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  1. Merry Christmas FCA Happy Birthday JaMar :F_05BL17blowkiss: In a world that so often finds us battered and bruised, one constant is the joy Clay brings us with his voice, his heart, his smile, his soul. And the joy of the friendships made because of him. Beautifully stated Claygasm.
  2. I'd be shaking live a leaf if I had to get up on a stage and read my story.
  3. I'm pretty sure he has some. CAP can't see it either, but she's pretty sure it looks crappy. Funniest thing I heard all day!!!
  4. Morning FCA and HAPPY BIRTHDAY ldyjocelyn :F_05BL17blowkiss: I've been watching the Canadian Dollar, I was just checking it out this morning. I've still got American cash in my purse from going to my 3fer in CA. Drats, work is calling, I hatesss that it cuts in to my Clay time.
  5. Rchick


    I love this show. I love Keifer Sutherland. I'm not a action packed show kind of a gal but somehow 24 has captured my interest. I admit I have only watched the last two seasons and I will be watching again in January. I did come across something interesting about the show that was on my home page in July. I tried to make this a spoiler post but somehow that didn't work for me.
  6. I'm still reasonably new with posting here and with these quotes things. They do manage to mix me up, a lot. I do believe there is a strong possibility that I could screw this whole post up, but here goes, *crosses fingers and takes deep breath* I absolutely loved, loved that movie. I've only seen it twice in my lifetime, once as as a teenager and again as a young adult and I would love to see it again. One my all time favorites! Susan Hayward, stunningly beautiful. This is what I consider a true classic. One other movie that touched me as a child, was Five Pennies with Danny Kaye, (Clay
  7. Clay Your not only beautiful, you have brains too. Now I can go back to work a very happy camper.
  8. Do ya think Jeff had a accident and she is his replacement just sayin' All kidding aside, thanks for this spoiler thread, the boss just left so I thought I'd take a quick look and thanks for the ROFLMAO Toots and Play My stomach is doing flip flops and is full of butterflies
  9. Ohhh, I like the sound of that. Canuck, XXX, glad to see you here :F_05BL17blowkiss:
  10. That is pretty much why I've been a lurker for so long at other boards and not opening my mouth to say anything. It almost got depressing for me, so I closed up tighter than a drum. I already feel at home here, I've been reading for a bit and pretty much shake my head in agreement to what has been posted. I want my experience on message boards to be fun and the celebrate all things Clay.
  11. What to say, what to say. I didn't watch AI but had heard about it. Truth be told, I wasn't that interested really. One night while channel surfing I stopped on AI at pretty much the time they were cutting to a commercial, so I decided to wait and have a look see for myself. Lo and behold Clay came on my t.v. screen and when I heard his wonderful voice I was interested. I vowed to watch each show there after to see hear him, it wasn't until the next week that I really noticed how cute he was. The rest they say is history I was hooked. Believe it or not, it was about 4 months or so after
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