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  1. Man, that picture makes me shmoopie... Clay's family! Gotta say, that man takes any excuse to have some part of his body touching some part of the female anatomy... LOL
  2. Sorry, it wouldn't let me delete the info, so I just changed it. That will have to do. Just not understanding why, if that info is required, it doesn't show up on everyone's posts. I'm spechul, I guess... LOL Thanks for trying. Liney
  3. Thanks!!! Off to My Controls...>
  4. When I post, my old boardname and homeboard are displayed... at least on my computer. How can I turn that off. I can't find a way! If it just shows for me and no one else, then I don't care. Thanks!!! Liney
  5. kf, I LOVE that picture of him... it is just gorgeous... Last night was a blast and I stayed up until 1am and I never do that cause my body wakes up at 6:30am no matter what... dang it! So, I'm a little bleary eyed this morning, but man it was worth it... in fact, I'm going back and read last night again. Thanks, everyone... :F_05BL17blowkiss:
  6. Only if you are very short... Does it always get like this on Saturday night around here? If so, I'm marking it on my calendar pronto!
  7. Muski... OMG... Are you going to come down here and pick me up off the floor???
  8. Haven't seen this new pic of Clay as Cedar Point from toni2marie here yet, so.... In public, no less This smuts without any words being necessary...
  9. Ohhh, ok... My screename is from my first and last name and my favorite lucky number... boring... I discovered Clay the final week of AI2. When I saw the transformation and heard that voice, my jaw dropped 3 feet and is still there... I have been at CB and a subset of CB for 1300 posts, but got/am tired of having to so carefully watch what I say that I have been lurking at CH for about 18 months for pure enjoyment. However, becoming a member just didn't happen. Then they linked to FCA last week and this board is very similiar and I could become a member and did faster than you can say Clay Aiken. I'm VERY happy!!! I'm home!!! I am very metaphysically inclined and find it easy to see the bigger picture of Clay and the fandom. It is fascinating! I love good smut, as muski and claygasm can attest to, but am shy about posting it. Every once in a while I get a good one in, tho... so be careful, be very careful...
  10. I FLOVE green-eyed soul singing Clay and the motown medly extremely. No one's mentioned WDC. I LOVE the wailing he does on that song... man oh man he went to town on the last part... Climmel... Pink Armchair's Climmel... Was extrememly excited to hear they really are friends and that Clay almost got to sub for Jimmy. Expecting someday he will. Man would that be sweet or what! Concerts... I also download the banter first... then favorite or recommended songs. He is so funny and it is fun being a part of his developing of his comedic talent. Since I listen to such all the time, I wonder how a CD of combined comedy/songs would go over to the general public? That would be fun one day!!!
  11. I have every body part that can be crossed, crossed that there are more uptempo songs on the next CD. I may have gray hair, but I've been a dancing fool since I was 13 and invented my own variation on the twist. I wanna move my baw.day to the beat! I think Clay likes to do uptempo, too. I imagine he has figured out from the audience reaction that we like uptempo, along with the glory note-type songs he so excels at. I REALLY want more opportunities to see him move that scrumptious bod of his and maybe move that zipper down a notch or two... accidentally, of course!
  12. Muski... I can't stop looking at YOUR avie! LOL I am, indeed, liney from Claymaniacs. We had great fun in the Black Leather Pants thread!!! If you folks want to die laughing, badger Muski to bring back her "shopping for black silky basketball shorts" posts. ROTF stuff that I still remember with a big grin even tho that was years ago. That thread won a Claymy for funniest thread that year.
  13. No, that was Bridget who cussed. She is a real sweetie! Not sure who toni is.
  14. OHHHH! Thanks. I remember the hilarity her calendar notation caused in many corners... We did him, ok, and multiple times...
  15. liney takes her courage in both hands... I am sooooo happy to be joining this board... thank you for being here! That pic of Clay and Angela... HAWT!!! I have always loved their relationship and felt she was a lot responsible for his ever increasing comfort with his own sexiness. I remember one JBT where that big ole hand of his got so close to the side of her breast that she actually had to stop him... OK, gotta take a moment.... (squirms in chair... at work, no less) On the racism comment... he did ask it as a question, but several very nice people I hang with took it as an accusation personally and were very hurt by it. That's a shame, but their problem, unfortunately. I did not take it personally and was not hurt by it, but understand the viewpoint of those who were. They felt they had defended him over and over and felt hurt that he accused them of something that was not true. And, they weren't even there. Strange, but I think they were not the only ones to feel that way. I LURVE titanium!!! End of statement... I have figured out what CMSU means, but DCAT defeats me. Could someone 'splain please? Thanks!!! And, here it goes...
  16. Hi, I'm liney23, liney for short. Home board is CB, tho I started out at Claymaniacs. Found this place by accident and it felt like home after the first page. I am the mother of 3 and gramma of 6 and girlfriend #546,892,168 of Mr. Clay Aiken. LOL I discovered Clay on finale night and fell like a ton of bricks. I am very metaphyically inclined and believe he is raising consciousness with his light, love and laughter. He brings me joy multiplied. I am an office manager by day and do Rieki and teach about crystals/minerals and meditation by night and weekend. Talk about using both sides of my brain... LOL I am very happy to be here and plan to join in as soon as I have done a little catching up in the main thread and looking around to see what's what. Don't want to endear myself by sticking my foot in my mouth. Clay can do that literally, but I can't get my body to bend that far even with great incentive... Hi!!! to fellow newbies (waves madly to bookwhore, bratz and clayglo)
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