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  1. Great pictures cindilu. Do you think Randy got the info from the Billboard article or from someone who was involved in the non tour? It wouldn't be the first time he talked out of his ass. My guess would be the Billboard article cause that's "off-i-shul" dontcha know??? Jamar I LOVE that Clay was at that Jenna Bush shindig!!! I looked through all the pictures and he is really the only celeb pictured. Very cool! And he looks so happy!
  2. Have I been banned??? I just typed out a huge, incredibly interesting post with sexy, pics of Clay. never seen before Clack (just kidding) and it wouldn't let me post!!! sniff eta: Well, that worked!!! Anyhoo!! Happy, Happy Birthday to my friend, ialreadyam Love ya!!!! Randy is an asshat for talking about the Reunited tour without checking to see if it was a fact - what a tool! Jenna Liking golf??? You have incredibly good taste!
  3. Now they're tears of pride. Oh my! I had to leave for a stinkin baby shower when Mikey was 1 down with two to play. I just got home and watched the tape and saw Mikey's win. Oh.My.God. I am so freaking proud of him. Mikey is just right up there with Clay baby today! Congrats on U.S.A.'s win of the cup!!!
  4. I'm such a homie that I'm just thrilled beyond words that Mike is playing so well. I'm about to burst with pride! I lurve him. I know we won't win today - I'm the eternal optimist but the U.S. team is just too far ahead -- but GO MIKEY!!!!!
  5. I wouldn't have watched AI Rewind for anything until I found out about Clay narrating the show. I've watched his Idol performances, either through Clack or Youtube, but I always click off before the three stooges speak. Now that he's involved and to such a great extent, I'll be watching as many as possible. I just love to see what a great job he does and I get tickled pink about it. It is also so great to see that they wanted him enough to give him such a prominent roll in the program. I hope he made big $$$$$ for this and that people in the industry take notice. I'm very proud of him.
  6. cindilu I expect him to narrate the whole series of shows. He won't have to comment on his performance but he could add a lot to the broadcast. I don't think they would have him so prominent in the credits if he was just going to be doing it for the auditions but I'm just surmising here.
  7. Yeah that!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! I just watched it on KTLA - we get that in Vancouver - go figure! Anyway, I thought he did an awesome job. Ruben was cute starting it off but then Clay took over and was fabulous as a narrator - he is just fabulous at every bitty thing he does! I hope at some point we see him in today's time - maybe when they talk about "Where are they now?" That would be cool. He's awesome! Toots Mike Weir gets to play Tiger Woods tomorrow! How lucky is he??? Anyway, our team is sucking but Mikey has played awesome and I'm so happy for him. He was under so much pressure being the only Canadian in the field - at home - and he's their highest scorer!! So cool!
  8. Ah, but dontcha know he'll turn around and look 30 in just a second? Besides, I'm 12 anyway. He is just so cute, and sexy, sensuous and dorky. What an awesome combination!!!
  9. That first one is cute but to me, he looks about 12 yrs. old in it. Makes me feel a wee bit strange. No reason.............