person!!! preden... Just smile and love them and go your own way. Do not take it personally if you can manage it, as it is their problem. If you want to stay there, you'll have to find a way to deal with the problem. I'm sorry this is happening to you. Being a Clay fan is easy, but sometimes it is not easy, if you get what I mean. LOL I had a very good friend who is very Christian and really lives what she thinks God wants, doing mission work, etc. When Clay came out, she said she had to stop supporting him because the bible said it was wrong. She was very sad, as she had supported him in many fund raisers/concerts/etc. over the years. What I told her was, "the bible talks about the size of the rod it's correct for the husband to use to beat his wife... do you support that"? Of course she didn't, but the stuff against gays, she supported. Tell me how that makes sense. One of the main things from the bible for me is, "Love thy neighbor as thyself." How do you do that and have such judgment against others? You can't. Clay looks at people and sees their hearts, not how much they weigh or how old they are or... To me that is the ultimate in Christianity... and class. The man is F.I.N.E. on all levels, especially his heart. If more people were like him, there wouldn't be so much hatred in this world. [end soapbox]
  4. ldyj... Great idea!!! Much easier for me to manage. Thanks!!! tree... if there is a library near you, check out the computer situation. You may be able to get here that-a-way until things settle for you. I think my new computer is going to get ordered soon (regular soon). Mine was slow, so IT looked at it and didn't understand why it was still running and since I do critical work on proposals, I think it's finally going to get in the queue. I'm kinda scared, tho, cause it will have Windows 7 and everything will be differenct until I get everything learned. I do get a new 22" monitor, tho and I can't wait to see Clay on that during my lunch time. Whoo hoo!!!
  5. Help!!! I have a picture I want as my new avatar. I have sized it down to 70 X 89 and it is 3KB, but I keep getting the message that it is the wrong size. Is Not!!! Can someone help me, please???? Thanks!!!!!!!! LOLOLOLOL Well, something must have worked. It's there and gorgeous. Thanks whoever!!!!!!!!
  6. Crap. I think I just swallowed my tongue. cindi... what tongue... mine just disintegrated! LOL ldyj... that was sooooo cute! I loved that little anteater. Clay wasn't sure at first, but gradually warmed up to the little one. He was really playing with that baby monkey. And, he held the baby cheetah. Awwww!!!! Keeping... that second blue picture of Clay is gorgeous. I right-click'd and sav'd ding dang fast! Yummmmm! ldyj... thanks for the Joy Behar clip. Loved it... it's been too long since Clay has made me laugh. I think Simon focused so much on the visual that he never heard that spot-on version of Grease Clay sang. This is one time Simon really should have listened with his eyes closed... haha! I am playing the cd in the background and the first song I played was Crying. Man, I LOVE that song. Then all of a sudden, I was "movin" and clappin'. I looked and it was It's Only Make Believe. Wow!!! I freakin' love this cd. Clay et.al. done verra verra good!!!! My new avatar if no one objects...
  7. Ok, I got on the new OFC and even have my same old password. My year is up on 6/7, so I have to re-up anyway. Maybe tomorrow. I like what I've seen, but I haven't been to the forum. It sure looks jazzier. Thanks for the CD booklet. I found a picture I'd like for a new avatar. I need to check tho and see if anyone else has it. Just a little bit more for the new music. The snippets on the OFC have amazing sound... can't wait.
  8. merrieeee... I love that house!!! The two separate garage doors are totally neat. Verra verra niiiice!!! Fear... CONGRATS!!! on getting your check. You and MrFear did a lot of work and deserve it muchly! Caro... My old work computer completely freezes when I try to get the new OFC. I have't had a chance to try at home yet. Crossing fingers. We get the CD on Tues, so if I have to wait to hear the airplane takeoff, I'll survive. I think... LOL 00lsee... Happy Birthday!!! My oldest is 42 today... how did that happen??? She was very difficult as a teen and then again in her late 20s, but I got a couple of nice letters in between and it does make it all worth while. aikim... Whoo hoo! Finally! Don't they know you do our fantastic countdown every day??? Geesh! LOL
  9. luckiest... Ringo is adorable! Congrats!!! keeping... thanks for posting the purdy pictures. The second to the last is my fave! Sigh! ldyj... I would love a listening party. Friday nights are good for me. Oh, Mistress Mighty, my apologies for the lost two hours. For this minion failed to remind you that the only way to watch American Idol is on DVR, to enable the fast-forwarding of distasteful scenes, of which there were many. So sorry for my lapse. 00lsee... BWAH!!! Quiet... WELCOME!!! I have to go home to get on the new OFC. My computer here at work is OLD and I get a message that they don't support my browser and I need to update... yeah, right! I have been so busy that I've only had time to read once every few days and that's not liable to change any time soon, but I'm so excited for this next little bit. I don't think that is Reed behind Clay... just not quite right even in disguise. IMHO Those longer snippets are AWESOME!!!
  10. tree... nothing personal, but I HATE that article! Why, you ask... cause the idiot just HAD to put in that gay descriptor in there. Idjit!!! Without that, I, too, think it is a positive article. There was just no need to put that in there. Sigh! Isn't that kinda the point of Greg In Hollywood though? It's called Greg in Hollywood-News about Gay Celebrities. Like that he seems excited by/enamored of the idea of the cd anyway. I'll take it. Opps... I didn't notice that it was a gay blog... that does make it more positive. My eyes went right to the article. I's sawwee! My bad. gbm... Ditto!!! 2 weeks till we can hear the entire thing... whoo hoo!
  11. tree... nothing personal, but I HATE that article! Why, you ask... cause the idiot just HAD to put in that gay descriptor in there. Idjit!!! Without that, I, too, think it is a positive article. There was just no need to put that in there. Sigh!
  12. keeping... I agree that Decca is going to handle promotion differently. I would hate for Clay to lose his record of all his cds landing in the top 5 for opening week, but I have a feeling that first week sales are not a Decca concern. They nurture their artists for long productive careers that just keep growing as the years go by. Since I want that for Clay, I'm ok with whatever they have on their promotional calendar. We may not see the same sort of promotion we have been used to... I guess we'll see. I also agree with you that this season of Survivor has been fascinating. Some doozies indeed! I was sick to see Boston Rob go so early, but watching the jackals eat their own has been entertaining. J.T. will become a legendary idiot for giving the immunity idol to Russell! I loved how Sandra totally got over on Russell this week. Russell voted for Rupert thinking the bulge in Rupert's pocket was the hidden idol and that Sandra would go home. But Sandra had it all along and it blew up Russell's wily plan. Rupert's fake idol in the pocket plan totally blew up in his face. It was beautiful. I've been thinking Sandra was coasting until the last couple of weeks. Now I think she's the brains of the outfit. tree... I have not liked Sandra at all, but if she pulls it off, I'm fine. I kinda would like Jerry to win... she has kept her nose clean. I think it would be neat for an all girl finale. I honestly don't know who would win if that were the case and that makes it kinda fun. Back on topic... I just ordered the Deluxe CD from Amazon thru this site, so that should be some money for you, couchie... yes??? Misty is sooo gorgeous, even tho I was a BIG Johnny Mathis fan in college and totally wore out the album I had. And, I really really can't wait to hear the big note of UM. Soon... it's soon!!!
  13. O.M.G.... I have finally been able to listen to Misty and Can't (how's that bottle??? LOL) I L.O.V.E. the orchestration and I have never heard him sound better... Wow... he was made for this Big Band stuff. I'm so happy!!! Now, don't get me wrong. I adore what we have of him singing the fast rock'n roll songs in concert. I'll treasure them forever. This just shows off the phenomenalness (is too a word) of this man's voice. I ordered my itunes copy. I ordered 3 copies of the regular CD on Amazon, but I may change that to Deluxe. I ordered so fast that the Deluxe wasn't even offered at that time. I'm with you, keeping... why get the regular when the deluxe is only a bit more. I'm bubbling over with excitement... June 1st is truly S.O.O.N!!!
  14. Tree... whoo hoo!!! This is the Deluxe version what isn't being released till August??? Ihey probably don't want to interfere with the PBS pledging. I'm ok with that. The treats are spread out more that way. I cannot download the new Flash here at work, so I did download the clips and am listening on auto repeat. I'm so impressed. This cd is going to spotlight Clay's one-of-a-kind voice like nothing else he's done. I love his other cds, but this one is in a class by itself. Thank goodness for Decca and all those who "get" him at this label.
  15. 00lsee... BWAH!!! I totally agree but you put it so much more eloquently! Decca just tweeted this article to the Decca followers (me being one of them). ldyj... Thanks for bringing that over. I don't like the use of "comeback" since OMWH was only two years ago and was fantastic. I wonder if they used that cause it's like a new beginning with Decca. Comeback makes it sound like he left the music scene and he never did. Other than that and if it makes people try the CD, I'll be ok with it. JMHO I love the snippets, especially MTK... very jazzy and I love when Clay sings jazzy. I hope this is the one they release if they do that this time around.
  16. Ok, that is just plain weird... it was up to almost 12,000 views last night and now they're starting over. Why would the "owner" take it down if it was to be promo??? Now it will take time to get the count back up so that it gets noticed. Weird!!! I think someone ripped it so it's not lost, but it needs to be on youtube/twitter/facebook/etc. Maybe someone released it too soon. It is very early if it was for the PBS special. Whateveh!
  17. bottle... you are my new bestest friend in the whole wide world! O.M.G. I put that picture on my desktop so fast, I think Clay is still dizzy! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Every time I watch that clip, I get this huge grin on my face. I even called my friend and guided her to youtube to watch it with me. What fun this is. Things is a gittin' hot! By the way, after watching it several times, I found the spot where he reminds me of Parker. It's right at the beginning of BMUB. Could me/probably is just me, but I get a kick out of it anyway.
  18. cindi... I second this for a thread title! I have watched the youtube as often as I can here at work and... W.O.W.!!! Not only did he look terrific, sound terrific but the whole thing just looked so classy that I was impressed and I knew sorta what was coming from everyone's descriptions after the show. There was one tiny moment when he looked almost identical to the last pics we have of Parker... so gorgeous and cute at the same time. I got my LA ticket. It's row J, but that's the first row of the second section, so it should be pretty dang good. I get in from Reno at 2pm, run home, change and get to wherever there is a pre-party for LA. Sounds like a weekend to me. I'm so excited... I just can't fight it (tm someone or other)... LOL
  19. keeping... that is such a cute story. None of my kids or grandkids were late talkers, so it was a bit concerning. Maybe his daddy won't let him get a word in edgewise... LOL Karma is such a fine bitch! keeping... BWAH!!! I have often felt that many of those who are homophobic are because of their fears around being gay themselves. Just my opinion. The religious people who honestly think it is wrong cause it says so in the bible, I just feel sorry for when I'm not being angry at them for being so short-sighted.
  20. djs... thanks for bringing that over. I really enjoyed that! Seems to me that Clay has become comfortable with photo shoots. He certainly looks like a man who knows exactly who he is, and what he wants. My money's on him. keeping... ldyj... Such a dramatic shot. I took an art class once and had to put something that didn't belong in a picture. It was neat to see that technique used in this shot. A man... a suave, gorgeous man in a tux on a rock next to a stream somewhere. Kewl! djs... (see bolding above) Exactly... Their opinion, their problem. Complaining fans... "Those pictures are stupid/his hair is stupid/etc and because of that people won't like Clay and if they don't like Clay and I do like him then that makes me wrong and that's my biggest fear in life is that I will be seen as wrong, so if I complain about anything I think is a wrong decision, I am dissociating myself from Clay and his wrong decision just enough that I can be seen as right instead of wrong." And, that analysis is not meant to be personal in any way, just in case anyone thinks so. (Did I cover all my bases???) LOL I have been trying for years to figure out why some people are so critical of someone they are a fan of and this is one of my conclusions and I'll admit I could be totally wrong.
  21. KAndre... have a great time with PerusingOne on your travels... more travelogue, please!!! I believe with those looks he can attract males, females, plants, animals, and inanimate objects. keeping... BWAH!!! He sure attracts me. I LOVE that one with the mic. The bar one, not as much... I think he gets lost in there. Now the white tux would have made him more yum in that one I think.
  22. So glad you were able to volunteer for this! Sounds like fun. Can you tell us what the turn out was like? Do you know how successful the event was? Our stint at the booth was from 3-5, after DLTS. But there was standing room during the performances and people were really getting into it. I have no idea how much they made but there were a lot of postcards with contact info filled out. SO many had stopped by the booth over three days. They were really excited about that. That guy from AI8: Dnoop or Snoop, I never saw him before, sang and someone played acoustic guitar. His voice was nice in an Usher sort of way. He did a nice job though singing, "In My Mind I'm Going to Carolina." Of course the fireman fashion show where they were taking off their shirts and dancing around had quite a few more women. They didn't look like any firemen I ever saw. Fear... my son is one of those gorgeous well-built firemen, I'll have you know. LOL There is one other at his station. Most are ordinary-looking guys. Couchie... Congrats on Sean Clayton!!! Don't forget you could come to LA Sunday Aug 1. Course, if you have to be at work on Monday, it might be a stretch for you, but you could stay at my place. Fly into OC or Long Beach (JetBlue) and I'll pick-up/drop-off, too. I fly in from Reno around 2pm-ish into OC. It is so much fun to be making concert plans again. Whoo hooo!!!!!!! I L.O.V.E. that new Clay in Black picture... broad shoulders, narrow waist... he has always looked good in black. S.w.o.o.n.
  23. Fear... G.R.E.A.T. news about your little house! May it happen without a hitch!!! That's so cool that you saw an old friend, and even cooler that they were hooked! I hope a ton of people are hooked just like them!! jmh... claygalsal... that story about your friend was so kewl! I am counting on their being many more like that as the cd gets out there and tv and tour happens. This is his time, I truly do believe!!!!!!!! It's about damn time... LOL I got my computer cleaned physically and of viruses and they installed IE8 and Firefox, so here at home I can post normally... YAY!!! I love that train picture. I, also, hope there are some with a slight smile or even a big grin, tho. I'm counting on being inundated with new pictures in a few weeks!
  24. keeping... Fear... Someone somewhere mentioned how much the CD cover reminds them of Alan Ladd, and I have to totally agree. That was one gorgeous man and Clay's CD cover does have that look about him. Whewww! I can't wait to get the Clack of Larry King. That reformed gay pastor won't stand a chance against Clay's intelligence and speaking skills. Actually sounds like it will be very interesting... if only they could get rid of LK. LOL
  25. keeping... that was sooo much fun to see that comparison. Boy has he growed up good!!!!!!! merrieeee... BWAH!!! And, in spite of what Clay says about his dancing... he does not have 2 left feet. The picture says so!!!
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