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  1. I'll give it a 5 out of 10 score because it's so cute !!!
  2. I'm sorry, but how can you expect us to come up with a Thank You to Clay that is only 10 words and which include our names and where we're from.... Firstname, lastname, city, state --- that's 4 words right there....and if someone is out of country....that's 5 words.... which only leaves 5 words to express our thanks !!!! Impossible! ..... absolutely impossible. JMHO, Diane
  3. You made me panic.... I'm Canadian.....and there's a province in Canada called New Brunswick....and I thought what the **** is he doing coming to Canada but ending up in New Brunswick???? Maybe we can change the title of the thread, and any future threads, to include the state? New Brunswick, NJ ? Thanks, Diane
  4. I just wanted to post that whatever happened that prompted the upgrade to the gallery is great. The reason why, it loads VERY quickly! It used to take some time to load, even on cable internet. I would have hated to be on dialup......but now it's' really fast! I've got an off-topic invision free board, but it's different than I don't think I'd be able to give you any help....some of the terminology may be similar though. Thanks, Diane
  5. I've just spent a bit of time reviewing this thread, and oh my goodness!......I've been here, posting mosting in the pin threads since mid-July of 2005 (almost a year ago), and I haven't introduced myself. My name is Diane, I'm going to be 46 in April, single. I have a really old cat, which I'll probably have to put down this year (arthritis I think is really starting to affect her). I live in Vancouver BC, Canada.....a gorgeous place....and yes, I did go to the first JNT2 concert here. Are you kidding.....Clay come to town and I not go !! Not an option. I've now got quite a list of pins to trade, but don't bother posting it - because I'd rather reply to people who have pins I'm interested in and possibly working out a trade. Great job on the gallery everyone! Diane
  6. I'm lucky this time.... Clays coming to Vancouver BC on November 2nd......He's actually starting the whole tour here.....(we may not let him leave). I can't wait.... I have Centre, Row 11, seats 51 & 52...... I also have extra tickets for Vancouver's concert.... LC, Row 20, Seats 37-40 (40 is an aisle seat) and Centre, Row 21, Seats 49-50. I'll sell this for what they cost me $103.75 Cdn. Email me at if you want them. Then, I'm leaving the next day and a group of us are going down to Portland (Theater in the Clouds) for November 3rd's concert......Section 121, Row A, seats 11-13. Whoopee !!!! Two concerts !!! in 2 days!!! Diane I think I'll be flying high
  7. Am I the only one without an iPod? I guess I just don't see the need..... have a car radio....walking distances are never a long way an indoor radio/CD player. But hey, I don't have a cell phone either.....but that's more because I don't want to answer the phone when I'm driving....there are enough accidents on the road. Another part of this is I work with computers, or people who need to know "how do I" all day long so when I get home, I don't want to have anything too fancy. Got my internet, TV (including pay TV channels), DVDs, VCRs, CD, Radio...... I ask you..... what more do I need? I know..... I know..... CLAY! 35 days to go!
  8. I'm not sure if this is the place to put this or not.....but I find myself with extra tickets to the premiere concert of the Joyful Noise Tour 2005 taking place on November 2nd in Vancouver, BC, Canada. All tickets are in the Orchestra Section: The first set is of four tickets..... Left Centre, Row 20, Seats 37-40 (40 is the aisle).....these do NOT have to be sold as a group. The second set of tickets is for 2 tickets.....Centre, Row 21, Seats 49-50 They will cost you exactly what they cost me $103.75 Cdn per ticket. These are ticketfast tickets so they can be emailed to you when payment has been received. Please email me at for details. Only 34 days to go!!!
  9. ::yeah that:: ^^^^ <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I agree ..... Great pin.... please let us non-CH members buy!
  10. I didn't say anything about putting them in "your controls". What I suggested was in your "Rules" and where you are informing people to not use signatures, that you add a note about not using tags. And you may also want to make a special note about not including smilies from other boards as well. I can check with someone on another board and ask them how they disabled the signatures from showing up. Users could fill it all in, but they wouldn't be posted.
  11. No may want to also include this information in your rules .....around the signature that others will know.... I do think that one sample should be placed for newbies that don't know what "tags" are.
  12. I'm sorry, I posted a couple of things BEFORE I read the rules....I have removed my siggy (which was only text). But then I wondered about "tags", like the item below: removed the tag..... Can we post these .......or.....will this be an avatar picture only with text replies (limited only to the smilies from this board - and not imported smilies)? Please advise
  13. Can I join Pinaholic Anonymous (PinA)? Can't use PA - that's a state!