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  1. Where were you at in Michigan? We are camping in Nothern Michigan now for 12 days.
  2. I also will be camping and bike riding for the next 12 days. Limited access also. Some internet and poor cell service. Miss Clay. Maybe he will come alive.
  3. What kind of trouble can we get in. Clay where are you?
  4. Thank you for the pictures. Did not go to the Founders Brunch so did not see what he was wearing. Looking good in those pictures. I had so much fun this weekend seeing everyone. We did not stay at the Omni but it worked out we were there a lot. Our hotel was about 4 blocks away and had free shuttle in the city center so we took it many times. I walked back and forth a few extra times to get some steps in. The concert was great. He sounded wonderful and I even got to hear some early songs that I never saw live since I did not start going to concert to Christmas 2004. TITN and Invisable were fun. I did not want it to end.
  5. Willing to send money. Tried to send message and it would not go.
  6. Back in 2009 my DH was in the same position. He had worked for the company for 38 years at the time. His job moved to Mexico. He was 58 at the time. I ended up picking up enough hours to get us by. Within months that same company filed for bankruptcy and turned the pension over to the government which took 60% out of the pension and then took away our health care. My DH decided to go back to school and get a second master degree.(because of the way his job went it was paid for by the government). He finished that and then in 2012 the parent company of the one he was let go of was looking through a contract house some engineers who had worked with a certain system. It was a perfect fit because they are not teaching this in any colleges. It was exactly what my DH had been doing. He started then and worked full time till this year. Now he is doing 25 hours a week basically from home. The program he is on will continue to 2022. He may continue just for something to do till then if he can do most from home. They have worked well with us taking whatever time we want off. So sometimes things do work out. I hope your DH finds what will fulfill him.
  7. Love the thread title! Been busy working and getting some end of the year stuff done for committees I am on. I still have to watch the last Salon interview.
  8. Good morning everyone. Had grandkids all day yesterday so today heading out to do grocery shopping and then maybe will have a chance to watch BOLD. I have not had a chance yet to listen to WOWT. Need to download it and listen. Not enough time in a day. I also have to watch a DVD I got from the Library called Victoria. It is the first season. I finished up last week watching all the episodes of The Knick. Found it very good but because when they finished the second season they were not sure if the were going to renew it did not completely settle all the story lines. They decided not to renew. So some left up in the air. I do not have cable so miss a lot of programs so I get them from the library. Victoria was a PBS series but I was not available when it was on so I decided to get the series and catch up before the next season starts. Like the picture of Clay yesterday. It must have been warm in NY for him to be in shorts. It was really cold here. It is raining out so our bike ride this morning has been cancelled.
  9. Hi guys. Read here everyday but do not post much. Was sad to see CAT close. I also read there but life has been busy and have not posted a lot. I enjoyed our weekly chats and we had a lot of us on it. This was my first board I joined and so happy it has survived all these years. I refused to give up on Clay. He has given me so much joy and I have met so many awesome people. I am so hoping that someday he will sing to us again.
  10. Off to ski patrol this morning so stopped in to wish everyone a Merry Christmas.
  11. I live 7 miles from Flint and stayed away from downtown today. Watched his speech on TV. Thought the speach was really well done.
  12. I plan on going to the Gala. Oct. Is hard for me but I am hoping my ski patrol recert is not that weekend. If it is I now have more instructors and I think I can desinate the work. Just going to be a little tricky for me to get my recert in at another ski area. I missed all Gala's till 2011 because of this and even missed the one in DC because of it. I have been saving to go so I will make it happen.
  13. Idy: The book sounds interesting. I ordered from the library. Let you know what I think.
  14. A little late but I hope everyone had a great Christmas. My son and his two children were here on Christmas eve. My son in Denver called after he had openend his gifts and we had given my youngest son and family their gifts the week before. It is now quiet now. Have to work tomorrow so back to getting lauundry and misc stuff done.
  15. It is funny that when I heard the song live it was my favorite that night and hoped it would be shared. That is what makes the world go round. Everyone enjoying something different.
  16. I also love cookbooks. It will probably go to high for me.
  17. I am with you guys. I want a do-over also. I still can not believe I was there. I am going to start saving again in the hopes that another concert will come my way at the price I can afford. The lower tier was great. I could never had done anything more. I may have had to sit on a pillow in the backrow but it was everything and more that I dreamed of.
  18. Mine is with a group and it is ok. Clay looks the best. His hair looks great in the picture.
  19. I also can testify he gives great hugs. Still on a weekend high. Idyj. Great question you asked and song suggestion.
  20. Thanks for the Birthday wishes. DH took me to lunch and then I cleaned the motorhome. We have a 12 day bike tour starting next Saturday. We will be in the Upper Pennisula of Michigan. Poor cell service and no wifi at the campgrounds. I maybe looking for a coffee place or a fast food place to check in. Clay will probably announce something since I will not be around.
  21. That was powerfull. I had a hard time not crying. He is so caring and it was hard to see him not as tough as we always see him.
  22. I can not download till I am home from skiing. Killing not to hear.