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  1. I think Diane Warren wrote it for them. (Not 100 percent sure but that's my recollection.)
  2. Exactly! The reviewers have their own baggage and the longer they've been at it the more predictable they are. Hopefully some of the younger ones will keep their minds open for a little while anyway.
  3. I love it when people take the time to write an interesting review. THanks for posting. On the other subject of WDC, I agree with the posters here who like the spontaneity of his performances. THat's what makes him so interesting to me. It was only a few of the same people on the OFC who didn't like the ice - but then they don't like anything...Can I say that here? I'm so sick of all that self-centered complaining.
  4. NAH Everything's been breached over there - it only depends on who's doin' the breachin' doncha know....
  5. I'm really stretching my memory but didn't he want to do that song on AI and they couldn't clear it for him...maybe there's a problem with the rights to it...or does that have nothing to do with him singing it now if he's willing to pay...
  6. Believe it or not I still like the ballads on his Demo the best of anything I've heard that's new - I Know How the River Feels, I Will be Here and Look What Love has Done I liked from the moment I heard them...
  7. I'm more than willing to listen to it if he's broken through to the security guard demo....
  8. The problem I have with the song is at first hearing it doesn't make any kind of impression on me other than a mediocre forgettable ballad - so I'm not sure that anyone outside of us is going to take the trouble to analyze the lyrics. ..songs usually either grab you or they don't...or in some instances need a different interpretation to go over...I don't think this one has it the way it's being presented now.