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  1. Just wanted to add my welcome to all our new friends...some of the names I recognize and some I am looking forward to getting to know. You will really like it here. Kim
  2. Good Morning Everyone, Have to head out to wrap in a few hours, but thought I would give a quick re-cap of last night. Momof3boys and FromClaygary picked me up about 3:30 and we headed off to the venue; ended meeting Cindilu2, Luckiest1 and her daughter and friend and a couple of other gals from CB at The Lone Star for a quick bite to eat and to chat about Clay, what else? There were a lot of other NJU Clay fans there and during dinner we heard the unmistable sounds of Invisible and the waitress said they played it just for us. Funny moment, I was coming out of the bathroom and a couple of
  3. Hoping we can all meet you at UNO's; our driver is the girl who was the interpreter for the the fans from Japan last summer and she is bringing one of the girls with her. I think it is so cool that this girl came all the way from Japan for the Christmas show! I know she wants to experience everything about the fandom; so I think this would be fun for her. E-mail has been sent, so just waiting to hear back. Kim
  4. I am going to be with other people, some who are not members here, need to check with them since they are my ride but I would love to be there! Kim
  5. An after the show party sounds fun...just need to check with my concert buddies! Kim
  6. Toots You might want to start with is a very short book and not too scary...this was the first book he ever wrote. Also; instead of jumping into the novels, maybe start with his story collections...Night Shift or Different Seasons...The Dark Tower Series isn't scary at all...just thought provoking; but it is 7 volumes. The Green Mile is excellent! Just a few to get you started! Sheliadownunder I had a heck of time getting through the Cell; seemed to me like SK just dashed this off to get something out there...really lacking in character development and I have to say it reall
  7. Little Women....yes Gone With The Wind....Yes Dickens...Yes! I also read The House of The Seven Gables when I was about 13 or 14 and have no idea what it was about...The Scarlett Letter is a good one to read...that one I think was way of ahead of its time. I collect children's books, so those are really the classics I read...Nancy Drew, The Bobbsey Twins, Five Little Peppers Series not to mention Alice In Wonderland, Bambi, Pinocchio, etc. The only Bronte book I have read is Wuthering Heights and I found it rather dark and disturbing, not much of a love story. I love mysteries so Ellery
  8. Part of my job at the library is opening the boxes of books and checking them in...I love it! It is like Christmas every day to me! I could probably get it done in half the time it takes me if I didn't stand there looking over every book; have to read the jacket flap; open it up; check out the back cover...I have even been known to read a chapter in the midst of unpacking! Kim
  9. Another Stephen King fan here! The Stand is my absolute favorite book...I have probably read it at least 3 times! I am one of those that as soon as I get his latest book, I have to sit and read it until I am finished. Just finished Blaze...I enjoyed this one, much more than his last one Cell. Did you notice that the protaganist in the last two books was named Clay? I love it when fandoms collide. Loved The Dark Tower Series; although I have to say I was a little disappointed in the ending at first read, until I really thought about it and then it made sense. Best SK movies...Stand By
  10. It should be a great show, being the last of the tour. I've always wanted to go the last show of a tour and now I am! Can't wait to meet you! Kim
  11. aikim


    Any Cub fans out there? It is a thankless job, but someone has to do it. This season has, per ususal, been an up and down rollercoaster and I hate rollercoasters. I wasn't too sure about Lou Pinella at first; his reputation proceeded him and he just seemed a little to low-key at first...but I am slowly beginning to appreciate his baseball managing skills. Will the Cubs get to the post season this year? I've learned as a life long Cub fan not to get my hopes up and just take it game by game. Right now they have been pretty inconsistant and the Cardinals and Houston are really coming on st
  12. I will be at Merrillville...coming with 3 friends from CV...hope to see you all there! Kim
  13. Thank you! Nice to meet you! No problem with joining in the discussions, I can be a real blabbermouth at times! Kim
  14. And 2 of them just broke up with their boyfriends, so a Mother can dream! Kim
  15. Hi, My name is Kim and just so there is no mistake, my screenname has nothing to do with American Idol, I just have no imagination and so I just took "Aiken" and changed the "en" to "im". I actually discovered Clay on Wild Card Night...never watched AI, but for some reason I decided to that night and the rest is history. The first board I ever read was Bolt, than moved on to RHT and then Clayversity. I'm sure a lot of you know me from there...I am also Ozfan4 at the OFC. I am married and have 4 daughters (23, 22, 20 and 17) and reside on the South Side of Chicago. I work in a Library