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    Loved the "Finding" pin. Thanks cindilu and admins.
  2. Hey FCA! Sorry I am so hit or miss here. I have skimmed over the weekend post. Did everyone make it through the ehp get together? I finally got AI Rewind last night at 7:00. He done good. jamar - Hearing his voice last night at first took me back some. I guess when I listen to him live at concert or in clack his voice seems deeper to me. So when he first started talking last night it seemed so high pitched. I thought he sounded great and I loved all the inflections in his voice during the show. I can't wait until he gets to himself. I thought his southern twang was there as well as his southern charm!!! I didn't watch AI2 at all so this "rewind" is exciting for me. I bet Clay had never seen a lot of this footage himself before doing this project. cindilu - Ohmygoodness ... this is fabulous! Love it. I also love the morphs. Thank you.
  3. Just checking to see if any pre-party plans have been announced. Got my tickets. They are nice, 2nd row, but I don't know about my site line as my seat is all the way over to the side. Nevertheless, I am so excited to even get to go to a Christmas concert this season.
  4. Going waaaaaay back but ..... Karen Eh - I keep forgetting to say how much I love this pic and how you made me see it as him laying down.
  5. Mornin' FCA! I'm soooo happy that the "jump to another page" drop down thingy works. Yea!!! Other than that ... I haven't been able to play much on this new format. But thanks to those who have spent a lot of time getting it all set up for us. luckiest - I never met anyone from my skating board except for one lady, and guess where I met her? Nope, not a skating event but at a ClayAiken concert!! I do hope that Clay went to his reunion. I bet he had a wonderful time just being himself ... of course now that includes having success as a hawrtrockgod tucked inside. :eusa_whistle: I went to my 10 yr reunion and had a great time.
  6. I had to go back a ways .... Thats so cool, thanks for sharing. I'm glad that Clay seems to get around NYC without a lot of hassle. And he sure loves him some Broadway shows. Me too. I attended five summer concerts ... Frisco, Tulsa, and 3 of the CA ones. In San Diego, I had a front row table (but had to sit in the back of it so not technically front row ... right?) but anyhoo, this was when I first saw Clay stay on the stage to listen to Q sing this. It is also when I saw him turn to A and mouth the words I bolded above and I honestly thought I was going to faint ... he was so darn sexy. I never would have thought that one of my most powerful reaction during the SPHR Tour would be when Clay wasn't even singing but was instead, sitting in the dark watching his back-up singer/friend sing and he was mouthing these words toward A. Wowza! I'm so glad Thank4Clay caught this moment in her LA video, although my menory of this is still replaying in my mind from my view I had of him in San Diego. Oh goodness ... me too. Where? When? How's the job going? Good to see you checking in. I got my "online" start during the 1998 Nagano Olympics on a skating forum. I was/am a Michelle Kwan follower. I can also count on my hand how many times I have heard a Clay song on my radio. And my first reaction when I do is to check and make sure it isn't my CD playing. FromClaygary - Your grandson is beautiful! Your son looks so happy.
  7. Good morning FCA! Wow ... a whole new look to this place. I will try and play around soon. Just when I thought I had figured out the old place. O'well, need to keep my mind challenged ... right? (Darn ... I don't see a spellcheck! Oh ... there is one. I found it. Hmmm, have to download something to use it. Maybe later.) I also love all the yarn and quilt talk. I certainly do not do that kind of work at all ... but I own some quilts that I absolutely love and adore. caro - "Jack" is beautiful! I wish you could be there with the little family so you could start that grandparent spoiling! So happy for you. Happy birthday to PhillyluvsClay! Hope you have a great day. Need to go read all the post made over the weekend.
  8. I'm so hopelessly behind here but hello everyone. :F_05BL17blowkiss: I check in every day and try to read all the post, but don't always get that done much less post one myself. Happy belated birthday to AAIT! Happy birthday today to aikim. Congrats to Caro on the grandbaby too. I wanted to make the chat last night but suddenly, we had company. Knew I couldn't make it Thursday night cause DS#2 had a football game. But I've read over there a little and hope I can partake next time. Thanks for offering that. I also didn't donate to keep FCA going this time but would be glad to when needed. xxx4clay - I'm sorry I missed meeting you at the concerts this summer. I did meet AAIT in Tulsa at the busline. I also saw her in the lobby after the concert in Pala, but she was on the phone and I was moving through to catch up with my party so I didn't stop. Good luck to your WVM team today. A son of a friend of mine plays on your team. My friend has since moved to NC so I don't see her anymore but as far as I know, her son is there and playing.
  9. Good morning FCA! HAPPY BIRTHDAY LDYJOCELYN!!! Hope you have a great day!!! I just got through listening to Clay sing Happy Birthday to you. He sings that better than anybody. I hope you get lots of good packages today. Here is one from me: And a birthday kiss too: aikim - Happy Anniversary. Enjoy your day ... even while doing the everyday kind of things. shadylil - Thanks for the Texas joke. Here is something else for all the Texans on here .... I saw a commercial this morning. Two older men driving an older truck and talking about how the TX roads are improved by your $$$ when you pay your yearly car registration. They were saying how it is a cool thing to do and they are being all "hip" while saying this. One of them says, "Its off the hook dawg."
  10. Good morning FCA! Lets just get this on the table .... OK ... now I can get on with other things. Its a lot for us too. Caro - Prayers and good thoughts going out to you and Jen and baby today. Yea! Its baby day!!!! Yes, it was Council Bluffs during JNT05 when Jacob walked away. I don't think a took a breath from the time I realized Clay was going to sing "Emmanuel" until he was done. Penal institution! Yeah, that fits! Once we sat down in that place and realized the lack of air problem, I dug through my "concert tote" and discovered I still had two small fans in there I had brought to Frisco. (And extra batteries!!!) I took one and gave one to DD and we had them on us the entire time. Clay kept looking up at us longingly .... I'm sure because of the fans!!! Everytime he looked at us I would face the fan toward him and smile. (I really doubt he could see that we had fans, infact, I doubt he could see us ... but then right before the "cool" banner he asked the two girls sitting next to me how old they were so maybe he could see?! And btw, my DD yelled out "10". ) Anyhoo, I LOVED Tulsa. Maybe it helped being up in the balcony at this concert because I could hear Clay fine and I could see every move he made. I was quite taken by his footwork. I had never been up high enough where I could watch it. Why do they need a poll? Just put them for sale. I think any new merchandise would be appreciated at any time.
  11. I hope so too. Ohhh, I wasn't bragging, honest. And I'd rather see ClayAiken's big tractor. I was one of the peeps you met looking for Texwriter. You were sitting at the table across of me at the San Diego preparty. And liney23 was sitting at the table directly behind me. AAIT - I'm glad we met too. If I get out your way this Fall, we will have to get together. He lookd great in the jerseys, but I want to see him in some football pants!!!! This is me too except for the concert at The Greek where there were a couple of times I looked. Well, he was standing right in front of me and that stage was high so I had to look somewhere .... right? Hope you feel better today. You didn't miss anything about the land. In Texas, our place is rather small. We run cattle on our land. If you ever go to the Clayboard and check out my profile page there, I have some pics of our animals. I have had to miss two of Clay's concerts due just to timing. JNT04 and JNT06. He didn't come anywhere close to TX for those shows and I just couldn't travel those times. I did get to go to JNT05 in Council Bluffs and Kansas City and if everything goes as planned, I should be able to go to the Wichita show this season. I hate missing a Clay tour. Love all the talk and stories in here.
  12. I certainly hope so too. I've already endured years of Little League baseball games, peewee football and dance recitals. Just now starting the school sports though so still have years to go. Lilyshines - Nice place you have there. Very pretty acreage. We have about 500 acres ... so we have the bigger tractors. No, she is from Tennessee and lives in CA now. I guess it just sold out so fast that they decided to let those in her state have the tickets. I just have to wait and see what happens.
  13. I know I just posted and now I'm posting again but I wanted to share what happened to me this morning. As all this was going down ... I just kept thinking, "Thank goodness this isn't Clay Aiken we're talking about!" I have a young daughter who is a huge Hannah Montana/Miley Cryus fan. I told DD I would take her and my niece/her cousin (same age as DD) to the Hannah/Miley concert in Little Rock, Arkansas this winter. I live in the northeast Texas area, so this venue is just as close to me as Ft Worth or OKC. I went in on the pre-sale and got my tickets. (Horrible seats in the "bring your own oxygen" area of the venue but that was all that was coming up.) The tickets were emailed to me and my credit card has been charged. Regular sale began this morning so I thought I would check it out. I go to the page for that show and there is bold wording that says: Also stated was this ..... I called ticket master and they couldn't say if I had tickets or not. Said it is up to the promoter to cancel them. Said they may let the pre-sale tickets stand since this wasn't stated before that sale ... or they may cancel them. She told me just to watch my order. WTH? Talk about your :Tour4: I went a head and tried to pull up tickets when the public sale started at 10:00 just to see what I could pull up and I never even got a seat. Said there were no ticket available. P.S. I'm really not trying to post ho to get beyond my "dog walker" status. I would gladly walk Clay's dog ... anytime.