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  1. For me it's anything by Thomas Hampson classical baritone, and Clay Aiken extraordinary tenor. I always thought BFM was mediocre, but everyone else seemed to love it.
  2. I keep trying to think of a reason to excuse her behavour. Lets see , she jumped the gun and made an announcement without the permission of the other two parties, she has been in the business long enough, and is no dummy, she was a law student. Even I know that all parties have to agree before an announcement is made, let alone one with specific details about how the tour was to be run. All on the stage, doing duets, the three of them singing together.We know that Clay would not do it without Q & A what was K Lo going to be doing while Quiana was blowing the audience out of the water. Clay in his blog gave her an out by saying the press didn't check their facts, What did she do, she went for the jugular. I'm sorry she is not getting a pass from me, Kim buy a clue he didn't return your calls. OH of course you were plugging your new CD so it does kinda make a bit of sense.
  3. I did see AI2 tour and it was magical, I still don't want to see the three of them together at this time, I would rather see Clay have is own show with Q&A. I do like the blend of Clay and Ruben when they duet,but not enough to see an whole show of them. Not that it's going to make any difference, but thats the way I feel.
  4. I just wondered how they will share the spoils. Will Clay get the price he is comanding per performance., and likewise for the other two. If not Ruben and K Lo will be given a really big present at Clays expence, Just wondering.
  5. I have not been able to see Clay in concert for two years now. If he does tour with Ruben and K. Locke and they come near enough for me go I will be most unhappy. Nothing against the other two. I just want to see Clay in a concert that is not a Christmas concert, I have no wish to see the other two. If others love the idea of another AI2 tour fine, they have a rights to their opinion, I am just stating mine.
  6. It was smitten who said he had got $50 question right, she made a mistake, we still don't know.
  7. You Asked! Muski Answered! Clay's instrument is full and especially soul-piercing the deeper it goes. I'll vote for this one.
  8. I'm new also and I'm happy to be here, I am going to lurk for a while to get my bearings. I do want to say on my first post that I adore Clay Aiken, his voice does all kinds of wonderful things for me.